Some Hard, Straight Talk About The Fix We’re In

Here are some alternative perspectives on the Donald Trump 2016 phenomenon. These are, I promise you, perspectives that you likely have not seen elsewhere… and likely won’t see elsewhere. Until, that is, the powerful and influential read them here. 😉

Supporters and detractors of Trump all will find lots here that will, by turns, please and irritate them. However, it’s all undeniably true.

First, though, a joke:

Question: What’s the difference between Trump and President Obama?

Answer: One is an egomaniacal, power-hungry buffoon, with no regard for the Constitution whatsoever, who says and does outrageous, stupid, incendiary and irresponsible things, then amazingly, despite doing all that in everyone’s face, gets clean away with it… while the other is the leading Republican candidate for the Presidency.

 – * – * –

Good one, eh? But, man does that ever sum up the sorry straits in which our once great country finds itself at the moment! Talk about a rock and a hard place!

Look, I don’t like Donald Trump either — not at all. And the fact that the Democrats have behaved for decades as badly as, or worse than, he’s behaving now, doesn’t excuse his buffoonery.

Still, — let’s please not forget that Trump is saying and doing nothing more than the same type of things that Obama — and the entire American left, along with the leadership of the Democrat Party — have been saying and doing and getting away with … for generations.

Have we on the right become so desensitized to the lies and slanders of the American left, that we become horrified only when a Republican (or so he calls himself… I understand that it’s debatable) does it?

Can we all please admit that at least part of Trump’s appeal might be — probably is — that it’s actually just a bit refreshing when one who at least says he’s on our side, rips them up one side and down the other, as they’ve been slashing and burning us and ours us for ever so long?

Now, with that said, here are some tough realities: Any other Republican who might be elected President — no matter what he or she does, or who he or she is — will almost certainly face a strong impeachment movement very early on from the thoroughly corrupt Democrat Party leadership, all willingly supported by the national media …

Anyone, that is, except maybe Trump.

Trump just might be able to brazen his way through the lies and muck that the American left and the Democrats will heap on him. The astonishing trajectory he’s followed from jackass blowhard of a reality tv host to jackass blowhard of a leading contender for the Republican nomination for the Presidency has completely confounded everyone… no exceptions. He might be able to do that in the Oval Office as well

Or, Trump might so enrage some psychotic martinet in Russia or China that he’ll blow up the world. One thing is sure, though: Hillary will be a disaster. No ands, ifs or buts about it. Trump only probably will be a disaster.

Furthermore, let’s face it: the spineless American Republican Party has brought Donald Trump on itself. He’s been criticized for saying that he’d do all sorts of things that are plainly unconstitutional. He’d be perfectly within his rights to shoot right back: “You’ve done nothing but watch Obama for seven long years — through all his power grabs, with Obamacare, the IRS, the immigration fiasco, and more — and you have the cojones to lecture me about what is or is not constitutional?!? Get lost! I’m Donald J. Trump. The ‘J’ stands for ‘J’accuse!'”

Even if a brilliant or great, intelligent, accomplished Republican candidate for the Presidency — Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina … heck, Jeb! — were elected, you and I both know that the other Republicans in Washington are way too weak-spined — even if they had a super-majority in both chambers of Congress — to prevent the Democrats from completely sabotaging his or her entire Presidency.

Again, anyone, that is, except maybe Trump.

This is all, primarily, the media’s fault(1), first for allowing the Democrats to lob slur, after lie, after slander, after libel, after fabrication, after scam, after fraud at the country, and going right along with it.

Then, second, it’s the Republicans’ fault for not mounting a principled, uncompromising resistance to the left’s dishonesty a very long time ago.

Then, third, it’s the American left’s, and the Democrat Party’s fault for actually doing the corruption that so many other idiots — media and Republicans —  went along with, and that has brought us to this point. 

So here are the five potential outcomes of the 2016 Presidential election cycle:

1. President Hillary. Result: Disaster. Odds: About 50-50.
2. President Trump. Result: Probable disaster. Odds: About 50-50.
3. (Let’s not forget) Sanders. Result: Catastrophe! Odds: about 10%. Depends on when Hillary gets her well-deserved indictment. Then his odds change to about 25%.
4. President Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, or equivalent intelligent, principled Conservative President. Result: Four or eight long years of Democrat sabotage, aided and abetted by the thoroughly corrupt media, resulting in yet another lurch to the left in the next Presidential election. Or: in a word, Disaster. Odds: about 25%.


5. A miracle — #4, above — happens and I’m wrong about the Democrats. Odds: about 1%.


— xPraetorius


(1) It’s no coincidence that Donald Trump is, first and foremost, a media creature. Just like Obama. The media might not like Trump, but they made him.



4 thoughts on “Some Hard, Straight Talk About The Fix We’re In

  1. Ha! Nothing like telling it like it is. If I can’t find a silver lining here somewhere, there probably isn’t one. So, probable disaster it is!Tally ho! 😉

    I do however, believe in miracles…and upsets, and how the whole world can change in a day, so all is not lost. We could surprise ourselves.

  2. I believe in miracles too, IB! Always have. There is, of course, an expression; “It’s always darkest before the dawn” (or something like that), and it’s very dark in America now.

    One could also view the Trump phenomenon as yet another wake-up call (in a series of a whole bunch of ’em!), only this is a wake-up “Trump-et blast.” (hee hee)

    Republicans, except for a few — like Cruz — have largely ignored all the other wake-up calls that the rest of us heard loud and clear. Maybe this particular blast will shake them from their torpor, stiffen their jelly-like spines, and goad them to go out and do the right thing.

    I get a kick out of those who say that Cruz is “so unpopular in Washington,” and “nobody likes him in Washington.”

    Well, duh!!!

    Sounds like exactly the kind of person we’ve needed as President for a very long time! Someone willing to go to Washington and kick ass (as in: “donkey” — the symbol of the Democrat Party. Get it? I typically don’t use rugged language in these pages.)


    — x

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