Auschwitz Again?

The American Eugenics movement of a century ago was properly reviled as an evil, disgusting example of moral depravity. However, many in the west — even some calling themselves Christians — for a time fell for the call by the eugenicists for science to “achieve human perfection.”

Of course, to achieve human perfection, one would have to eliminate “undesirables.” Those targeted for elimination would come from the ranks of the less intelligent, the sick, the disabled, and, of course the wrong races.

There were even, to our everlasting shame, laws on the books in the United States mandating sterilization for those deemed undesirable.

It required Auschwitz — a product of the fevered imagination of one of Eugenics’ most fervent adherents, Adolf Hitler — to cause the western world to turn from eugenics in revulsion.

If not for World War II and the discoveries of the Nazi concentration camps, it’s entirely possible that Eugenics would be one of the leading belief systems governing who would be alive today in the western world.

Good thing Eugenics died the ignominious death it so richly deserved, right?

But Eugenics never died. Consider these items:

  • Planned Parenthood openly supports the use of aborted babies — sometimes kept alive outside of the womb so their body parts will be “fresher” — to serve as biological raw material to support research into the cures for various diseases.
  • Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was a fervent eugenicist who favored easing black and brown people out of existence by encouraging self-sterilization and birth control. Sanger continues to be a hero of feminism to this day.
  • In my direct interactions with the Race Grievance Industry, I’ve noticed a strong belief in eugenics on the part of black people, many of whom openly fantasized about the elimination of white people entirely, as a way to improve the human race.
  • Many of those black people with whom I interacted also openly stated a belief that black people were inherently superior due exclusively to their race. This belief in inherent race-based  superiority — a key component of Hitler’s Nazi movement — was a pillar of the Eugenics movement as well. Needless to say, this is a belief that white people have long discarded as ludicrous, primitive, ignorant, uncivilized and inhumane. But this belief is strongly alive among black Americans today.
  • Peter Singer of Princeton University strongly believes that society should euthanize babies born “defective.” Far beyond “Partial-birth abortion” or “Late-term abortion,” Singer — a monster by anyone’s definition — believes in “Post-birth abortion.” This current of thought is actually quite fashionable in Europ
  • The rate of Down Syndrome births is so far down — due to abortion — that there are articles openly wondering whether there will be any Down Syndrome people alive at all in the not too distant future. Here’s one. Here’s another. Here’s a list of such publications. Does anyone doubt that the “designer baby” — the Nazi eugenicist’s dream — is here? As science uncovers more and more ways to detect genetic “abnormalities,” can anyone doubt that at the first sign of such a “problem,” in this age of abortion when and wherever desired, the woman will choose to “terminate” her pregnancy?(1)
  • William Shockley — inventor of the transistor, father of the personal computer, and racial eugenicist — was possessed of beliefs that were nothing more nor less than a perfectly logical step on the path down the ghastly eugenics rabbit hole. (Note how, in the above link, Shockley indicates that Eugenics has been in effect in Denmark for years, and is in effect now.)

What if the definition of “abnormality” becomes something like, say: a propensity for a lower than average IQ? Pay attention to that one, you race conspiracy theorists! You’re absolutely wrong now, but I pray that your own ignorance, racism and moral myopia — along with the moral torpor into which the Western World seems to have immersed itself —  don’t make you right.

The point: Way back when, it required the ghastly phenomenon of the Holocaust to awaken the Western World’s sleeping moral sensibilities to the horrors that eugenics represents. I pray with all my heart that it won’t require such a horror to re-awaken those same moral sensibilities.

— xPraetorius


(1) Pay close attention, you believers in a “gay gene.” Pay close attention, you members of the “Sexual Weirdism Grievance Industry!*” Science and “choice” and the brave new world, are close to putting in place the belief systems and structures that will eliminate you all in the very near future.

* Please Note: Sexual Weirdism Grievance Industry” [©(2015) The Praetorian Writers’ Group.] This is our coinage. Please feel free to use it, but make sure also to attribute the phrase to us. You may link here. (


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