The TRULY Disheartening Thing About Trump

Look. Let’s admit one thing. It is possible to have a really bad past, filled with stupid, brainless, nitwittery and moronic utterances showing one to be a complete troglodyte  — meaning to be an American leftist — and turn it all around to become a good, even a great person.

Hence, it’s entirely possible that Donald Trump has had a Road to Damascus moment and now feels himself to be a true-blue Conservative Republican, actually properly eligible for endorsements like that of Sarah Palin and other Conservatives.

However, those who answer to that description — leftists becoming true-blue Conservatives — have generally had a gradual transition to the side of all that is good and intelligent. It almost always happens as a result of constant thought, constant challenges to one’s own beliefs and thinking, and much greater maturity. None of those things, generally, speaks of a blinding flash of clarity resulting in a new-born Conservative.

It’s just too complicated to be a Conservative, and you have to slog your way through society’s white noise, which is a massive, daily, 24/7 tsunami of warm, wet, leftist sludge.

Look at the stories of David Horowitz, Irving Kristol and others, for example.

Hence, it’s not impossible that Donald Trump has only recently become a brandy-new Conservative, despite some execrable thinking and statements in the (near) past, but, read it well: it’s highly unlikely. Or: would you bet the farm that it’s happened?

I wouldn’t.

Here’s what’s truly disheartening about that:  Trump is beating a truly outstanding field of Republican candidates to replace the truly awful Barack Obama in the White House.

Cruz (my first choice), Rubio, Huckabee, Bush, Santorum, Paul, Christie are all brilliant men. I don’t agree with any one of them in all the particulars, but each would be miles better than Obama.(1)

When the absolute worst you can come up with is John Kasich — kind of a squishy center-right kind of guy — then you have to know your field is really strong.

Look also at those who’ve already dropped out, as well as the ones probably destined to be also-rans and the non-politicians: Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina.

Holy mackerel! Ben Carson is probably the finest person to run for President in living memory. While the others are all highly accomplished, brilliant, articulate, bona-fide Conservative people. And these are the ones who didn’t make it! Or won’t.

Trump appears headed to block all of them from the White House, where each shows real promise of being ready, willing and able to reverse and repair a good deal of the horrendous damage to the country done by the Obama Administration.

Does Trump show that same promise? Nope. He says he will, but as many have pointed out many times, all Trump really says he’ll do is win stuff. I guess it should be mentioned at some point that that’s a good thing only if you’re winning the right things.

Obama won stuff. Lots of stuff. Obamacare for one. No one is in jail as a consequence of the IRS depredations for another(2). Obama won that too. As a result of the rest of his tenure, our country is poorer, more tired, more bedraggled, more despairing, weaker, more scorned, scoffed at and disrespected than ever, everywhere in the world. Is there anyone – who matters more than a hill of beans — anywhere in the in the world, who takes America seriously anymore? Anyone?

And all the Democrats have to offer is MoreOfTheSameBrainDead Hillary, and a dyed-in-the-wool reactionary 60’s throwback who makes no bones about the fact that not only does he want more of the same enervating torpor and sclerosis of the past seven years, but a whole lot more. 

And what are we getting? Trump.


— xPraetorius


(1) That a cinder block would also be miles better than Obama doesn’t change the fact that these are all outstanding candidates for the Republican nomination to be President. Contrast that field with the old, bedraggled, brain-dead Democrats, each falling all over him or herself to out-idiot the other, and you see it even better.

(2) The IRS’ stifling of the political speech of millions of Conservative Americans is still way too far under the radar. This is one of the worst crimes — possibly the very worst crime — ever committed by a sitting President’s Administration.

Richard Nixon was headed for impeachment (and would have been impeached) for nothing more than mentioning this, while Obama’s Administration actually did it, and continues to do it, on a massive scale. This is third-world,  banana republic, tin-pot dictator-type stuff. Right here in America.

9 thoughts on “The TRULY Disheartening Thing About Trump

  1. “He says he will, but as many have pointed out many times, all Trump really says he’ll do is win stuff. I guess it should be mentioned at some point that that’s a good thing only if you’re winning the right things.”

    Hear! Hear!

    1. Many thanks, Mike! The questions that we pose, and the observations that we make here — as at your great blog — are not particularly difficult to formulate.

      They’re just, for lack of a better term, “second-level” analysis.

      That no one else does it — except for less prominent bloggers like you and us — is deeply frustrating, and saddening, to me.


      — x

  2. Trump is just like Obama but running for the opposite party. Instead of “hope and change” it’s “make America great”; two utterly meaningless statements that large amounts of people are mistaking for brilliance.

  3. So well said, Tricia! We can put “hope and change,” and “make America great” into the pantheon of meaningless phrases along with “make a difference,” “pay one’s fair share,” and “invest in education.”

    So many empty, meaningless, ridiculous axioms that so many have taken for great wisdom — to the great detriment of our country!


    — x

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