The TRULY Disheartening Thing About Trump (Part II)

Okay, okay… so there’s more than one truly disheartening thing about Trump.

Every once in a while, someone comes out with an essay extolling the brilliance and innate wisdom of the American voter. They’ll figure it out, the pundit says, and they’ll do the right, the intelligent, the wise thing… eventually. It may take some time, but they’ll always get it right eventually.

One word: Trump.

Sorry, but there is only one reason to be even a tepid supporter of Donald Trump for President of the United States: You like the fact that he gets away with saying just about anything he wants to say. And you like how thoroughly flummoxed the media are by him. However, he hasn’t really said anything yet! Nothing that makes any sense, that is. And that’s simply no basis for imagining that Trump might make a good, or great, President.

Look, I like Trump’s outspokenness too. I wish the Republicans would take that lesson to heart, speak their minds, ignoring the media and political correctness, say great and intelligent things, and run with that all the way to the White House. If Trump could leave only that courageous outspokenness as his lesson, and the legacy of this surreal campaign he’s running — then bow out, say, “for personal reasons” — he will have done the country a great service.

Does anyone really think that will happen?

Hence, here’s the other truly disheartening thing about Trump: He provides really strong evidence that the pundits who believe in the American voters’ great wisdom are… wrong.

Look, Democrat voters are really happy with their choices: two old, dried-out, true believers in ideas and thinking that have long been discredited for having always failed to deliver what they promised. Every time.

Democrat voters are stupid. Okay, okay, okay…they’re almost all ill-informed, or misinformed, ignorant, apathetic, intellectually lazy, generally selfish, typically boorish and uneducated, or worse: university-educated. As we said here: “the Democrats own the stupid vote.” Those Democrat voters who are not any of those things are known as: Future Conservatives. Or: Future non-Democrats voters.

Bernie Sanders — an extremist by anyone’s definition of the word — is a leading candidate of the Democrat party, and much admired and respected by millions of Democrat primary voters. He’s not yet the leading candidate, but after Hillary’s indictment, he’s all they’ll have left. Yes, most Democrats love ol’ Bernie, an adherent to an ideology responsible in the last century alone for the murder of more than 120 million people, and the impoverishment of billions.

Yes, Democrats’ voters are stupid.

But Republican voters are supposed to be, well, not stupid. Republican voters are supposed to have seen through the American left’s great fog machine that is the Hollywood-Big Media-Pop Culture axis. They’ve been able, it’s thought, to think independently enough to counter the constant wave of society’s left-wing white noise. They’ve been able to think beyond their first, emotional reactions to issues.

Donald Trump’s success so far pretty convincingly refutes those understandings. I hope I’m wrong.

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “The TRULY Disheartening Thing About Trump (Part II)

  1. I wast watching CNN a couple of weeks ago interviewing people lining up outside a forum in Vermont where Trump was scheduled to speak. One person was asked what he thought about Trump coming to Vermont which of course is Bernie Sander’s home turf. The man’s response? “I don’t have to think, I support Trump and he’s going to make America great……”

  2. Ouch! So inexpressibly sad to hear that out of the mouth of a voter!

    These are the people choosing who will represent this party or that in the general election!

    Can you imagine that?!? The very idea of not thinking about one’s vote?!? Outrageous! Absurd! Ridiculous!




    — x

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