The “Black Lives Matter” Movement: FRAUD!!!

The “Black Lives Matter” movement should change its name. It should be called: “Black Lives Don’t Matter A Hill of Beans.”

The entire movement is a fraud wrapped in a scam inside a swindle(1). This is the movement whose adherents have been operatically claiming that every time a black person dies at the hands of a white person, no matter the circumstances, the incident is a proof of a “war against black people” in America.

We’ve been saying, for a very long time, that absent context — ie: what are the actual statistics for all violent incidents in America, by racial category — then any one incident of white-on-black violence tells us … precisely nothing.

Now, though, we have some context.

First: let’s get this out of the way: Black lives — all lives — matter. Period.

If you recall, the “Black Lives Matter” movement is the one that grew out of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting of young Michael Brown, who had attacked Officer Darren Wilson, and whom Wilson shot and killed.

When a grand jury — that never should have been impaneled in the first place — came to the obvious conclusion not to indict Officer Wilson for defending himself from the attack of young Brown, there were race riots.

The Race Grievance Industry (the RGI) — absolutely thrilled that they had a young black man killed by a white policeman — fabricated the story that Brown had been running away, yelling “Hands up, don’t shoot!” when Officer Wilson shot.

It was a lie; a complete fabrication. “Hands up, don’t shoot” … never happened. Young Brown was attacking, not running away. Brown’s wounds were in the front not the back, as they would have been if Brown had been running away. Brown was a massive kid who could have gravely wounded or killed Officer Wilson.

Still, the fraudulent “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative stuck, because the media are either too stupid, too lazy, or too dishonest to try to find the truth, and then to tell it.

From that point on, every time a black American was killed — again, no matter the circumstance  — by any white person the RGI, keened, “See? See? There’s a war against black people out there in America!

The RGI especially loved it if an unarmed young black man was killed by a police officer. Again, no matter what the  circumstances were. That, they figured, was a gold mine! Every time that happened out came the cries of “War against black people!” directed against the cops.

However, as we said, above, we have the context. We’ve found out what the actual statistics are concerning violent incidents in America. By race. Here’s the info.

Once again, the indispensable National Review makes the effort to dig deep, and to do the necessary work that the rest of the media are too irresponsible to do.(2)

Here are a few samples from this important column by Celina Durgin:

In a project titled “The Counted,” the Guardian is tracking killings by police in the United States and has compiled a comprehensive list for the year 2015. The tracker was motivated by much-discussed but poorly founded concern about excessive use of police force particularly against blacks. In December, police killed 92 people — 21 blacks, 40 whites, 17 Hispanics/Latinos, five Asians/Pacific Islanders, and nine of unknown race. Fourteen were unarmed, including five blacks. Those who were unarmed reportedly still posed other types of threats to officers. These threats included physical violence and ramming officers with a vehicle. [Editor’s Note: Red emphasis added.]

Whoa! I thought that only black people were ever killed by police. Turns out that the media actually care about it only when black people are killed by the police. Turns out, though, that the police are occasionally involved in violent incidents with other races as well!(3)

When was the last time you heard about any of the nearly three times more people — belonging to non-black racial categories — killed by police in the past year? In the last ten years? In the last sixty years?

Here’s some more:

Most of these reports are based largely on the accounts of eyewitnesses and the officers involved and so might not include all relevant details, such as results from ongoing police investigations. But the available facts fail to support the claim, made most prominently by the movement Black Lives Matter, that police systematically target unarmed black men. Of note among those who were killed is, however, the prevalence of mental illness. The basic facts of each case in the month of December are summarized below; links to coverage of the incidents in local media are also provided. [Editor’s Note: Red emphasis added.]

Okay. How does column author Celina Durgin support the conclusion that “the available facts fail to support the claim, made most prominently by the movement Black Lives Matter, that police systematically target unarmed black men,” as the red emphasis above indicates? Simple: she researched every police-involved shooting that happened in the month of December, 2015. Every single one. And she published the findings on each and every one in the above-linked piece in National Review.

Go ahead and read them all. I did.

Read as well, as I did, the piece by Rich Lowry showing that a large percentage of police-involved shootings involve mental illnessalso refuting the “Black Lives Matter” narrative.

Black lives do matter. A lot. These are our American brothers and sisters. The vast majority of them are being preyed upon, lied to, defrauded and victimized by charlatans, fraudsters, con artists, humbugs, scamsters, snake oil salesmen, mountebanks, scoundrels, quacksalvers and saltimbancos; aka: the Democrat Party and the Race Grievance Industry.

Even worse: our black brothers and sisters are being murdered wholesale by these same four-flushing cozeners. Black people die violently by the hundreds each year in cities across the United States at the hands of other black people — hundreds of times more than are killed by the police. These are cities owned — lock, stock and barrel — by the Democrat Party for more than three generations.

When has the Democrat Party answered for the tens of thousands who have died under their watch in American cities in past generations?

Let’s see whether we can compose a question for Democrats on that topic. How about:

Mrs. Clinton [or: Mr. Sanders]: How do you respond to the inconvenient fact that black Americans have died violently by the tens of thousands in cities wholly governed by your party, the Democrat Party, for the last 60 years? Don’t you think that you bear some responsibility for that violence? Or at least that the policies that you and your Democrat colleagues have supported bear some responsibility for all that carnage?

Someone really should ask Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders some question not dramatically different from that one. And no one should settle for any of the typical Democrat weasel words in response.

Shouldn’t be all that difficult. It took me maybe all of thirty seconds to compose it, wordsmith it a bit, and write it.

In the meantime, the fraudulent “Black Lives Matter” movement, and their enablers in the Democrat Party, are literally(4) getting away with murder.

— xPraetorius


(1) To paraphrase Winston Churchill here.

(2) Or lazy, or stupid, or dishonest…

(3) As might be reasonably expected in a country of more than 320 million people.

(4) Really literally, not Joe Biden literally.



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