NPR Watch – 1/12/16 (Part IV)

Just a couple more quick comments on National Public Radio’s broadcasts of yesterday (1/16/11).

I remember hearing a woman come onto one of NPR’s fake news programs and submit herself to an interview about her reaction to all the muslim rapes in Europe, the muslim terrorist bombings around the world, and all the other recent muslim violence. (Noticing any common elements here?)

The interviewer and the woman talked about it for a bit, and I don’t recall a lot of the particulars of the conversation. I do remember, though, what the interviewee said at the end. It was something like this:

[blah, blah, blah] the ferocious epidemic of anti-muslim hatred and violence in this country (the U.S.).

Wait. What was that? What did she say?!? If I’d been driving, I think I’d have driven right off the road after hearing that bunch of piffle!

Needless to say the exact opposite is the case.

America has been in a fifteen-year frenzy of falling all over ourselves, twisting ourselves into pretzels, watching every word we utter, endlessly agonizing over anything we do, even to the point of renaming all manner of things that muslims have imposed on us (war: “overseas contingency operation”; muslim terrorism: “workplace violence,“; muslim terrorist: “gunman,” or “militant,” or “anything-but-terrorist“) so as not to risk even slightly chafing the dear muslims’ excitable sensibilities.

Heck, if I were a muslim, I think I’d be wondering: “What on earth do I have to do to get these idiots to figure out that I’m trying to wipe their infidel gluteus maximusses off the planet?!?

I think I’d be scratching my fuzzy little muslim head over the fact that, no matter what depredation or atrocity I do to them, they just can’t seem to get it into their heads that I hate ’em, and that I’m at war with ’em. They just keep saying, “No, you’re not. You love peace, and Islam is a religion of peace.” And they keep calling me nice things.

I’d probably go up to the delusional NPR lady who thinks there’s some kind of “anti-muslim backlash” going on and say, “What are you, freakin’ crazy, you idiot?!? The more I shoot, bomb, murder, maim, maul and massacre these accursed infidels, the more they love me. They’re gonna love me to freakin death! Shut up already!”

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “NPR Watch – 1/12/16 (Part IV)

  1. You hateful reactionary. How can you right-wing haters be SO WRONG ?
    We need to bend over backwards to enable islam MUCH MORE.
    We need to show them how NICE we are. Not like you nasty conservative dinosaurs. Hmph…

  2. Hey -x,

    I don’t have a thing to add to this post, but do have a little something that might amuse you. The radio in my work van is really a crummy radio. I try to listen to it when I can, which is not often. Add the fact that my work area is mostly very rural, and regular radio just doesn’t work that well.

    Anyway my point. I like American Family Radio and KLOVE. Given a choice, that is what I would listen too. The problem is, apparently AFR, KLOVE and NPR are very close in bandwidth in this area. Sooo…often trying to listen to one I get the other, sometimes even in the same sentence. As the other day, when I clearly heard my radio tell me that…”God…gave his final State of the Union Address last night.”

    Very strange.

    1. Oh, my goodness! What a strange thing for your radio to tell you!

      One is compelled to wonder whether at that moment it was solidly on NPR!

      I wouldn’t discount the possibility, if I weren’t fairly sure that everyone at NPR is an atheist, or some kind of Gaia-ist, or the like. 🙂

      To add to the poignancy of your post, there’s no American Family Radio where I live in the howling, wind-blasted, grit-scoured, intellectual desert, and desolate wastelands of Connecticut.


      — x

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