Nikki Haley’s SOTU Response – a Reaction You Might Not Expect

How can you not love Nikki Haley? However, I wish we Conservative Republicans would stop trying to give speeches using leftist terms, and thereby trying to inoculate ourselves against stupid, substanceless left-wing accusations.

Yes, what Haley said was pretty good, and it was well-delivered, but the entire tone was all: look how good we really are (as opposed to what they say about us); look how much we really do care (as opposed to what they say about us); look how mean we aren’t (as opposed to what they say about us); look how diverse we are (as opposed to what they say about us); look how much we’re succeeding at being what the Democrats say we are not (as opposed to what they say about us).

There is just no reason under the sun we should remotely let the accusations of half-wit left-wingers define what we want our party to look, feel, sound and act like.

  • We are good, but it’s not in being more like the Democrats want us to be that we’re good. It’s when we act on our principles to do the things we say we’re committed to doing: slashing the size, scope and reach of the government in all our lives.
  • We do care — meaning, we want what’s best for all people. But it’s not because we really do better what the Democrats accuse us of not doing in the first place. It’s because we know that government can’t ever, properly, do for people what they can best do for themselves. We need to explain that.
  • We aren’t mean, but it’s not because we really are doing what the Democrats say we aren’t. It’s because what we’re doing is not what the Democrats imagine we’re doing. It’s better than what the Democrats want to manipulate us into doing. And we need to explain that.
  • We are diverse, because we actually allow other people to have thoughts of their own. Heck, we encourage it! We don’t in any way enforce anything resembling ideological purity in our party.  Try to be a pro-life Democrat. Go ahead, try it.
  • We are the party of the only diversity that counts: intellectual diversity.

Screw what the Democrats say we should be or do! What they say and do kills people, ruins lives, destroys futures. In the inner-cities; in abortion abattoirs; around the world where their coddling of foreign thugs kills millions; in the poverty they finance; in the trillions of dollars they waste chasing after “climate change” and not allowing those dollars and their holders to act freely in a free market.

The answers to the Democrats’ garbage accusations are in the accusations themselves.

Any time the American left, or its political wing, the Democrat Party, accuse us of just about anything, we should embrace the accusation, and — jiu-jitsu fashion — turn it around on them.

They say: “You don’t want women to have health care.” We say: “Oh, yeah? Your policies kill women.

They say, “You’re a racist!” We say, “Your policies kill black Americans, our brothers and sisters…who the hell are you to call me a racist?

Every single accusation the left makes about us, we can turn around and flip it on them, just like that. Every single one.

Look: the Democrats are the party of death, destruction, deterioration and decay. If we talk in their terms, that means we’re thinking in their terms… and their ideas and thoughts kill people when implemented. We need to make that clear.

I love Nikki Haley, but we Republicans and we Conservatives have to stop talking using leftist terms, and a leftist tone and feel.

— xPraetorius



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