Ann Coulter Sums It Up Perfectly

I’ve had a long-time crush on Ann Coulter, the Conservative empress of the well-turned, the pithy phrase, of the bon mot. The Mark Steyn of Conservative women. Or maybe Mark Steyn is the Ann Coulter of Conservative male writers. Either way, I love her, and I wonder why, oh why, she won’t accept my proposals of marriage. I know she’s read them. 🙂

Anyway, my stable of writers and I have been going back and forth, knocking heads with the American left for more than four years, in more than 2,100 posts in these pages, and in countless other posts in many other blogs.

Ann Coulter summed up our exchanges with the left in five different quotes in some of her books.

Quote 1:

When ever one of your arguments is characterized as an attempt to bring about slavery or resegregate lunch counters, it’s a little hard to have any sort of productive debate.

Yep. That’s for sure!

Quote 2:

If liberals cared about ideas or knew any facts, they would cease being liberals.

I think we might have hinted at this notion several times in these pages too.

Quote 3:

Liberals have managed to eliminate the idea of manly honor. Instead, all they have is womanly indignation.

Ann, like me, has little patience with feminism.

Quote 4:

Often short on details, the classic liberal response to a principled conservative argument is to accuse Republicans of planning a second Holocaust. [Editor’s note: or of planning to reestablish slavery or resegregate lunch counters.]

Ummmm… yep. Finally:

Quote 5:

Even when liberals are trying to show their moderate country-music-loving side by claiming to oppose having sex with the family dog, they can’t formulate a logical argument to explain why not. The idea of objective truth handed down from the God of Abraham makes them squirm. So they just assert what they assert is true because they assert it. It’s no wonder liberals’ default argument is to throw food.

It’s no wonder liberals’ default argument is to throw food.

Lol! That was just worth repeating.

As I said: the queen of empresses of the bon mot!

And, as I mentioned at top, those five quotes perfectly sum up the arguments we here at the Praetorian Writers’ Group have had with the American left for these past four years.

We’ve argued with the Race Grievance Industry, the Sexual Weirdism Industry, the Feminist Grievance Industry, the Death Industry (abortion and euthanasia), the Welfare and Poverty Industries, and others, and in every instance the other side has exhibited all of what Ann Coulter summarized above.

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Sums It Up Perfectly

  1. I too have a crush on Ann Coulter. No wait, that’s not quite right. 😉

    I really like this quote, “Liberals have managed to eliminate the idea of manly honor. Instead, all they have is womanly indignation.” I see a lot of that womanly indignation, even from some men, and it’s really polluted our political discourse. It’s nearly impossible to have a civil discussion with people who are shrieking hysterically at you.

  2. I love A.C. too.
    She’s the coolest Right-wing Presbyterian Deadhead of them all.
    The prettiest too. (face it xP — she likes ME more!) ☺

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