NPR Watch – 1/8/16

I was driving home from work yesterday and listening to National Public Radio’s weekday evening fake news program called (ridiculously) “All Things Considered.” I heard the two howlers featured in this NPR Watch piece, within five minutes of each other.

Keep in mind that NPR is supposed to be the élite of the élite of news presenters.(1) These are the people who supposedly go in-depth into the stories they present. The reason the below two quotes are “howlers” is because two different “experts” perfectly and completely contradict each other — about a really important aspect of the overall topic — while the interviewer (metaphorically) nods her apparently enthusiastic agreement.

The topic was the economic turbulence in China (about which we said a bit here) and NPR was trying in their usual inept way to figure out why it was all going on and what it all means.

Howler #1: Some “expert” came on and hastened to say that all was not nearly as bad as it seemed in China. And why? Well, he said, “The Chinese economy had just experienced its largest trade surplus in human history with a surplus of $600 billion dollars.(2)

Not more than five minutes later…

Howler #2:  New expert, new quote. This new expert says, “The Chinese export market is shrinking which is why the Chinese are going to devalue the yuan.” (the Chinese currence, pr.: “u-n“) This was all part of an interview with someone telling us what all is wrong with China.

Now, it’s not possible for Howlers #’s 1 and 2 to be correct with the rest of the context of each “expert’s” assertion. Remember, the first commentator was trying to say that all was not that bad in China. See? They had an “all-time record trade surplus!” The second analyst, though, was telling us what was wrong in China, and a principal component of that, he said, was the “shrinking export market.

The interviewer — I think it was Kelly McEvers — simply did the radio equivalent of nodding sagely, as if she understood completely. I seem to recall that she did the patented NPR hostette reaction to both assertions: “Mmm, hmmm…” You could just hear the thoughtful-I’m-just-so-smart-I-could-just-scream look as it crossed her headphone-encircled countenance.

I just love it that NPR allowed those two perfectly contradictory expert opinions to float over their airwaves in such a brief time span, without explaining the obvious contradiction. It truly underscores what we’ve been saying here for a very long time: NPR has no idea whatsoever what they’re talking about.

Now, this should come as no surprise to anyone — after all, NPR is a hard-leftist propaganda organization — but it’s funny for us who do think about things, when the left simply confirms what we’ve already known for a long time.

One imagines a bunch of wispy-haired, combover-coiffed with a pony-tail, lennon glasses-wearing, ever-so-frightfully-smart-just-ask-them, and voluminous, loud-colored muu-muu-wearing, long, gray-streaked hair pseudo-intellectuals in a local Starbucks, nodding sagely over their lattés, espressos and vanilla chais and saying things like, “Yes, they had their greatest trade surplus in human history, and also their export market is really shrinking,” while their chai- and espresso-sipping friends nod, and tsk-tsk, while pretending  to understand completely.

Remember: You always come out of an NPR “newscast” of any kind less informed than you go in.

— xPraetorius


(1) – I think it’s safe to say that our work here has pretty much debunked that piece of nonsense.

(2) – Think of that! A trade surplus of more than half a trillion dollars! Holy Mackerel! I guess they’d better hope that market holds fairly steady. After all, the leadership of China is a bunch of communists. They have no idea how, and worse, no motivation, to do what it takes to make a strong economy.

The irony: All the Chinese government has to do is … nothing. Get out of the way. Get rid of government controls. However, the Chinese leadership is comprised of a bunch of deeply, profoundly, thoroughly, comprehensively stoooooooooopid people who believe that they can control what more than a billion people choose to do in terms of economic activity.


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