Norks Detonate Hydrogen Bomb!

Well, not really…

Apparently the North Koreans detonated an atomic bomb of some sort yesterday or the day before. They called it a “successful hydrogen bomb test.”

Immediately afterward, western and Asian intelligence agencies (Japan, South Korea, China) and governments announced that, no, it was not a hydrogen bomb. It had, they said, too little “yield,” meaning it didn’t have the truly massive power of a hydrogen bomb. It was merely a nuclear bomb of some sort.


Bottom line: The Norks didn’t successful test a “hydrogen bomb,” but they did successfully test a “nuclear bomb.”

Don’t you feel so much more comfortable? I’m sure that the 10 million incinerated people in whichever west coast city that gets it first will feel such relief that they weren’t annihilated by a “hydrogen bomb,” but merely by a “nuclear bomb.”

“Whew!” they’ll say, in their afterlife, “That was only a nuclear bomb, not a hydrogen bomb! What a relief!

We also learned that there were not one, not two, not three, but four “strong United Nations Security Council resolutions” forbidding — forbidding, I say! — such nuclear bomb tests.

Well. Four of ’em ought to do it, eh? That’ll surely stop the Norks from doing any nuclear tests! And they were strong UN Security Council resolutions!

Decades from now, if there are still people, they’ll look back at serious accounts of these times and wonder whether they’re reading the script of a really bad sitcom.

This latest nuke test by North Korea is just another in a long line of abject, dismal failures of the Obama foreign policy.

So very many absolutely, positively, completely unacceptable things that absolutely, positively were never going to happen, because we finally had a smart man in the White House and not a hyuck-hyuckin’ cowboy like George W. Bush. So many things that simply were not going to come to pass simply because of the towering intellect, the command of nuance, the mastery of “soft power” that Obama had, so they said… in such stark contrast to his predecessor. All these things that simply could not happen because of the sheer greatness of Obama.

All of them happened.

All of them unfolded step by dreary step, as Obama proved to be the emptiest of suits, the deeriest deer in the headlights of any President since Jimmy Carter. Obama is the All-Words-And-Not-A-Single-Hint-Of-An-Iota-Of-An-Idea-Of-What-He’s-Doing-Or-Talking-About President, the one who made the recent avalanche of the unthinkable inevitable by his sheer crashing, howling mediocrity, his visionlessness, his paltry intellect and his vast, cavernous cluelessness.

Power-mad dictators, bloodthirsty terrorists, psychotic mass murderers around the world go to bed each night, with prayers of thanks on their lips that America calls Barack Obama Mr. President. Count Kim Jong Un — the psychotic despot who sits atop the concentration camp known as North Korea — among those whose sleep is untroubled by worries about America.

Tell me again why it was so important to elect a black President instead of a good one?

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “Norks Detonate Hydrogen Bomb!

  1. Yep. Ever so important to elect a woman President.

    Especially the one who helped “architect” the brilliant, inspired “solution,” that led to recent events!


    — x

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