NPR Watch – 1/4/16

I was listening to National Public Radio on my way into work yesterday(1) when I heard a promo for a show by my local (when I’m home) affiliate, WNPR. That’s the Connecticut affiliate operating from Hartford, CT.

The promo was flogging a talk show called “Where We Live,” a local feature hosted by a local yokel named, John Dankosky. Dankosky is an important personage at the NPR affiliate who does several talk shows each week, along with invited guests.

Needless to say, he’s a reliable leftist, and his guests are always, always, always resident leftists. Guests like Colin McEnroe, one of the most glib, (and occasionally interesting) local talk show hosts in the area. McEnroe can be interesting when he talks about things other than politics. However, when he talks about politics, he’s as predictable as the sun rising in the morning… and as dumb as a stump.

Well, yesterday John Dankosky came on WNPR and said the following:

“Listen to Where We Live tonight. It’s a show on the Constitution, that foundational and outdated document that sets down the rules for governing our country.”

The red, italicized part is a direct quote, while the other words are simply the gist of the promo.

Foundational and outdated?!? Holy mackerel! Outdated?!? Really?!?

This guy tossed off the adjective “outdated” as if it were a universally-acknowledged fact that the Constitution is “outdated.”

Presumably this idiot (I can think of no other way to describe him) is talking about “gun control,” since that’s the only context in which leftists want to discuss the Constitution these days.

However, it’s hardly a settled matter that more gun control is what’s needed in this country; a country in which gun violence — and all violence in general — has been trending steadily downward for decades. Except, that is, in those enclaves — also known as American Big Cities — where the American left has run the show, again, for decades.

And… the notion that the Constitution is “outdated” is hardly a “fact” as it was presented in the promo. Outdated? How? What language, which parts, what aspects of the Constitution are “outdated?”

In answer to my own question, we do have some compelling indications of what the left thinks is outdated in the Constitution. The left is not all that fond of the First Amendment which allows you and me to say pretty much what we please, as long as we don’t slander or libel someone else, or try to foment insurrection.

Go to any college campus today and just try to say things that might be just of a slightly less left-wing flavor than hard left. See how long you are allowed to speak freely without someone shouting you down… or beating you down. On American college campuses!

However, the left probably likes the part in the First Amendment about the free press, so long as the press remains reliably leftist, and reliably self-censoring.

We know that the left is all about getting rid of the Second Amendment altogether. That’s the one that allows you and me to own a gun in order to protect ourselves from Johnny Jihadi… or from a corrupt government that might want to take away your ability to protect yourself from it.

You have other rights in the Constitution that used to be and ought still to be sacrosanct: Your ability freely and peaceably to assemble, for example. Take that away, and where are you when you want to, say, overthrow the oppressive government that has taken away your right freely and peaceably to assemble?

Finally, (a short one today) it’s just too howlingly ironic to hear a reactionary left-wing dinosaur like John Dankosky — a throwback to the 1960’s, to three generations ago, a wannabe hippie pining for the glory days of the “Summer of Love,” filled with long-failed, long-discredited notions about how a country should be run — calling the Constitution “outdated.”

It’s a bit like Shaquille O’Neal accusing someone else of being tall.

— xPraetorius


(1) – My usual introduction to an essay in our long-running and increasingly influential “NPR Watch” series. I don’t have what most of us understand as a “traditional commute” into work.


4 thoughts on “NPR Watch – 1/4/16

    1. Yep. You said it! I listened to the actual show being advertised, and it was a bad as you might imagine. There were some surprises, but not many. And none that would change your expectations of such a show on an NPR affiliate.


      — x

  1. Hi, Andrew! Yes and no. It’s kinda complicated. All our posts appear to come out of several different locations in Connecticut, but actually originate elsewhere.

    The IP address we use, though, is not the real one. It’s fairly easy, and quite legal, to log in to a proxy server, and surf the web, and blog and do all manner of things. This is one of the several ways we protect the anonymity of our writers. However, none of our writers, except me, actually lives in CT.

    As for the rest of my colleagues, my posts appear to come from one location, but they originate elsewhere. Right now, I’m not in CT, but all my posts appear to originate from there.

    One thing that’s great about the internet: an ideas blog like ours can originate, literally, from anywhere on earth.


    — x

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