NPR Watch – 12-31-15

A Summary of National Public Radio’s year: Two things.

  1. Obsession with the Four Great Whines of 2015
    • The Race Grievance Industry (the RGI)
    • The Sexual Weirdism Grievance Industry (the SWGI – it started out as the Gay Grievance Industry — the GGI — but quickly morphed into the SWGI when all manner of oddballs — think “Caitlyn” Jenner — came out of the woodwork sensing free stuff and victim cachet.)
    • The Feminist Grievance Industry (the FGI)
    • The Climate Grievance Industry (the CGI)
  2. All problems with the Four Great Whines are “Records.” “The worst ever seen.” “At the highest levels recorded.” “Require immediate action or we’re all doomed.” Furthermore, these are the only problems we have. Everything else is just fine, or at least manageable, and not worth worrying over.

Same summary as that for 2014.

Same summary as that for 2013.

Same summary as that for 2012.

Starting to recognize a theme?

Listen to NPR’s two fake news broadcasts each day — “Morning Edition” and (the hilariously named) “All Things Considered” — as I do, and you hear only that… over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and drearily, soggily, gloomily over again.

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “NPR Watch – 12-31-15

  1. Perfect. All 4 whines are unpalatable, and pair badly with just about anything.
    I wish they had never been uncorked so I didn’t have to smell the stench, but alas, such is the state of our nation. Happy New Year.

  2. So well said! I wish I could come up with a good red, white, rosé, or Zinfandel zinger, but I’m tapped out for the moment!

    Happy New Year, Andrew! May 2016 be much happier, healthier, more prosperous, than 2015, and may it be filled with love, life, laughter and joy for you and yours!

    And for our nation!


    — x

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