Protesters Demand the Resignation of Rahm Emmanuel

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is under pressure by mostly black protesters to step down as mayor after his recent re-election to a second term.

Of what do the protesters believe Emmanuel is guilty? Why, of doing a cover-up of the police shooting of Laquan McDonald, a 17-year old black kid whom the cop, one Jason Van Dyke, shot 16 times. That’s what.

There’s a video showing the incident. After the first shot, young McDonald went down. The horrifying video then shows the next 15 shots.

The killing — now called a first-degree murder, which it most likely is — happened inconveniently close to the mayoral election; Emmanuel’s re-election bid. It was a re-election bid that seemed much too close for Emmanuel’s comfort. The video, which could have been hugely damaging to Emmanuel’s campaign, turned up only after Emmanuel had safely won re-election. Hence, protesters are claiming cover-up.

From an informed, external point-of-view, I can say: That claim sure seems credible. Surprising? Of course not! Emmanuel is a Democrat Party politician from Chicago. If you were to look up, in a proper dictionary, the definition of “corruption,” it would be: “A Democrat Party politician from Chicago.

Here are a few more observations:

  1. Only now are protesters in Chicago irritated at corruption by yet another Democrat Mayor? How can anyone take that seriously?
  2. The protesters are mostly black, and their point is that the cover-up is racist. After all, the killing sure looks like a racial incident — a white cop killing a black kid with what sure looks like massively excessive force. Apparently, though, all the other thoroughly legendary corruption of all the past Democrat mayors in Chicago — Daley, Washington, Daley, Jr., et al. — was just okay. But when a corrupt mayor does his corruption in what seems like a racist way, now it’s not okay.
  3. Isn’t it safe to say that the protesters were just fine  with all that other corruption because they were profiting from it?
  4. What would be the demands of the protesters? Well, for the moment, they want Emmanuel to resign. What then? It’s also safe to say that these protesters would demand … more, ever more, of the same. Without even having to ask, I can tell you what the next demands would be:
    • New, probably black, mayor to preside over more of the same leftist hogwash that caused all the problems in Chicago in the first place. Only with a lot more taxpayer money.
  5. Remember: Chicago has been a one-party, Democrat Party, stronghold for more than three generations. As we’ve demonstrated in these pages (Here, for example. And here. Or here.), the real party of racism is the Democrat Party. Hence, there should be no surprise that after more than 60 years of total Democrat Party control of the city, there’s still racism all over the place.
  6. Oh, and surely the protesters would demand (or are demanding) police reforms, of course: “Community policing,” sensitivity training, hire more black cops, etc. The entire laundry list.
  7. Let’s briefly focus on the “more black cops” thing. This ought to be a no-brainer for any Chicago mayor. Why? Because black cops can shoot anybody at all — white, black, young, old, man, woman or child — and the media don’t care one jot. In fact the media will do the cover-up for you. The media are every bit as corrupt as, probably more corrupt than, any evil Chicago Democrat. Let them do the dirty work for you!
  8. Some research (here for instance) indicates that cops shoot unarmed black suspects a lot less frequently than they do other suspects. The rationale: cops understand that they can get in serious career, or life, trouble for shooting any black person. When was the last time you heard anything about any other type of police shooting? I don’t know about the credibility of the above-linked publication, but I do understand the rationale.
  9. That brings up another important point: We hear all about shootings of black people by white cops. We hear of the “epidemic” of such shootings. Yet, we know nothing about all other police shootings. Absent such context, any conclusions whatsoever about the shootings are perfectly meaningless, and absolutely misleading. It’s entirely possible that this category of shooting — white cops on black suspects — represents a disproportionately small percentage of police shootings. Go ahead and do some research yourself. See if you can find the statistics for all those other shootings. Every source I’ve ever found — and I’ve looked a lot — has said that the details of police shootings are poorly documented and that there’s no way to tell how many times police shootings have resulted in non-black fatalities. Furthermore, the number of police shootings resulting in black fatalities is not known.
  10. Chicago faces a Morton’s Fork(1) — a situation in which there are no good choices. Chicagoans can (1) do nothing, and they’ll be stuck with the same old corrupt system, the same old corrupt mayor in the murder capital of the country. They can (2) replace Emmanuel with the mayor I described above, but that will do nothing but amplify Chicago corruption, and of course, do nothing to reduce racism in Chicago. The Democrat Party — the owners of Chicago — is the party of racism. Chicagoans could do the exceptional, and (3) throw out the Democrat Party and replace them with free-market, small-government Conservatives and save their city. But no one who thinks that way — of the three or so there are in the city — is among the protesters. So, to amend my initial assertion in point #10: Chicago faces a “Morton’s Fork,” a situation in which there are no good choices, because all the actual ideas that would bring about actual improvements and solutions are … off the table in Chicago.

— xPraetorius


(1)  “‘Morton’s Fork’ is a logical dilemma in which people are faced with two equally bad options. You could think of it as being “between the devil and the deep blue sea,” as the saying goes. Unless the victim of the dilemma manages to find an exception, the outcome of the situation will most probably be undesirable, as there can be no good outcome from any of the choices the victim is faced with. Many people find themselves struggling with Morton’s Fork at some point in their lives.” From:



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