NPR Watch – 12/2/15 – It Would Be Nice…

Some initial observations on National Public Radio’s “coverage” of what seems likely to be known as an ISIS-style terrorist mass murder in San Bernardino, California yesterday:

  • It truly would be nice if the leftist media didn’t leap to make sure that “we don’t blame all muslims for the acts of a fewimmediately after an atrocity like this. Something no one of any prominence has ever done anyway. Something, I should add, that almost no one ever does.
  • The psychotic baboons were a married couple with a six-month old baby daughter. There are monsters among us.
  • NPR interviewed someone from CAIR (The “Council on American-Islamic Relations) — of course — and that person said something to the effect of:

    We in the muslim community worry that people will use the actions of a small minority to implicate the larger community. No one does that if the shooter is white, or Christian.

    Of course, that’s exactly what the left-wing press always do whenever there’s a white shooter or a shooting at a Planned Parenthood, or something like that. The press immediately leap to portray all Christians, white people, cops, pro-lifers, Republicans, Conservatives or Tea Partiers as violent crazies just waiting to go on a shooting spree.

  • The NPR interviewer speaking with the CAIR representative, one Steve Inskeep, fell all over himself to make sure that what he said was “just gathering information, nothing more” when he asked the guy if the shooters were muslims. Inskeep made it perfectly clear that he wanted to be absolutely certain that he said nothing whatsoever that could even remotely be construed as even mildly offensive to the muslim CAIR representative, or to any other muslim. Of course, they offer such solicitude to Christians all the time as well, don’t they? “Craven cowards” is a good way to describe NPR. Muslims will kill you if you tick them off, and the slightest thing ticks them off.
  • In the last two decades alone, around the world, this is atrocity number what of this kind — 200? 300? 400? 1,000? And all caused by gibbering, frothing baboons screaming “Allahu Akbar,” and claiming to be muslims. Yet, still “Islam is a religion of ‘peace?'” Seriously? Are we that stupid in the west? Research the history of Islam. Its adherents have been doing this kind of thing since its founding.
  • Let’s say the shooters had been white people calling themselves Christians. Here’s what would have happened:
    • All prominent Christian personalities in America would have leaped to condemn the shooting in the harshest possible terms, and to declare that the shooting didn’t comport with any Christian doctrine, which is true.
    • NPR interviewer Inskeep would have found a Christian representative of some kind, to whom Inskeep would have said things like:
      • “What, Sir, do you say to those who suggest that people of your religious persuasion actually encourage killings of this sort with their heated rhetoric?”
      • What do you say, Sir, to those who accuse people like you of [fill in the statement here that implies that you, and all who think like you, are equally guilty of the crime in question as well]?
      • All other left-wing media — meaning all of the prominent American media — would have done the same as Inskeep.
    • NPR would have done at least one feature, in both its fake morning news and fake evening news segments, asking rhetorically, “Is the over-heated rhetoric of [fill in: Republicans, Conservatives, Pro-lifers, whites, etc.] responsible for crimes such as this?

    NPR, like the rest of the left-wing media, has long conveniently ignored the actual overheated rhetoric — hate speech if you prefer — coming from the left and directed at: Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, Pro-lifers, Tea Partiers, whites, etc. — for decades. It’s been all the usual well-known, tiresome, brainless leftist twaddle:

    • All Whites, Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers are racists!
    • All men are sexists!
    • All men are rapists!
    • Tea Partiers are sexists, rapists as well as racists
    • Heterosexuals are homophobes!
    • Republicans hate women, and want to throw Granny off the cliff! (ironic coming from the political tendency that overwhelmingly supports euthanasia — you know actually killing Granny.)
    • Republicans are waging a “war on women!”
    • Republicans/Conservatives hate the poor!
    • Republicans/Conservatives hate all minorities and, of course, gays and transsexuals and Caitlyn Jenner and puppy dogs, flowers, happiness and sunshine!
    • Who can forget the recent: “Republicans want people to die earlier!”
    • Republicans/Conservatives are islamophobes!
    • Nazi! Fascist! Right-wing troglodyte! Neanderthal! Hater! X-phobe! Y-phobe and Z-phobe! Fill-in-a-phobe! Phobe-of-the-day!
    • And so on…

That sludge has been coming from the left, as mentioned above, for decades. Not a peep from the NPR’s of the world, because they consider those slanders to be legitimate politicaxl discourse, and statements of fact.

— xPraetorius


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