The Democrat Party Loves Bernie Sanders! (Part IV)

Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont, is running for President and drawing throngs and throngs of adoring crowds at his rallies. He’s not likely to win the Democrat Party nomination, which appears to be rigged for the thoroughly corrupt Hillary Clinton, but he’s making her work a little harder than she thinks she should for her coronation.

What is the key word in the above paragraph? Easy: socialist. If you’ve been paying attention at all in your life, and you have any understanding at all of twentieth century history, you know that the term “socialist” ought to occupy the same emotional place in your heart and mind as, say, “murderer,” and “child molester,” and “rapist.”

Those acting in the name of Socialism murdered more than 120 million people in the last century alone; more, arguably, than any other single cause of premature death in the history of the world. Socialism has been more deadly than the Black Death, than any war, than any natural disaster. Only time has killed more people over the history of mankind.

Despite all this, Bernie Sanders says he’s a socialist.

But, wait… says Bernie, “I’m a Democratic Socialist!” You see, I’m not going to nationalize the banks, or take away everyone’s land and house, I’m a Democratic Socialist!


So, let’s see, if someone says, “I’m going to give you a little cancer, but just a little, okay?” How would you respond to that? If you had your wits about you, the answer to that question is simple: “Heck no! No way! Get outta here! Get lost!” and you’d give the idiot the bum’s rush out of your vicinity, and, if possible, out of your town and state.

Pray tell, why isn’t America doing the same thing to Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders says he’s wants to bring into your life just a little of the belief system that shot, bludgeoned, starved, kidnapped into slavery, murdered, raped tens and tens and tens and tens of millions of people for more than a century — and at least 40% of the American Democrat Party are head-over-heels in love with this goon.

— xPraetorius

30 thoughts on “The Democrat Party Loves Bernie Sanders! (Part IV)

    1. Oh? Back it up, JV. Your rhetoric is vile and disingenuous. Sorry. It’s not disingenuous. It’s too ignorant to be anything but the product of simple shallow, moronic thinking. Normal for the world’s political left-wing.

      You’re an out and proud part of one of the world’s most bloodthirsty death cults ever: atheism — responsible for more violent, premature death and misery than any other single cause in the history of the planet, and you call my rhetoric “vile.” And you accuse me of hubris? It’s amazing you even can sleep at night, believing as you do.

      What you write is actually kind of funny, in a pathetic sort of way.

      Don’t think about all the hundreds of millions of bodies, and the crushed families, men, women and children, that your political and moral tendencies have brought about. If you had half a conscience — heck if you had one one-hundredth of a conscience, you wouldn’t sleep a wink at night.


      — x

      1. Lies! Your god annihilated the entire human race an most life in a global flood. Well, he didn’t he? You believe this, yes?
        Even Stalin would have to doff his cap at Yahweh/Jesus.

        1. Let’s see, shall we?

          • You don’t believe that God wiped out the world in a flood
          • Even if you did believe in the flood, your logic would make it seem that it’s therefore okay for humans to do the same type of thing. That’s pretty twisted.
          • Sorry, but it’s simply true that God doesn’t have to answer to you or me. It’s the other way round. When you were a kid, did your parents have to answer to you? Even when you thought their rules were unfair? (Actually, my thinking on this is more nuanced, but you understand where I’m going with this.)
          • God established the rules and explained the consequences. All the way through history. That humans didn’t/don’t follow the rules is not God’s fault
          • God sent Jesus Christ to give us the ultimate second chance. There are numbskulls who won’t take him up on the gift. That’s also not God’s fault.
          • Stalin was never in a position to offer his victims a second chance
          • Stalin never loved anyone (with the possible exception of Ketevan) — especially his victims.
          • You are on record as implying that Stalin’s atrocities were justified.
          • Therefore, you are on record as implying that Hitler’s, Mao’s, Pol Pot’s, Pinochet’s, Franco’s, Charlie Manson’s, etc… atrocities were justified.
          • The New Testament represents a complete break with the Old — and at the same time, complete continuity. The rules are the same as always, but there’s a “second chance card that all rule-breakers can play, if they so choose. Stalin never did that.
          • Stating the obvious: Want to get rid of all war right now? Convert everyone in the world to Christianity and establish a republic based on the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights in every country in the world. End of war.
          • It did not go unnoticed that you conceded the 120 million death toll for 20th century socialism and atheism. I appreciate it.
          • Let’s stipulate to your silly point about the flood. Okay. That was a very, very, very long time ago. And that was a very, very, very serious problem for those people of a very, very, very long time ago. You are on record as admitting that atheism (and socialism) are today’s very, very, very serious problems. It’s a remarkable concession on your part.


          — x

          1. God sent Jesus Christ to give us the ultimate second chance. There are numbskulls who won’t take him up on the gift. That’s also not God’s fault.

            And this is why I state you are indoctrinated and cannot be reasoned with.
            Until you can provide a single piece of evidence to back this statement you are merely whistling in the wind.

            Address this question and I will address the rest of the comment.

        2. Well! It appears that I need to eat a little crow here! I accused Ark of suggesting that Stalin’s motives were more pure than God’s when Stalin murdered millions and God unleashed the flood.

          Ark did not say that in this post — the post that I plainly mis-read in formulating my response.

          I make no excuse for my obviously erroneous reply, and make the following note to myself: double-check my reply post, and the post being replied to, before hitting the ol’ “Send” button.

          I apologize for my error.


          — x

  1. And I enjoyed calling it what it was. I thought you said you were going to cut out the disgusting language in my place. If you enjoy our back and forth, then you take time away from it when I have to edit the juvenile parts of your screeds. (Bad enough that I leave in the half-witted thinking! 🙂 )


    — x

    1. I did, but you didn’t make a single effort answer my questions, now did you?
      So,want to try again?

      1.Do you believe in a biblical global flood

      2.Do you believe in the Virgin Birth.

  2. • With a bunch of accompanying discussion on the flood: yes.
    • With no reservations whatsoever: yes on the virgin birth. (you are not free to make the illogical leap to “indoctrination” on that one. Faith is not indoctrination. Below is the reason for that faith. A reason against which you have nothing to posit.)

    Did I neglect to mention that I’m a Christian? You may infer from that, that I believe what the Bible says, and certainly have thoughts and ideas about it all.

    Needless to say, God, who created septillions of cubic parsecs of matter, energy and … life, would have not even the teentsy-weentsyiest bit of difficulty in bringing off a global flood and a virgin birth. That much seems kind of obvious.

    I was reluctant to answer your questions, because I was mystified as to why you would pose such dumb questions; questions that I’d already answered numerous times in various and different ways.


    — x

      1. What a strange little man. **I know you’re a Christian, so I will antagonize you until you finally admit your beliefs (manning up)** Now I will dismiss it by claiming I have no need to further talk to you, because since I “made you” answer in a way that everyone else already knew about you. As if in a subtle way to demean the writer of the blog.

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! complete silliness! who has this kind of time!?

        Granted Atheism has grown… but still a vast minority. Christians and Muslims will just outbreed you! Here’s the thing Ark, look at the pew polls Christianity and Islam are still projected to growing past 2050. Most people don’t care what you want them to know.

        If you can’t sway Praetori’s mind– I’ll doubt you’ll sway any of his audience. you’re wasting time.

        1. Quite observant, Josie! I’ve done this quite a bit, and have noticed that the type that Ark seems to be are very big on tantrums and self-righteous outbursts Then, as soon as they identify a face-saving pretext, they take their ball and run home. Not sure if Ark is all that, but he sure seems to want to show that he is.


          — x

        2. I object to your impugning my size
          It really does count, apparently.
          Yawn … yes PEW Polls. P(h)ew!

          I am surprised you didn’t raise the Chinese conversion rate. That surely would have blown all atheist claims out of the water. Perhaps you simply missed that opportunity?

          It is better for one who seems to not properly understand cultural dynamics – like you, perhaps – to take note of the more socially advanced nations. Obviously, the USA does not feature here, so best look at places in Europe where Christianity is slowly but surely on the wane.
          Same sort of pattern as Australia.

          Look at these countries and project say, 100 or 200 years into the future.
          If humanity can withstand 2000 years or so of Judaeo/Christian religious nonsense it can hang in there for a few hundred years more. So stick around , Josey.
          (I single out Yawehism simply because of the disgusting doctrinal factors that lead to gross violence, but other religions get a nod as well)

          As for the admission from our host. What on earth made you think I had any intention whatsoever of swaying X-P’s mind?
          That thought is hilarious.

          It is all part of the fun, and while he enjoys playing the role of sophisticate at the same time maintaining a Ken Ham/ Mike Licona /William Lane Craig style belief/worldview there is always an element of doubt over the person’s bona fides.

          Once the ”confession” is out in the open one can appreciate ( as can the lurkers) where a great many of these views are coming from and thus respond accordingly.

          In my case I prefer to walk away. I would rather discuss the mating habits of fleas than discuss pretty much anything with someone who considers dinosaurs were once vegetarian before the ”Fall” and likely believes the Flintstones is a documentary.

          But you be my guest and carry on in my stead. Maybe X-P will allow you to pet his metaphorical T-Rex?

          1. Mating habits with fleas? probably had something to do with my reference to your size.

            But I digress.

            It’s unfortunate for you that you can’t live long enough to enjoy that world. It seems like a waste if you have such a fleeting amount of time to spend it on the internet.

            I’m sure you’ll feel better knowing that you may contribute to en “enlightened” world, but you’ll be dead right? So what’s it matter? You’re wasting time!

          2. And you are obviously not wasting time by continuing to reply.
            I am sure there must be some skew logic in here somewhere hat makes you feel all warm and cuddly but I am blowed if I can figure out what it is.

      2. Lol! Arkenaten: Henceforth, you shall be known as Ark The Pointless! The man who has nothing to say, and who says it at great, tiresome length.

        Not bad! In these threads we’ve met Zlork the Pathetic and Ark the Pointless.


        — x

  3. As if to confirm perfectly my previous post, Ark submits another pointless entry.

    Just out of curiosity, Ark, which part of “I’m a Christian” did you not understand when I made it clear lo those many posts ago? Did you somehow think that I didn’t believe Christian doctrine? Did you possibly not do so well in school? I withdraw the question: pointless speculation, and close to a gratuitous insult. 🙂

    One more quick thing: How lacking in vision you must be! Scientists — you know your beloved scientists? — very mainstream scientists, say that at one time all the mass and energy of the universe — septillions upon septillions of tonnes of stuff — were all compressed together in one incomprehensibly tiny area, nearly infinitely small, so small as to be perfectly indiscernible to any measurement device that we have or could even conceive of. Then it all exploded in a “Big Bang,” and the universe came into being.

    These selfsame scientists tell you that they have no clue how all the incomprehensibly vast amount of stuff came together in the first place, or what made it all go bang, or what there was before all that. Furthermore, they tell you that they can never know these things, but that all indications from what they observe all around, lead them to believe that this “Big Bang” describes what happened. Okay… the rest of that stuff — the nearly infinitely small “singularity” containing the septillions of tonnes of stuff? — they can’t explain that either, but they’re confident, ie they have faith, that it was all there, and they want you to believe the “Big Bang” story due to their, they assure us, well-founded and -placed faith. The “Big Bang” story, scientists assure us, is very much a scientific theory describing how the universe came about.


    What were scientists telling us before that? They were telling us that the universe was in a “Steady State.” Some insisted that it had no beginning, and would have no end. That matter and energy disappeared and appeared out of nothing, popping up here and there all around the universe, according to as yet unknown rules. This, they assured us, was a “scientific theory” describing how the universe operates.


    Both the Big Bang (which I find quite credible) and the Steady State theories are explanations replete with mysticism, complete with a Santa Claus story (nearly infinite matter in a nearly infinitely small area all at once = all the hundreds of millions of Christmas presents in a tiny sleigh) and magic (matter popping up here and there seemingly from nothing.) But, all the scientists assure us, it’s all very scientific.

    Obvious conclusion #1: If a scientist produces charts and graphs and measurements and three-degree radiation, all to explain, he says, a bunch of obvious mysticism, then we all nod our heads sagely and call that obvious mysticism: “science.”

    Obvious conclusion #2: Atheists overwhelmingly believe in the mysticism of the Big Bang (the Steady State idea is out of favor) as do we Christians, but atheists fool themselves into thinking that their obvious belief in mysticism is somehow more “scientific,” therefore somehow more credible than that of Christians.

    Obvious question #1: If atheists are able to delude themselves as easily as that, then where else might their delusions lead them?

    Simple answer to Obvious question #1: Oh, to some place where the most benign, charitable, merciful, meek, selfless doctrine in the world, is really a hellish nightmare manifesto calling all its followers to murder, torture and enslave others.


    — x

  4. X, You’re feeding the trolls. If you keep doing it they will keep coming back.
    But I have to admit, Ark has a sense of humor… the comment about ‘socially advanced place in Europe”, hilarious. Genuinely funny. Even more entertaining as we watch the rise of rampaging National Socialists in the streets while donning a nod to the past with their swastika’s along with their sickle and hammers.
    Ark has no retort to the Fact that Socialism has killed at least, at least, 120 Million people directly. (I subscribe to well over 300 mil. but ‘it’s just a statistic’, right Ark?)
    Because there is no retort.
    Murder by those who wish to control others is nothing new whether the Intentionally Ignorant know so or not.
    Keep fightin’ that fight Ark… The Universe needs Evil for Equilibrium.

    1. Mike — I can say nothing more than: you’re right on the nose!

      I arrived at the 120 million figure because the vast majority of historians now agree that the number is at least that. Sadly, your figure of 300 million is likely much more accurate.

      One thing you said: “there is no retort,” is absolutely true, but they — leftists — retort all the same, and if the stakes weren’t so high, their retorts would be the stuff of high comedy.


      — x

  5. Oh, one more quick thing. I enjoy feeding the trolls. They produce occasionally interesting exchanges.

    I keep wondering whether the left will come up with something new, but they never do. Always the same tired, old, long-discredited arguments. Generally gussied up a bit with new words — “progressive,” and “fairness” and all — but the same old dumb-as-a-stump thinking.

    Feeding the trolls allows me to keep up on what language the leftists are using in their perennial quest to seize and keep power.


    — x

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