I’ve Long Wondered About This

You know, President Obama’s absolutely inexplicable wimpiness and timidity in the face of seriously pressing international imperatives.

• Putin and Crimea? Obama folded.
• Nuclear Iran? Obama folded.
• Nuclear North Korea? Obama folded.
• Libya? Obama/Hillary Clinton folded.
• Syria? Obama folded.
• Iraq? Don’t even bring that up…
• Afghanistan? Ditto.
• And so forth…

Do a little exercise with me: Name one foreign policy triumph in seven freakin’ years of Obama’s Administration.

Just one. He doesn’t even have anything to point to that might have happened by accident!

So, how do you explain that?


Don’t rule out the possibility that “they have something on him.

You know… like they (Putin, Kim Jong Un, ISIS, the Taliban, Assad, etc… you know, the scum of the earth) might know something that you and I don’t know? Obama’s sure acting that way. As if he were nothing more than a pawn of dark forces around the world.

I don’t believe it, but there are certainly conspiracy theorists out there, who would have no problem believing it. Why? Obama absolutely acts as if it were true.

Remember Obama’s little open mic oops? He told Dmitri Medvedev  to “tell Vladimir (Putin) that he, Obama, would have ‘more flexibility after he was re-elected.’

Remember also, that if you’re looking for apologists for all manner of scumbag, brigand, thug, tyrant, bloodthirsty murderer, rapist, dictator or other bad guy, you need look no further than America’s Democrat Party.

It’s entirely possible that Obama and Hillary and all the rest of the thoroughly corrupt, reactionary troglodytes who make up the leadership of the Democrat Party, have been in bed (at least metaphorically) with the aforementioned international scum for a very long time. As such, the selfsame aforementioned scum have a lot of dirt they could dish on the leading Democrats if they were to slip up and act, for example, in America’s best interests.

— xPraetorius


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