Some Other Perspectives on Paris

So far, we’re the only ones to have noticed that the name of the American band playing at “The Bataclan” was: “The Eagles of Death Metal.(1)

Well, they got what their band name is all about. Not for nothing, but now that real death has stalked them and, apparently, spared them — there are pictures of the drummer cowering behind his drum set, and a video of a guitarist sprinting off the stage — will their lives change? Or will they go back to playing in a band that makes reference to “death metal,” a “music genre” particularly concerned with grisly images, ugliness, violence and, well … death? A particularly stupid style of performance. Hard to imagine calling it music.

Anyway, they got it. They got all the death they could ever want. The images from “The Bataclan” are the visual representation of all that the “Death Metal” genre is, itself, all about.

It’s long past time to tune our hearts and minds away from death — in America and around the world.

When the rest of the world sees how cheaply life is held in America — the first place in the world to have installed a largely humane system of governance — is it any wonder that they feel no qualms about dealing death in large doses?

Black Americans butcher hundreds, thousands, of other black Americans in America’s cities every year. We slaughter millions of unborn babies every year… And we’re getting ready, as a country, to embrace putting a needle in Grandma’s arm and sending her off.


Well, you see, Grandma’s become every bit as inconvenient as that “fetus” we “cleaned out” at Planned Parenthood, cut up and packed off for fun, profit and “research” last week. So, from “compassion,” and “choice,” we’ll put a needle in Grandma’s arm and kill her.

When we capture some of the ISIS goons — as we inevitably will — who do this kind of thing, they can legitimately look us right in the eye and say, “Who the hell are you to lecture us about death?!? And murder?!? And killing innocent people?!?

— xPraetorius


(1) – Apparently they’re not a “death metal” band. It seems that the title comes from the founders’ musing on what would come from the melding of The Eagles soft rock band with death metal.


5 thoughts on “Some Other Perspectives on Paris

  1. Amen! I too noticed the death metal concert and our entire culture of glamorized death and violence and thought, how sad that some have now had to face the truth of that reality, that they now understand what violence really looks like.

    1. So true, IB… so true. So sad and so true.

      Death here and death there… death everywhere.

      How about life and all its pageantry, beauty and miraculousness?

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if “The Eagles of Death Metal” changed their names to “The Eagles of Life?” Or something of the sort?

      I mean, they were spared where so many were not. It would be inspiring if they were to focus — aggressively and actively — on life now. A life that they now should view as an unimaginably precious gift.


      — x

  2. I saw the clip of the beginning of the attack and couldn’t see the music being played as being indicative of death metal. Your footnote clears that up a bit for me.

    1. Hi, UL! Boy, is your analysis of the Middle East situation coming to pass!!!

      One of my fondest hopes — and it’s one that I’ve voiced to myself and others quite a few times in the time during which you and I have corresponded — is that you have some ability to provide analysis to higher-ups in America.

      I have lots of said input, but my analysis has not, to put it bluntly, been as accurate or as insightful as yours.

      Just to let you know, I’ve pointed out what you’ve said as a means to stress that we need vastly more humint on the ground in the Middle East than we have.


      — x

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