Every Policy Position The Left Takes On Social Issues Is Fatally Flawed

— Each policy position the left takes on social issues in America today fails to answer at least one crucial, simple question, rendering illegitimate all action, legislation and regulation taken as a result of the position —

Let’s point some out, shall we?


Simple: What if “it” is a real, live, human baby? Everyone admits “it’s” real, and “it’s” human, and “it’s” alive. But, if “it’s” a human life… (the entire subject hangs on that simple, one-letter, indefinite article: “a.”) Abortion advocates have never answered that question, and have always tried, successfully, to divert the topic to the mother.

Fatal Flaw: If “it” is a  baby, then abortion is, as pro-lifers have suggested, the worst of crimes: the murder of an innocent human being.


Feminism came along  because, supposedly, western women had a raw deal in life. Well, as much as we might agree or disagree about that, it was completely irrelevant. “Irrelevant?” you say, “How could that be irrelevant?” Simple: In identifying that western women had a raw deal in life, the only logical next step would be to pose the question: “Do western women have it worse than western men?

No one ever posed that question, or tried to answer it. The reason is that it’s not such an easy question to answer. Worse, if the answer is “no,” then much of the hostility that feminism has caused to be directed at men is adding even greater abuse to a group already being abused. Furthermore, if the answer is “no,” then all the vast mountains of legislation and regulation that have erupted from feminism’s triumph in America was … unjust and illegitimate.

Worse, if the answer is “no,” that meant that, far from struggling for “equality” and “justice,” as was feminism’s oft-trumpeted goal, feminism did nothing more than add to inequality and injustice.

Fatal Flaw: Feminism never addressed the simple, crucial and only relevant question: “Do western women have it worse than western men?”  If reasonable people can answer “no” to that question, then there was no need for feminism at all in the first place.

Many belatedly make a fairly obvious observation now that it’s too late: there has never been a more coddled, protected, babied and sheltered creature on earth than the 20th Century’s and 21st Century’s western woman.


This is a big one. The flaws in environmentalism are so many and so egregious, that it would take a very long time to enumerate and explain them all. Environmentalism is so riddled with fraud, corruption, illegal and dishonest practices, that it can not be called “science” anymore.

For example:

  • Climate Change: the climate does nothing but change. That’s all it does. All things that happen on earth make the climate change.
  • Global Warming: It’s stopped. None has been observed or measured in a generation. It’s why almost no one says “global warming” anymore. However, did the Global Warming Industry close up shop as a result? No. It simply became the Climate Change Industry.
  • The “science” of Global Warming — and of climate change: Well, one reason “Global Warming” disappeared is that it was found out that the very measurements leading to the conclusion that the planet was warming were done fraudulently. Since the sun travels east to west in the sky, it makes a big difference where you place your measurement devices and when you take your readings. Want to show “global warming?” Place your thermometers on the western side of something and take your readings in the afternoon. Want to show “global cooling?” move your thermometer a bit, and take your readings in the morning. Depending on where you are, when you take your readings, and where you place your devices, you can show any climate trend you want — no matter what the climate is actually doing.

From the hysteria over “global cooling,” to the same hysteria over “global warming,” to the same hysteria over “climate change,” what has made environmentalism useful to the left is each hysteria has meant more legislation and more regulation sending more power and money to Washington.

Environmentalism’s big, crucial, simple flaw: No one has the teeniest, tiniest, eentsiest, weentsiest, slightest idea of the extent to which human activity affects the environment. That is a question well beyond the ability of today’s science to answer.

Science — real science — is continually producing inconvenient and compelling evidence  that human activity has so little effect on the environment that to spend even a dime, much less trillions of dollars, on changing human behavior is to waste that dime. 

Consider for a moment all those things we learned as kids. Surely you remember fifth-grade Earth Science when we found out that, for example, the volcano Krakatoa had spewed more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all humans had in the entirety of their time on earth. So did Mount Saint Helens, and Mount Pinatubo, and the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull and at Grímsvötn. These things go off all the time dwarfing anything that humans have ever done — combined — in terms of sending climate-changing stuff into the air.

Environmentalism’s Fatal Flaw: No one knows, or can know today, the extent to which human activity affects the environment.

There are many more such issues:

  • Euthanasia is looming, for example. See if you can guess on which side the American left will fall with that one. Yep. The side in which someone ends up dead. Fatal Flaw: As usual, the left embraces the side on which someone ends up dead. Someone really should start to notice a pattern here with the left. Oh, that’s right … we did. Well then, someone of prominence should start to say it. A lot.
  • Don’t forget the left’s embrace of sexual wackiness. There is literally no science whatsoever that can be brought to bear to support the currently in-vogue, wacky, out-in-left-field notion that just because a dude says he’s a woman then he’s a woman, and vice versa. Yet, the left has embraced the conclusion that “she’s” a woman, and in so doing assumes they’ve manufactured another Democrat voter. And the poor, confused dude’s real happiness be damned.(1)
  • How about “rape culture” on college campuses? There’s no such thing as a “rape culture” there, but the left is generating voters from impressionable coeds all over the country, and hoping they will remain on the plantation after they graduate (all explained in some detail in our analysis here). Fatal Flaw: College campuses are safer for all residents than the rest of the country, in which, by the way, the incidence of real rape and sexual assault has been declining for years.
  • How about marijuana legalization? This is an issue embraced overwhelmingly by the left, and by some on the right, most notably libertarians. This one’s almost comical. Fatal Flaw: The left go into paroxysms of rage at the thought of smoking tobacco, but think it ought to be just fine to bring billowing clouds of burning cannabis into the lungs. No contradiction there.  The left supports pot legalization because, let’s face it, drugged-out stoners fit nowhere in what might be considered any “Republican core constituencies.”

The right get it wrong too, but not nearly as much as the left. One of the rare instances where the political right gets it wrong is on the issue of capital punishment.

The Fatal Flaw of capital punishment is simple: What if you kill the wrong guy? Yes, yes, yes, I know… we’re so good at getting the right guy now, that the likelihood is slim (though not zero) that we’ll get the wrong one. Now, though, throw human fallibility, and the temptations that accompany power — and, let’s face it, the ability to mete out death is the ultimate power, therefore prone to the ultimate temptations to corruption and abuse — and the likelihood increases dramatically that we will put to death the wrong guy.

Do a little thought exercise with me. How much would you be willing to bet that America (just this country, let alone others) has gotten it right every single time we put someone to death? Okay, now how about just in the last ten years?

Not to worry, though, history has shown that every time the left takes power in a country — such that there is little chance of the right’s re-taking power — the left then embraces capital punishment with great gusto. The left will get this one wrong in time too.

Finally, if you were to remove as issues those that the left embraces, lies regularly about, and flogs to those who are unwilling to think more deeply about them — most notably: abortion, feminism and environmentalism — then you would eliminate the electoral viability of the Democrat Party.

Now, quickly, why does the left always get it wrong? That’s simple too. There are sequentially two stages of thinking about all the activities that we do:

  • Stage 1: How does this feel?
  • Stage 2: What are the long-term implications of what I’m doing?

When we do something we know is suspect, but it feels good, the temptation is to stop thinking about it right then and there at Stage 1. No one is immune to this. And this comes from a guy, who should put down the tub of ice cream a lot more frequently than he does.

The left seizes on Stage 1 and, grabbing the mantle of “freedom,” demands that your right to do the thing be respected.  And the long-term implications be damned. They glorify Stage 1 thinking as “choice” and “compassion,” and “fairness,” and allow the ones frozen in Stage 1 thinking, to consider themselves noble, rather than self-centered and destructive. Oh, and Stage 1 thinkers vote Democrat. As we’ve said numerous times: the Democrats own the stupid vote. And the self-centered vote.

Everyone goes through Stage 1 in everything they do. It takes work, though — sometimes hard work — as well as time and maturity to do Stage 2 thinking. Stage 2 thinkers are overwhelmingly Republican voters.

This is frequently the reason why Republicans lose elections: they’re making deeper, Stage 2 arguments, against shallow, self-centered Stage 1 thinking.

— xPraetorius


(1) – There’s a real-world life-and-death consequence to this one too. Remember when the “AIDS Crisis” was a prominent part of the socio-political landscape in America? The left — and their political wing the Democrat Party — insisted that no one call it by its real name: a gay problem. It was, and is, a gay problem. A simple scientific truth: If you engage in heterosexual sexual relations (and don’t do intravenous drugs), you have a near-zero chance of somehow contracting AIDS. In addressing regulation, education, advertisement, and billions and billions of dollars at everyone, the left diverted those vital resources from the population most in need of education and awareness: gays. In so doing, many thousands of gays died needlessly. As mentioned above: whenever the left takes a policy position on a social issue, someone, or many someones, dies.

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