NPR Watch – 10/8/15

NPR’s Economic Illiteracy

I was listening to National Public Radio on the way into work today.

The topic was “Wage garnishment” and the segment was the “MarketPlace” portion of their fake morning news program “Morning Edition.”

In this segment, needless to say, the race-obsessed NPR found out that wage garnishment happens to minorities more than to non-minorities. Then, the “reporter” on the story said the following whopper: “In this way, wage garnishment disproportionately affects lower-income people in America.”

Well, DUH!

I suspect that “financial delinquency” and “late payments” and “financial problems” disproportionately “affect” lower-income people too. It might be related to the fact that, generally … wait for it … wait for it … they have less FREAKIN’ money!

That would seem to be the rather obvious immediate NEXT question to address in such a segment, wouldn’t you think? But was it the next immediate thing addressed in the segment?

See if you can guess.

Nope-er-oo. It sure wasn’t.

The next question out of the show’s host — one David Brancaccio — was something on the order of: “Well, what is Congress going to do about this problem?”

In posing that nonsensical question, the moron host — supposedly an expert in things financial! — made implicit his assumption that financial delinquency occurs perfectly evenly across all demographic groups, and that therefore, any disparities in wage garnishment are due to racism, or some other nefarious cause. This is, by the way, NPR’s default position for anything! Including, by the way, Global Warming; a dead horse they continue to flog.

But I digress..

NPR’s Economic Illiteracy (Part II)

I was listening to National Public Radio on the way home from work yesterday. It was their fake news program called, “All Things Considered.(1)

On came a promo for the next show in their evening line-up: “MarketPlace.” In the promo the host of the show said that he was going to interview Republican Presidential candidate and retired pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. The host, one Kai Rysdahl (sp.? I’m doing this on my phone in a third world hellhole halfway around the world from home) said the following: “We’ll ask Dr. Carson how he would run the U.S. economy.”

Roughly direct quote.

Huh? Why on earth would a so-called “financial expert” pose such a glaringly, flamingly, astonishingly stooooooooopid question?!?

I wasn’t able to stick around to hear Dr. Carson’s answer, but the only correct answer would be something like:

“Well, Kai, I won’t be running the U.S. economy. I’ll be doing everything in my power not to run the U.S. economy, but rather to get myself and the bloated, overgrown, over-regulating state right the heck out of the way of the economy, to remove any obstacles that might prevent the actual owners of the economy — the American people — from running their economy. Where did you get the absolutely preposterous and economically illiterate idea that the President ‘runs the U.S. economy?!?’

I’m surprised that I should have to tell you this, but the President can only affect the conditions under which the real operators of the economy ‘run the economy.’ You really ought to know that, since you purport to run a financial program here.”

Carson is much too polite a man to do that wonderful thing, but an American who runs his portion of the American economy can dream, can’t he?

Always remember; never forget: you always come out of an NPR “news” segment less informed, less knowledgeable, less intelligent, than you go in.

Whatever level of knowledge you have of a given issue or topic, you will have less knowledge of it after listening to an NPR segment on it. Worse, if you take them as seriously as they take themselves, what knowledge you once had about something, now has to compete in your brain with a noxious fog of NPR-nonsense, distortions, fictions-presented-as-facts, omissions, and long-outdated, long-disproven or long-debunked muck.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Note: NPR doesn’t consider it fake news. They believe they’re giving you real news even though they’re perfectly aware that they slant their presentation heavily to the left, to the point where it goes waaaaaaayyy over the line into transparent propaganda. They’re the Democrat Party’s “Pravda.


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