Will You Forgive?

Will you forgive?


How about Hitler?

Charlie Manson?

Andrea Yates?

How about Dylann Roof?

Everyone who did you wrong?

Osama bin Laden?

The guy who raped you?

The babysitter who molested you?

Will you forgive?


No exceptions?

No ands, ifs or buts?

Once and forever?

Will you forgive the ones who stole your money?

Your bicycle?

Your innocence?

Your naïveté?

Your country?

Your father’s country?

His father’s country?

Your mother?

Your father?

Brother or sister?

Even if you get nothing for it?

No money.

No glory.

No fame.

Will you forgive?

Simply because Jesus looked you in the eyes?

And asked you to forgive?

And for no other reason

than that He said it was the right thing to do?

His eyes showed that He knew of what we are all capable.

Of all of which we are all capable.

Then He forgave those who scourged Him.

Who beat Him,

and who lashed Him.

He forgave those who slammed spikes through His wrists.

And through His feet.

Who. Nailed. Him. To. A. Cross.

As He bled, suffered …

understood …

He forgave those who spat on Him,

as He dragged His cross through the streets.

He forgave you and me.

He looked past life, and into eternity, and

He forgave you and me.

For everything.

Will you forgive?


Every man woman and child who lives?

Who ever lived?

Will you forgive them?

Only because He asked you to?

— xPraetorius



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