America’s Science-Loving Left

You know how the popular narrative is: the left loves science, while we on the right, we hick Conservatives, are all anti-science. We’re supposedly awash in our irrational superstitions that we’re willing to defend with our guns. And why? Because, you see, we on the right never accepted uncritically, unquestioningly, all the hoo-hah about “global warming.”(1)

But, what happens if we examine the narrative just a bit … Let’s see. Along comes Bruce Jenner, now legally “Caitlyn” Jenner. He says nothing more than:

“Hey, guys! Guess what: I’m a woman! Yep. Despite all the physical evidence, all the equipment, the narrow hips and wide shoulders, all the children for whom I contributed the sperm, the fact that I won the 1976 men’s Olympic decathlon, the fact that I’m 6’2″ tall, the fact that all the chemicals in my body prove unambiguously that I’m a man, the fact that any parts of my body that look even vaguely feminine are artificially made, well … yep, I’m really a woman! Have been all along! Oh, and if you don’t believe me, you’re a narrow-minded, mean, ol’ bigoted reactionary kook! Got it?”

And everyone on the supposedly science-loving left replied:

“Yep. Okay.”

So, let’s examine that a bit: Despite all the objective, fact-based, long-standing science proving perfectly uncontroversially that “Caitlyn” Jenner is really a man … all those supposedly science-loving lefties now unanimously believe that, you guessed it, he’s a woman! Just like that!

It’s as if I were to say that, well yes, I know I’m 6’4″ tall, but I’m really a short man. Why? Well, because I say so. Just that. Ignore the measurements and the size 14 shoes, and the 36″ inseam in the pants, and the 3X shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts that fit me just fine, I’m really a short man.

You and I both know that if I were to try seriously to make that claim, the supposedly science-loving left (1) would believe me!  Then, (2) they’d demand that you believe me, or else (3) they’d brand you a retrograde jerk.

If Caitlyn Jenner’s body were to be discovered several centuries from now, and the archaeologists were to place it on the dissection table, what would the science conclude about their specimen? Well, let’s see, I think we can probably figure it out. Hmmmm… 6’2″ tall, XY chromosomes, male hips and shoulders… The scientists will say, “We got ourselves a dude here.” (That’s how they’ll talk several centuries from now.) And, why will they say that? Simple: Science will dictate that they say that.

You know, “science?” That set of disciplines and study that use objective measurements, observation and mathematics to eliminate as much of the subjective as we can, in order to give ourselves the best possible chance of reaching a good understanding of reality? That science.

When Caitlyn Jenner came out with his strange assertion — I’m really a woman — he produced no scientific evidence whatsoever to support his assertion. There were no measurements, no physical anomalies … no science at all, that he could point to in support of what he said. He simply said it. That’s it. And our supposedly science-loving left accepted it uncritically and without debate. More to the point, they immediately branded you and me as narrow-minded jerks, if you and I expressed any kind of skepticism.

Back briefly to the science of “global warming.” Ignore for a moment that it was all “global cooling” just two short decades ago. Well, the science has shown that “global warming” has disappeared. Yep. Gone. There hasn’t been any “global warming” for almost a generation now. So, how did the supposedly science-loving left react to this real climate science?

Easy. Ignore it. And forget it.(2) No supposedly science-loving lefty says “global warming” anymore. As if no one had ever said “global warming!” As if they had never been apoplectic, purple-faced, spittle-flecked with rage, alarm and indignation, and in-your-face demanding that you stop consuming fossil fuels to stop global warming, or you will all die, as the waves from the rising, raging, rampaging oceans swallow you up!

All that apparently never happened.

Now that “global warming” is embarrassingly MIA, “Climate Change” is all the rage. Well, there’s some science for you. We have to stop climate change! Oh? Really? Anyone who ever takes a third-grade earth science class learns that the climate does nothing but change.

So, as regards the climate, our ever-so-intellectual, supposedly science-loving, American left has gone from irrational alarmism over “global cooling,” to irrational alarmism over “global warming,” to demanding action that we stop the climate from doing the only thing it has ever done: change.

The left loves science? Codswallop.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Which the left no longer accepts either. Because it disappeared.

(2) – Oh, National Public Radio, part of the left’s propaganda wing, still says “global warming” regularly, but they’re always at least a decade behind the times.


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