I Wonder Who’s Been Saying This All Along!

Here’s the Drudgereport headline: MORE EMAILS ‘FOUND’…

More of Hillary’s e-mails that were on her illegal private server have been found, that is.

You remember, right? All those e-mails that she had “erased,” and that everyone said were, therefore, gone? Those e-mails.

Yep. We said it. Here.  All the way back in March of this year!

They were never “gone.”

Not only did we say that the e-mails weren’t gone, we said also that they’d be easy to find.

Here’s a snippet from that post long ago:

Here’s why the media need to consult a computer expert from time-to-time: I’m hearing a lot of flat-out wrong things about the ability of Hillary Clinton to control these e-mails that live on her server at her Chappaqua home. The media are bemoaning the “fact” that Hillary can simply delete those e-mails from the server that lived at the Clinton’s Chappaqua mansion. Wrong! Or, more to the point: yes, she can delete the e-mails from her Chappaqua mansion’s server, but those e-mails reside in a whole lot of other places as well. Places where the long arm of even Hillary can’t reach them. And certainly not without breaking the law.

Look: she’s cornered now. Those e-mails are obtainable. Fairly easily. If she starts a wholesale deletion of incriminating e-mails, that’s easy to discover. If she tries to delete just a couple of e-mails, that’s easy to discover. The path that any e-mail took is easy to discover, and it’s easy also to obtain that e-mail on any of the many hops it has to traverse from her keyboard to the recipient’s inbox. It’s pretty simple: if there is an e-mail on any one of those hops, and not one on Hillary’s server, then she has broken the law.

— xPraetorius


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