NPR Watch – 9/15/15

I was listening to National Public radio on the way in to work this morning. I heard too much to remark on in depth, so here’s a “survey” of some of their silliness.

Item 1:

So-called “democratic”(1) socialist Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, gave a speech at generally conservative Liberty University.


  • The students gave him a respectful hearing.
  • This stands in really stark contrast to the reception frequently given to Conservative speakers at leftist universities.
  • Conservatives are interested in hearing other points of view. Especially points-of-view that challenge their own. Leftists generally are not interested in points-of-view that challenge their own.
  • We call leftists who are interested in challenging their own ideas: Future Conservatives.
  • Sanders said: “Fifty-eight percent of all new income goes to the top one percent of wage earners.” Sanders did not say:
    • Why that’s even a bad thing.
    • What in the world is “new income?” Sounds a lot like “income” to me.
    • A simple truth that anyone with a third-grade education would know: the only economic system under which anyone could even think of generating anything that even remotely could be called “new income” is in: free market capitalism. Period.
  • This all came in the context of Sanders’ continuing effort to combat “income inequality.” Have you ever noticed how neither Sanders, nor anyone else on the left, has ever said why “income inequality” is a bad thing? Here’s another word for income inequality: opportunity.
  • If you think that you and your family are doing just fine now, and should never do any better, then you should support reactionary dinosaurs like Bernie Sanders who support feudalism, which is another word for socialism.
    • Ready for another word for socialism: “income equality.” With “income equality,”(2) you never have a chance to improve your lot, because your income has to be equal to that of others. What’s your incentive to invent, to invest, to innovate, to improve things, processes, procedures? You know, the things that might generate “new income?” Why bother: you’ll get no “new income” from it. Because, you see — at last! — we’d have “income equality!
    • Sorry, I can’t see anything good in income equality.
  • The only way to have “income equality” is to have it imposed. People are simply not of equal ability, productivity, ingenuity, cleverness. Some simply will, whether anyone likes it or not, be better at what they do than others.

Item 2:

North Korea says it intends to launch a satellite soon. Japan has “urged” North Korea to avoid provocative acts.

Apparently the rocket carrying the so-called “satellite” would pass right over Japanese territory, thereby turning the “satellite launch” into actually a ballistic missile test.

Remember, thanks to Barack Obama, North Korea is now a nuclear power.

If their ballistic missile test is successful, Hawaiians and Californians might want to think about moving somewhere else.


Sooooo… why should North Korea “avoid provocative acts?

Does anyone honestly think the Obama Administration would do anything about it?

Unless Japan is ready to go it alone against North Korea, there’s no reason under the sun why North Korea shouldn’t just go right ahead with its launch.

Hint: Japan is not ready to go it alone.

Item 3:

Hungary has closed off its border with Serbia, the border through which muslim “refugees” were streaming in order to escape war and all else in their homelands.

NPR is treating that as if it’s some horrible thing that Europeans might consider denying these “refugees” asylum.


Oh? Why? How are the rest of the European countries which have large muslim populations doing with them? How are all those nice muslim “refugees” “assimilating?” Oh yeah, that’s right. They’re not assimilating.

ISIS has said that it would be inserting many of its followers into the tides of so-called refugees coming to the west. Does anyone think that they won’t do that? That should disqualify the refugees from coming here, or anywhere in the west… immediately.

Look: these are muslims. Nothing against them as people… no, wait. They’re muslims! So, yes, that counts heavily against them … as people.

Someone did a survey recently, and some astonishing, disgusting, ridiculous, jaw-dropping percentage of all people who call themselves “muslims” either sympathize with, or openly support, ISIS.

These people are animals. They’re like little piranhas, except more brainless and less decent. ISIS and its sympathizers are brainless, bloodthirsty psychotics. Name something positive that can come of accepting tens of thousands of these lunatics into any civilized country, anywhere.

Imagine if these were people streaming from a country where a huge percentage of the people openly sympathize with Nazism. Would it be okay then to take in these “refugees?”

Of course not!

Oh, that’s right. These are people coming from a country — Syria — where a huge percentage of the people openly sympathize with Nazism.

— xPraetorius

(1) – Socialism is, by definition, anti- and non-democratic. Socialism is something that must be imposed from the top down on the backs of the people.

(2) – Aka: feudalism. Or serfdom. Incomes were largely equal under those primitive systems. And under socialism.


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