Found This — A Sign of the Times

That brief, insightful comment — “In the world liberals have created…” — came from a blog that I discovered here.

This blog is a mother lode of reports on the corruption of the media, academia and pop culture. I’ve been enjoying its features and the insightful blurbs that accompany links to the story of the latest media depredation.

Here’s another of their observations:

Nothing worse than watching two wrinkled old leftwing blowhards stroke each other in public.” — Priceless!

Back to the first feature, though. One of the striking things about this was the Comments section. Not a single commenter (granted, there were only 24) suggested that this was simply no big deal.

Apparently, the 13-year old kid had tried to kiss the 14-year old girl “on a dare.” Horrors! We’ve never heard of anything like that before, eh? The only proper reaction to that kind of thing is as follows: “Hey, Mikey! (my guess as to the boy’s name) That’s rude and uncalled for. Cut it out. Next time you get a detention. Now go back to class.”

Let’s say that “Mikey” tries it again — tries to kiss “Annie” (my guess as to the “victim’s” name) and gets caught again. Here’s how his detention should go:

Mikey goes to the Principal’s office. The school day ends, and everyone except the Principal goes home. The Principal sits down next to Mikey and says as follows:

“Look, Mikey, what you did was rude and dumb. However it wasn’t anything worse than that. So, don’t do it again. That’s what I have to tell you as the Principal of this school, and by the way, it’s all true. So, cut it out.

“Now, I’m going to tell you what I need to tell you as another man in America. Listen up, and listen good. We used to live in a free country, the freest country that has ever been in all of history. It’s still pretty good here in America, but it’s getting a whole lot worse. Fast. This thing you did — kissing Annie — will get you thrown in jail if you’re in college. [Mikey looks stunned.]

“Yep. Jail. [Here the Principal doesn’t let Mikey recover from his shock] So, this is the time you need to learn that there are a whole list of things you might do as a kid that are completely harmless; things that hurt no one, and that do nothing worse than annoy the person you do them to. But these things can land you in jail, for no other reason than that our country is going through a really stupid phase called “political correctness.”

“You need to be aware of this, because you’re a kid who obviously is willing to do things that break the rules. [Mikey starts to protest, but the Principal hushes him]

“Hold on… don’t talk, Mikey. It’s important to be a person who breaks the rules, really important. But: only some rules. Not all of them, just some of them.

“Every person who ever did anything that improved life for all people, who ever made things better… was someone who figured that the way things are is not good enough. So, he broke the rules. He pushed all the boundaries and all the limits.

“You, [the Principal points at Mikey] need to know which rules to break. How do I know this? George Washington broke “the rules” and became “the father of our country.” He broke rules that he knew would lead to his death if he failed in his purpose.

“You have to make that decision in case you decide to break the rules. What are the consequences if you’re caught? When you know the  consequences, do you still want to break the rules? Washington did. But he knew what might happen. But he figured it was worth it to break those rules.

“Jesus broke the rules too. And that did lead to His death, which was just one step on the path to his breaking the ultimate rule — the rule that death is final — and to triumph completely over death.

“Now, that’s breaking the rules … in real style! But, look at what He had to go through before He ultimately triumphed. If you’re willing to go through that, then you have a whole lot of flexibility in terms of the rules you can break.

“You, Mikey, broke a stupid rule. It was a rule for which if you were to get caught you could suffer for the rest of your life, and for what? For a stolen kiss? Please! If you’re going to break a rule, break a rule that’s important to break, and that you’re willing to suffer real consequence for. A rule that’s worth breaking.

“I’ll tell you right now, it actually is important to break the rule you broke, but not how you broke it. The consequences for you could have been that you suffered for decades for having done nothing all that wrong.

“That would be tragic.

You need to break the rule in a different way. You need to break the rule that says you won’t talk witheringly, and derisively, and disrespectfully, and scornfully, about rules that are really stupid, until you’re able to get these stupid rules eliminated.

“You’re 13 years old. When you can understand what I just said, then you’ll be old enough to understand just how you can break the “Don’t Kiss Annie” rule. And how you can, and should, break other stupid rules, and customs, and practices, and limitations that you will, I promise, see all around you.

“Otherwise, if you’re not willing to go to jail or die a horrible death, then stop trying to kiss Annie on school grounds. Got it?”

[Mikey sits there, jaw agape, silent]

Principal: “You’re dismissed.”

This brief session with little Mikey, and any similar follow-up sessions, would do a whole lot to seeing that Mikey doesn’t break any more silly rules of decorum, and that he then becomes a fine, upstanding, productive, and genuinely progressive, member of society. Breaking — and eliminating — stupid, moronic rules like: “Don’t Try to Kiss Annie on a Bet.”

— xPraetorius


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