The GOOD Part About the Donald Trump Phenomenon

Don’t be offended.


That’s the lesson to take from Trump’s “candidacy.”(1) Trump is never offended. Someone takes a shot at him and he takes ten shots back at the shooter. Someone insults him, and he says nothing more than, “Oh well, here goes…” and he un-freakin’-loads on the would-be insulter, questioning everything about him, including his ancestry, faith, convictions, honesty, trustworthiness, intellect, height and (for cryin’ out loud!) looks!

And Trump’s position in the polls rises and rises and rises and rises and rises and rises and rises and rises and rises and rises…

Do you think, just freakin’ perhaps, that Republican voters are sick and freakin’ tired of namby-pamby, pantywaist Republicans responding to Democrat slander with snorg like, “Well, I wouldn’t sink to that level. I think it’s unfortunate that so-and-so has seen fit to descend to that level of discourse.”

You think? You freakin’ think?!? You don’t know it?!?

And it’s not “unfortunate” — it’s a freakin’ corrupt-media-fueled travesty! You know it and I know it.

Freakin say it!

All while the Republican/Conservative loses the next election, wondering why the voters thought they couldn’t “trust him,” didn’t “like him” and thought that he “wasn’t like them.”(2)

It’s to that lesson — to which Trump is pointing us — that we Republicans/Conservatives should be paying close attention. It’s to that lesson that the Trump phenomenon has relevance.

If a Democrat candidate for President, or a leftist commentator or pundit calls a Republican or Conservative a name, as he or she inevitably will, the Republican/Conservative should respond with:

Why should I care one tiny bit what a witless, old throwback to the sixties, who wouldn’t know an original, or worse, a discredited idea, if it whacked him upside the head, thinks about me?

One thing we Conservatives should always, always, forever be is: impossible to offend.

Very, very seriously: Why should we care one eentsy-teentsie-weentsy iota what a bunch of witless, old throwbacks to the sixties, who wouldn’t know an original, or worse, a discredited idea, if it whacked them upside their collective heads — ie: the American left — think about us?

Let the left get all self-righteous and whiny. Let them blubber about “he said this!” or “he said that!” Tell them to “Grow up and get a life.” Call them the sniveling, little crybaby, pantywaist, effeminate, namby-pamby cream puffs that they are.

If the Republican/Conservative were smart, he’d plow forward with his thinking, which should be something along the lines of:

Whenever anyone resorts to this brainless name-calling, he admits he’s out of intellectual gas. Anyone who’s really confident in his ideas and thinking can’t wait to try to persuade people! If he’s really thought it through, then he can’t wait to overwhelm people with the breathtaking clarity of his logic, with the scintillating ratiocination that got him to where he is today, and why you too should be there with him! The guy tossing around the insults and the personal attacks is admitting openly that he can’t beat our thinking or our ideas.

In calling me a snorg-faced, flergle-headed zargleborgit [repeat the hypothetical insult] Morton Tinklemeister [name the hypothetical insulter] is simply confessing, in front of us all, his own ignorance and the emptiness of his thinking. Let’s face it: he’s admitting that he himself worries that he’s wrong.

[Now, psychoanalyze him a bit] This is typical of those who think like him. They don’t think it through, so their “arguments” such as they are, wilt like week-old lettuce in the face of the simplest of questions or scrutiny.

[And, the coup de grâce, with emphasis] It’d be one whole heckuva lot worse if Tinklemeister thought well of me. Then I’d know I’m doing something very stupid, and something very wrong!

You have to rattle it all off fast so as to get it all out in one breath, and not let the media personality interviewing you cut you off. All while putting in the appropriate dramatic pauses and making the correct facial expressions, of course.

So, what did we do here? We took an insult (snorg-faced, flergle-headed zargleborgit), from a moron and … we had fun with it. We most definitely were not insulted by it. Rather we looked at it as an opportunity for some serious fun at (our insulter) Morton Tinklemeister’s expense.

Call it political jujitsu, call it whatever you want… I suggest we call it: “fun.”

If you play ping pong at a certain very high level, as I do, you understand that there are few things as gratifying in life as returning a hard shot from your opponent, then winning the point.

Honestly? Insults from the left are not analogous to hard shots in ping pong. We — you and I — should view the jeers as mis-hit lobs that barely clear the net and bounce high. To mash those past your opponent, or down his (metaphorical) throat, is gratifying too!(3) 🙂 I don’t think I’ve lost a point like that in more than three decades of competitive table tennis.

Bottom line: Never let a gratuitous insult go unanswered — mash it back down your opponent’s, or the insulter’s — throat — but, don’t ever, ever, ever in a million years … be offended.

The very, very good thing we can take from Donald Trump’s candidacy is: ignore Political Correctness entirely.

Say what you mean; mean what you say. When the left whines, tell them to go whine somewhere else, where there are IQ-deprived, sniveling wretches willing to listen to them — like CNN or MSNBC, or NPR.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Trump is a pure media creation. In the media, what are you going to get him on that he won’t immediately turn around and jam back down your throat? Divorce? Whatever. Reagan was divorced and became the greatest President of the 20th Century. Infidelity? The media loved (and love) Clinton. Racism? One word: Obama… the most racist President in history, with the possible exception of Woodrow Wilson. Rudeness? Clinton again. And Obama.

(2) – He’s not — like the voters, that is — he’s freakin’ running for President. How many people in your immediate circle are doing that?

(3) – Can you tell why I’m particularly good at ping pong?



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