The GOOD Part About the Donald Trump Phenomenon (Part II)

In this post I covered a very good thing that we Republicans/Conservatives should be able to take from the strange candidacy of Donald Trump: Ignore political correctness, and never, ever, ever be offended. Ever.

In this post, though, I’ll cover what to do if you’re a Republican/Conservative taking fire from Trump. It’s simple, and roughly the same message as in the above-linked post: Welcome it, enjoy it, have fun with it.

Trump’s diatribes should be considered the rough equivalent of “friendly fire.” We Republicans/Conservatives should consider it as such, and treat it as such.

For example: Remember when Trump disparaged Carly Fiorina’s looks?

Well, Carly had a great opportunity there!

If I’d been Carly Fiorina, I’d have responded with:

Trump’s right. Let’s face it, I’m past the springtime of my youth, I’m past my physical prime. I used to be pretty attractive, thank you [smile, and wait for the  applause to subside] but that’s gone now. Happens to the best of us. Not that I regret it. I have a wonderful, sweet husband, who saw me through some really tough times, and two spectacular step-daughters of whom I could not be more proud. Guess this old dog did pretty well!

However, just between you and me, I don’t think that looks are all that relevant to a Presidential campaign… I mean, look at Richard Nixon, or Lyndon Johnson… or, Donald Trump [wait for applause to subside]. And let’s face it, Governor Jindal’s characterization of Mr. Trump(1) is not that far off. [wait for applause to subside]

[Perfectly seriously] However, Mr. Trump is an old, past-his-prime, dyed-haired, priapic, diarrhea-mouthed, viagra-swilling old coot. [smile, and wait for the applause to subside] You should expect that the prematurely senile would focus on irrelevant things like my looks. [smile, and wait for the applause to subside] I mean, sometimes I have trouble telling him apart from Donald Sterling.

[then the coup de grâce] And I’d love to invite him to [mention cool, local beer joint here] to knock a few back and laugh about all this [pause] and discuss the issues… you know: important things? Relevant things?

Remember — never forget — that when your opponent goes low, that is an opportunity(2) for you to go high — loudly, cleverly, ostentatiously, witheringly high — and make the low-goer appear like the moron that he or she is.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Jindal said that Trumps looks like someone with a squirrel on his head. 🙂 In keeping with the topic of this post, Trump should welcome this characterization and respond as I’ve suggested above.

(2) – Life is nothing more, nor less, than an unending series of opportunities.


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