Ipso Facto

We all know it; it’s an undisguised, unhidden, open secret: the left and their “ideas” are stupid.

The left, counting on the dishonesty of the media and the inability, or unwillingness, of the American public to keep up with it all, doesn’t even try to disguise it, openly advancing their agenda through fraud, corruption, bribery, whopping lies.

Increasingly, if you’re uneducated, ill-informed, ignorant, couldn’t find Florida on a map of Florida, abuse substances, couldn’t reason your way out of a soggy paper bag,(1) then you’re more than 99% certain to be a non-voter, or worse, a Democrat voter.

If you never graduated from high school, belong to a union, are a single mother, are on welfare, SNAP, or other form of handout, if you have a low IQ, and are unable, or unwilling, to read, then you are almost certain to be a Democrat sympathizer, or worse, voter.

In short: The Democrats own the stupid vote.

The Democrat Party Presidential candidates of this year, like all previous Democrat Party Presidential candidates in the past century, are falling all over themselves to show how they’re just like all us “everyday Americans,” who, they assume, exhibit all the above-mentioned characteristics.

Obama did it; multi-gazillionaire Clinton does it; mass-murderer sympathizer Sanders does it, and destroyer-of-cities O’Malley does it. I admit, I have to agree with their conclusion about themselves.

Democrat voters are stupid, the Democrat candidates are unanimous in their insistence that they are all just like their voters, ipso facto…

— xPraetorius


(1) – Some would suggest that all this indicates you have an Ivy League education.


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