NPR Watch (9/9/2015)

These NPR People are … IDIOTS!!!

I was listening to National Public Radio on the ride home from work today. It was their fake news program called, laughably, “All Things Considered.”

On the radio came David Folkenflik, NPR’s “media reporter.” He was talking about the fact that FOX News Channel’s parent company has just bought National Geographic and all its media outlets.

It was then that Folkenflik let loose a couple of howlers proving that (1) he has no idea what he’s talking about, and (2) on NPR, they simply repeat Democrat Party talking points and  call it “news.”(1)

Before that though,  Folkenflik introduced his theme: Needless to say, at the thought of FOX News Channel’s parent company buying National Geographic, the environmentalist left would have a cow! Heck, they’d have a blue whale! What would Rupert Murdoch do with National Geographic, the environmental alarmist magazine with all the beautiful nature photography?

Then Folkenflik uncorked his howlers. He said worriedly that people feared that National Geographic was now in the hands of the owners of FOX News, where, “they don’t like mainstream science, and some of them even deny climate change!

That’s not an exact quote, but the meaning is the same, and the last part  — “some of them even deny climate change” — is exact.

Where to begin with that pile of twaddle!  Let’s see… might as well begin at the beginning.

Thing 1: The only time the commentators of FOX News have pronounced themselves in any controversial way at all on “mainstream science” is when they comment on the ongoing discussions about “global warming,” and “environmentalism,” and “climate change.” Otherwise, there have been no FOX News Channel disagreements whatsoever with any “mainstream science.”

Now that global warming has disappeared, the Arctic ice cap is increasing, has been for some time now, maybe Al “Chicken Little” Gore needs to invest in sweaters and parkas! The Antarctic ice cap has been increasing for a while too.

Environmentalism, it turns out is not at all “mainstream science,” but is composed nearly entirely  of junk science, made by junk scientists and other frauds.

Real science, made by real scientists, is turning in disgust from environmentalism and demanding that climate scientists submit to the rigors of the actual scientific method. Remember: it was once the consensus of “mainstream science” that the earth was flat too.

Thing 2: And, says, Folkenflik, those FOX News commentators “even deny climate change!” This one is so stupid that it proves that talking to the left is, indeed, like talking to a cinder block. Except that the cinder block gives you more thoughtful interaction.

Once again, for the one hundred thousandth time: anyone who ever studies this stuff knows one fundamental, basic, rock-solid fact. So solid in fact, you could almost (almost!) call it “Settled Science”: The climate does nothing but change.

No one on FOX News denies Climate Change. Ever. In third-grade science class you learned (or you used to, before the left completely politicized all the schools) that the only thing the climate does is change.

If you were to go up to The Climate and say, “Yo, Climate! Whatcha doin’?” It would look at you quizzically and say, “Why do you ask such a stupid-head question like that? You know full well what I’m doing. I’m changing. It’s all I do! It’s all I’ve ever freakin’ done! Now, go ‘way.

I’ve listened to all of them on the FOX News Channel. All the commentators know this simple truth about the climate. They’ve all said it, and many of their guests have said it, many times.

Folkenflik’s alarmed assertion — some of them even deny Climate Change! — does prove several things: (1) NPR’s people don’t actually study or think about, or research the issues on which they “report.” They’re ignorant. (2) NPR hopes you don’t know this, so they try their level best to present what they do, really well, in order to disguise the fact that they have no idea what they’re talking about when they present it.

Time for a personal story. I used to work in a financial services company. A very big financial services company. I worked with a guy who was intelligent, articulate and well-spoken to the point of being really glib. Let’s call him Jim (not his real name). Furthermore, Jim exuded confidence. As I worked with Jim, he steadily rose up the ladder until he was one day a Director in the IT area.

One day, Jim and I did a presentation together. He had his own presentation, and I had mine. Mine was practiced, polished and effective. I’m not being immodest, I’ve been presenting in public for decades, and I’m good at it. Jim’s presentation, however, was amazing! I never use that way overused word lightly.

Jim was breezy, funny, relaxed, friendly, brisk but not hurried, animated and  at the same time calm. His tone was conversational, but businesslike; confident professionalism oozed from Jim and from his presentation, while all along he made you feel as if he were your best friend.

It was an effective, bravura, expert presentation.

Afterward, I approached Jim in his office and complimented him on his performance. I told him that he’d done an excellent job, and boy! could he do a public presentation! He looked me square in the eyes and said it was all a load of cr*p. I was more than a little taken aback, I had to admit. When I asked him to explain, he said that it was all presentation, and no knowledge. Not that what he’d said wasn’t true, he hastened to add, it was just that he, Jim, had no idea what he was saying!

Still taken aback, I asked him, “Well then how do you know what you said was true?”

“Because,” he answered, “my developers tell me it is.”

Jim’s relaxed, earnest, quietly energetic manner hid something: he’s been getting by on his glibness all along. Jim was glad to admit it and was quite candid about it.

That’s NPR — all presentation, no knowledge of what they’re actually talking about. Someone tells them, though, that what they’re about to say/report is true, so they say it.

However, they’re really idiots.



  • If you’re nothing but a media reporter, and you talk confidently about a science topic in which you have no expertise, pronouncing judgement on others who disagree with you, what are you?
  • If you confidently, earnestly, energetically, authoritatively “report” on a topic when you have no idea what you’re talking about, what are you?
  • If you then do that, with the idea of convincing others that (1) what you’re saying is true, and that therefore (2) they should believe as you do, what are you?
  • If your job is to take what others shove into your hands and read it, without thinking about what you’re reading or saying, what are you?
  • If you spend a good chunk of your life deceiving thousands of listeners in pursuit of an ideological agenda, what are you?

I take it back. I was wrong.

They’re idiots and scoundrels.

And frauds

— xPraetorius


(1) – We’ve given NPR “news” the correct name: Fake news — just like Jon Stewart.



2 thoughts on “NPR Watch (9/9/2015)

  1. “If you were to go up to The Climate and say, “Yo, Climate! Whatcha doin’?” It would look at you quizzically and say, “Why do you ask such a stupid-head question like that? You know full well what I’m doing. I’m changing. It’s all I do! It’s all I’ve ever freakin’ done! Now, go ‘way.”


    Another great one, x!

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