NPR Watch (9/4/15) (CAUTION: Some cold talk here) (Part II)

In this post here, we told of how National Public Radio (NPR) exploited the death of Beau Biden, the son of Vice-President Joe Biden, to make a mawkish “Run-Joe-Run” commercial in the guise of a “news” feature.

The younger Biden passed away from brain cancer last May, and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve heard something about that particular family tragedy ever since.

I hasten to add that I understand the Vice-President’s pain for reasons of my own. And I completely understand the desire to obtain the sympathy of others. More to the point, I can thoroughly relate to the temptation to (Warning: cold term here) “milk it.” For as long as possible.

<BEGIN Digression>

The problem is the dishonesty of the media. Let’s not be overly sentimental about one thing: as much of a doofus as the Vice-President is, he’s a fairly canny politician, or at least has a canny team of advisers. He says the right things that make our overwhelmingly corrupt, left-wing media corps purr. So they give him a pass automatically.

There’s an important reason for which the current Republican crop of politicians is vastly superior to the Democrats. From bottom to top. It’s because every single prominent Democrat in a leadership position in America has had at least one scandal that would have completely exiled any single Republican candidate from politics. Permanently. 

Doubt me? Okay:

  • Biden: When it came to light in the 1988 Presidential primaries that Biden had committed plagiarism in college, that would have been enough to end the career of an Republican politician. Biden bowed out of the primaries, but went right back to the Senate, then on to two more unsuccessful Presidential campaigns, and his current prominent post.
  • Obama: The remark about 57 states, the remark about the seas receding, Obamacare, the economy, and many, many more.
  • Bill Clinton: Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, dozens and dozens of others
  • Hillary Clinton: Just cattle futures. As with her husband, there are dozens of others.
  • Barney Frank: His boyfriend ran a prostitution ring out of Frank’s Washington home.
  • Nancy Pelosi: Suspected of steering business to big donors and her own husband.
  • Harry Reid: Faces possible criminal indictment for intervening on behalf of his son Rory with the Department of Homeland Security. Reid, however, is known to have been corrupt for a very long time, but has been the recipient of the benign neglect of an adoring media corps.
  • The above are current lions of the Democrat Party.
  • There is a long list of Democrat politicians, who have been under the cloud of scandals that would have immediately sunk any Republican politician, but who survived. Want some more names? John F. Kennedy (rampant womanizing). Lyndon Baines Johnson (massive election fraud), Edward Kennedy (homicide, more), Robert K. Byrd (past high official in the KKK) …

Contrast the fact that Democrat Party leaders usually survive scandals that would sink any Republican, with a sampling of the treatment accorded Republicans:

  • Congressman Mark Foley sent several suggestive (and gay!) e-mails to some Senate pages. Gone. Out of politics permanently.
  • Congressman and Senate candidate Todd Akin made a remark about rape that actually turned out to be true, but that was awkwardly expressed. Pilloried in the media, his overwhelmingly favored candidacy was torpedoed and he has not been heard of again.
  • Christine O’Donnell, Senate candidate for the set vacated by Biden had an extremely brief flirtation in high school — about a day! — with witchcraft, which, when it was exposed, sank her candidacy.
  • Trent Lott suggested that Strom Thurmond would have been a better President than Truman when Thrumond had run as a Dixiecrat. He was kidding, and it was said in a private forum. Gone. Contrast that with Robert K. Byrd, highly-respected long-time leader in the Democrat Party who had also been a long-time, high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan. There is no indication whatsoever that Byrd’s membership in the Klan slowed his ascent to the highest reaches of power in the Democrat Party one iota.
  • Remember how the press made a weeks-long brouhaha centering on an alleged “bullying” incident more than 50 years in Mitt Romney’s past?

And more.

What does that all mean? Simple: The Democrats never get rid of their mediocrities, their intellectual lightweights, even their murderers and corruptocrats! This means that the Democrat Party is the quintessential mediocritocracy(1).

Republicans know what the media landscape is, and police themselves and their party accordingly. In the resulting  crucible of Republican Party politics, anyone who exhibits the slightest hint of something even remotely embarrassing or — heaven forfend! — politically inconvenient or incorrect, is gone. Out.

While the Democrats protect, promote and defend their dead weights to the highest ranks of their party.

I’ve gone a bit far afield here, but there was a reason for the digression: To point out that, by the very nature of the political process — the process that the thoroughly corrupt media corps invented, and which they manage and oversee — the Democrats have become a party awash in mediocrities at the very top, while the Republicans are heads and shoulders above them intellectually, morally and ethically.

<END Digression>

To return to the topic: Vice-President Biden has been living out his grief in public for several months now, and one has no choice but to wonder whether it’s so as to leverage his family’s tragedy to contribute to an upcoming Presidential bid.

Yes, Biden loves to hear himself talk(2), and there’s surely an element of truth to it when Biden says things like “my soul’s pretty beaten up now,” but anyone not trying to exploit the tragedy would have said something more like, “I’m just not sure I’m ready to do this. I’m sure you understand.” And left it at that.

If any Republican high official were to try the same thing as Biden, he knows he’d be greeted with slightly sneering commentary suggesting that his behavior was … unseemly, and he wouldn’t even try.

— xPraetorius


(1) – “Mediocritocracy” – def.: Rule by the mediocre. In such a system, the more mediocre one is, the better one’s chances are to prosper and succeed. By contrast, the more excellence one displays, the worse one’s chances of success. The Democrat Party is a quintessential mediocritocracy

(2) – Really loves to hear himself talk. He’s legendary for his loquaciousness. I remember watching a Senate hearing years ago, and Biden was questioning someone. As he droned on, it became evident that he had long lost the train of his own thinking. Did he stop? Nope. He simply hopped another train, and off he went. He went on and on and on and on, until the actual question was long lost. When he finally stopped, the stunned target of his question could only stammer that he didn’t know how to answer.



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