NPR Watch (9-3-15)

More patent ridiculousness overheard on National Public Radio on the morning of 9/3/15

Item 1:

• Vice-President Biden wants to give everyone 14 years of “free education.”

Just some quick thoughts on this:

  • Background: Vice-President Joe Biden gave a speech in which he said that he’d like to give everyone in America at least 14 years of “free education.” He said that we give everyone 12 years of “free education” (public schools) now, and that that’s just not enough. We need, he said, to give everyone 14 years of that same “free education.” He proposed to do this by mandating that the taxpayer — you and I, and your kids and grandkids — pay for two years of community college after high school.
  • Point:Free education” is a nonsense phrase. There is no such thing. We learn this very, very early in our lives. The first time our parents say, “No.” when we ask for something in the toy store. Something that is actually free, costs no one anything. Just because someone didn’t pay for it doesn’t mean that no one paid for it.
  • Point: This is indicative of how the left thinks.  Some, it seems, actually believe that there’s all this free stuff around just waiting to be picked up and given to those who want it, or say they need it, or say they should have it for whatever reason.
  • Point: The left thinks it’s just okay to lie to you and me, and pretend that there even exists such a thing as free education.
    • Or worse: the left, the ones who largely rule our country, are so stupid that they honestly believe education can be free. You remember all those members of the teachers’ unions protesting because they were paid too much, don’t you? Yeah… I don’t either.
    • Or even worse: The left thinks it’s okay to lie to you and me, and they’re that stupid.
  • Point:  Still worse: the left thinks that you and I are really stupid; that we’ll swallow the really stupid lie. Many of us do. We call them: the base of the Democrat Party.
  • Point: Some know the truth, though: the “free” stuff is always by far the most costly, because it’s not free, but rather paid for by looting the public who, if they don’t willingly pay the freight — their taxes — they’ll go to jail.
  • Point: “Free” education is worse than a nonsense phrase, it’s a lie. A Big Lie. The worst thing is that the Free Education lie loots the general store of honesty in the country. This may be Biden’s, and his party’s — and the American left’s — greatest atrocity: participating in, and helping to solidify and spread, this particular Big Lie; and in diminishing the sum total of honest discourse in our country.
  • Serious Question: What does it say about NPR that they broadcast the story uncritically, without correcting Biden’s nitwittery?
    • Serious Answer: They’re either stupid enough to believe the Big Lie, or they’re participating in spreading the Big Lie, or both.
    • Or they’re stupid enough to believe the Big Lie, and they’re spreading it, and they believe you and I are stupid enough to believe it all.

Item 2:

• European official blasts European leaders for not taking in hundreds of thousands of migrants — based on picture of drowned 3-year old Syrian boy.

  • Background: The European official in question (I don’t know his name; I was driving at the time) was enraged at the thought that European leaders were having reservations about taking in all the refugees from all the savagery in the Middle East.
  • Point: The first thing I noticed in this awful story: the European official in question assigned no blame to the leadership of the countries that are hemorrhaging all these refugees. There wasn’t even the slightest mention of these people.
  • Point: The names, Assad, ISIS, Rouhani are the names of scum-sucking dirtbag mass murderers. They are the direct cause of the flood of people streaming out of the Middle East trying to get into the relatively(1) more prosperous countries of Europe. The indirect cause of the current flood of people streaming from the Middle East is: indulgent westerners afraid to tell the world that people like Assad and the thugs of ISIS are inferior and need to be removed, forcibly if necessary, from power.
  • Point: If he wasn’t aware of it, the above-mentioned European official should be: things are not going at all well in the countries the guy was castigating.
  • Point: Let’s consider just how well these mainly muslim immigrants are assimilating into the countries where they end up! Not!
    • Related Point: If you’re a European leader, and you don’t recoil in revulsion as soon as you hear that one or more muslims is scrabbling to get into your country, then you’re either (1) stupid, or (2) ignorant, or (3) you don’t have the best interests of yourself or your country at heart.
  • Point: Of course NPR used the example of an Iranian guy who converted to Christianity in Iran. Iran kills Christian converts, so if the Christian convert guy is deported back to Iran, he’ll go back to a death sentence. Sorry, he’s simply not the typical refugee coming to Europe from the Middle East.
  • Serious Question: Whom does NPR think they’re fooling with these stupid, shallow, patently ridiculous features?
    • Serious Answer: You.

— xPraetorius


(1) – “Relatively” being the key word. Europe is in serious economic trouble, and declining. If you’re the leader of a European country, and you see your country sliding downhill, and you then see hundreds of thousands of people coming from Middle Eastern countries trying to get into your own, you might suggest that they wait a bit until your country gets back on its feet too. The people coming from the various Middle Eastern hellholes don’t have “a bit” to wait.


5 thoughts on “NPR Watch (9-3-15)

  1. With regards to item2:

    European Leader X speaking to the press: “This cild’s death is a terrible tragedy and it reminds us of our duty to take as many of those poor people as possible. Those who are not moved by the death of this poor child are cold, heartless national egoists or incorrigible xenophobes.”

    10 minutes later.
    European leader x talks with his secretary: “Is the date for the meeting with Mr. Barizani and his Iranian delegation confirmed? Yes? Perfect! Bernard, you know that’s great. Now that the sanctions will be gone, we want to be the first to do big business with Iran. Our automobile, defence and engineering industries can make really huge deals. Especially petrotec where we both have plenty of shares are going to make big money.”

    Of course our leader doesn’t give a sh** that Iran is one of the main reasons for the slaughter in Syria.

    European leader x to Bernard: “Please, remind me that I have to admonish the Iranians, very politely and descreetly of course, because of their human rights violations in Iran. We know, it’s just for the press at home but, alas, we have to do it before we get to business as usual. I think the Iranians will understand that it’s just rhetoric.
    BTW. What about the Saudis? Next Monday? Great! They are our other important business partners in the region. They want 32 Raffale fighter jets in additon to the ones ordered? Great, Jean Claude will be delighted.”

    Of course our leader doesn’t give a sh** that Saudi Arabia is another big reason for the slaughter in Syria beacuse of their support for radical sunni fighters.
    Ouf course our leader wouldn’t dream of asking the Saudis for taking in some of their fellow sunnis fleeing Syria.

    As is their habit, European leader x and Bernard are having a drink at the and of the day, as always at the exclusive “Bar Richelieu”.
    Bernard to his boss: “I was thinking lately very much about Mr. Obama. Remember how we all were exstatic when he was elected? We thought that he was different. We thought that he was not an uncultivated typical American cowboy like Mr. Bush. We thought that he was like one of us. We thought that if America would treat those people with respect and that if it would just leave them alone and go home they would stop with the terror and the violence and peace would come to this part of the world. Well, I’m not so sure anymore. Yes, Mr. Obama is what we expected. Yes, he did what we thought he should do. And it’s gotten worse. All the carnage and the refugees coming …”.

    “Bernard! Stop thinking! He’s doing what we would do and we can’t be wrong. We know better than these Yankees. It’s all Bush’s fault!”


    Thank God, there some Europeans like the Slovaks, the Poles and the Hungars who are not yet willing to commit national suicide.

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