a Little Bit of Heaven

If you’re a guitarist like me, then this will be an hour and sixteen minutes of pure Heaven for you. If you’re a really good guitarist (like me, I might add 🙂 ) then it’s even better.

Tommy Emmanuel — whom some call the finest guitarist who ever lived(1) — talks about the guitar, his guitar, guitar in general, and more.

If you don’t believe in God(2) after this, then you should look into your heart and question your own existence. I mean, it’s possible that you’re simply not paying attention … or that you don’t exist. 🙂

But I do … and  I’m an excellent guitarist, and I loved this recording. Especially at 11:30 into it.

— xPraetorius


(1) – A nonsense concept. Totally subjective. To say, however, that Tommy is one of the best who ever lived,  is simply, clearly, obviously … true.

(2) – And I mean God — not that Tommy is somehow anything more than a humble human being who developed his God-given talents to a magnificent level. I should note that Tommy is a devout Christian who would be absolutely horrified at the mere suggestion that someone would think that he’s anything more than a humble human being. 🙂

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