Want to Bring About Peace and Prosperity Around the World? (Part II)

In my previous post, here, I suggested that we could bring about peace and prosperity around the world by eliminating only two things: Socialism and Islam. Here are some additional comments:

• If everyone in the Middle East were to convert to Christianity today, all fighting in the Middle East would end … overnight. The only delay would be as people took the time necessary to confirm that such a glorious thing had actually happened.

• If all government leaders were to announce that they were going to base their economies on several simple principles — (1) free and fair elections with regular, peaceful turnover of power, (2) free markets, (3) limited central government ability to intervene in the lives of the citizenry, (4) unrestricted free speech, (5) robust, well-defined protection of private property rights — all disputes over territory — both at the local and national levels — would vanish overnight.

I hear you, I hear you… “But, but, but, all wars are fought over either religion or territory!” you say. Nope. The territorial wars are fought because the government (the king, or the dictator, or the whatever) said that he wanted more land, and he did everything he could to whip the populace into a frenzy of nationalistic fervor to support his ambitions… not the people’s. the people generally want only to be left alone.

And: Wars fought by Christians have all been wars of self-defense…yes, including The Crusades, which were fought to roll back Islamic hordes which had already conquered Spain and Portugal, and were moving on the rest of Europe. You can look it up.

• Socialism is feudalism, is slavery, is fascism, is serfdom, is communism, is nazism, is authoritarianism, is monarchy, is totalitarianism, is indentured servitude… all systems in which some central authority exerts control over the lives and destinies of the people(1). It’s in this way that wars of aggression are launched — when a single person, or a few people, can order around millions.

• In a free market society, which is, by definition, a democracy, power is diffuse, not centralized. No strong authority exists to decide to become all dictatorial and expansionist. Oh, capitalists want to be expansionists, but there are lots of them, so there’s plenty of competition for money and territory. In a dictatorship, there is no such competition preventing the central authority from doing pretty much whatever it wants to do. Like start wars of aggression.

• Finally, no democracy has ever started a war of aggression in the history of the world.

Get rid of socialism — in all its forms(2) — and get rid of islam, and you eliminate all exploitation of one person by another in the world, and you get rid of all incentive for any country to launch a war of aggression against another country, and you eliminate the ability of a would-be megalomaniacal tyrant to launch wars of aggression.

In short, you would bring about peace and prosperity in the world — peace overnight, and prosperity in a generation.

Not saying that would be easy! 🙂 But, it’s all you have to do.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Islamic fanatics trying to conquer the world make no bones about the fact that they will institute a socialist state in which there will be none of the freedoms we in the west take for granted. I coined the terms: “Socialislam” and “Fascislam,” because they more correctly describe the governmental system of islam — its governing philosophy, its ideology.

(2) – Feudalism, slavery, fascism, nazism, authoritarianism, serfdom, communism, totalitarianism, indentured servitude, monarchy…


5 thoughts on “Want to Bring About Peace and Prosperity Around the World? (Part II)

    1. Good choice, I think! Pride might be another one. Lots of envy grows from pride. What think you?

      I’m realizing, in retrospect, that my post — “Want to Bring About Peace and Prosperity Around the World? ” — was too simplistic. I waved my wand and wished away socialism and islam, while it’s really human sin that brings these two evils about. Get rid of socialism and islam, and you still have humanity’s fallen nature to contend with.

      My post ended up being purely political, and therefore unacceptably narrow in scope and myopic, IMHO.


      — x

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