NPR Watch (8/26/15)

Yet another howler from the fake news(1) team at National Public Radio

They were introducing a commentator in China who was going to sum up for us rubes why the Chinese economy — having been such a huge success for many, many a year — now seemed to be heading south.

In the introduction (here), the anchor, David Greene,(2) said the following:

China has built a massive economy with its own special brand of capitalism: it is “centrally-managed capitalism.” Events of recent months have raised questions about the quality of the management.

I don’t know about you, but probably the very first thing I learned about capitalism was that it has one absolutely necessary component: a free market. The more you understand what a “free market” is, the more you realize that it means an unmanaged market, and most definitely notcentrally-managed one. If it’s centrally-managed, it’s not capitalism. If it’s capitalism, it’s not centrally-managed. Period. You don’t get to have your own “special brand of capitalism.” It’s either capitalism or it’s not.

Centrally-managed capitalism” is a complete nonsense term. In which case, one would expect that fake newspeople like those of NPR would use it as what they think is a clever euphemism for socialism. You see, “socialism” is still a word in some disrepute after the spectacular failures of every economy that’s ever been governed by its precepts for any length of time. The only reason the ideas of socialism aren’t completely discredited is because American university professors, completely divorced from on-the-ground reality, keep them alive in American universities

It requires a particularly economically illiterate reporter to allow the phrase “centrally-managed capitalism” to escape his lips, and NPR is stuffed to the gills with the uninformed, the uneducated(3) and the economically illiterate. “Centrally-managed capitalism” is like “constrained freedom” for a prison inmate. Call it what you will, the prison inmate knows he’s not free. Likewise, participants in the market know when they’re not working in a free market.

Further in the piece, the reporter, one Frank Langfitt passed along a few more howlers, wondering aloud whether the Chinese leadership had lost their economic mojo, their touch.

There is one thing on which you can bet your other bottom dollar: Central mangers of an economy have, by definition, no “touch” as far as economics are concerned. Anyone who is not economically illiterate knows that central management of an economy never “works.” The scare quotes are because central management of an economy is not meant to work, at least not in the sense that you and I understand “work” to mean.

When you and I think of an economy working, we think of people working, and living their lives in relative contentment, as things hum along without too many artificial highs or lows. We think of an environment in which it’s possible to advance until you achieve some kind of prosperity, and are kind of confident of a comfortable retirement. We think of an economy in which you can risk some and gain much from taking the risk. We think that when a risk fails, the rest of society has put together the institutions and structures necessary to help you until you get back on your feet.

That’s absolutely, definitely not what the central manager of an economy — a leftist, a Democrat in America — means by an economy that’s “working.” He means that the economy is structured such that he has maximum control over the population. That, for the central manager, is what it means when an economy is “working.” For the leftist the economy is nothing more than a tool to control the population. It’s “working” when he has maximum control over the population.

If the economy is failing, then, for the left, either the people are getting restless because they’re too poor, or they’re becoming restless because they’re becoming too wealthy, and have time on their hands to contemplate the corruption of their own ruling class.

It’s not easy to gum up an economy just enough so that the common ruck won’t be prosperous and hard to manage, but not so much as to send them to the streets in food riots.

That’s also what NPR means when they talk about a “working economy.” That’s what they mean also when they “report” on our own economy.

That’s precisely why, if you listened to them over the past week, their fake news programs were replete with cheerful stories about how the “fundamentals of the economy were still sound” even as trillions of dollars in wealth gushed into and out of the economy with the Stock Market’s recent craziness.

You see, for NPR, the simple fact that the vast majority of Americans are enmired in economic stagnation due to vast government regulation is a good thing. The Obama administration, and the previous Bush Administration will go down in history as the two most regulating administrations in American history, having done whatever they possibly could to squash the economic dynamism that made America the greatest, freest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world.

NPR is all about that.

It’s why they would allow an obviously nonsense phrase like “centrally-managed capitalism” to be heard on their program.

— xPraetorius


(1) – I usually put the word “news” in quotes, because NPR doesn’t do real news — they do thinly-disguised left-wing editorials that they call “news.” Then I realized that I don’t have to do the scare quotes thing, but rather just label it what it really is: fake news. Just like Jon Stewart. When people used to bemoan the fact that many younger viewers used Stewart’s fake news as their sole source for information on the world, he’d say “Leave me alone, I’m just a comedian.” In other words, he had no intent to produce actual news. So, people began to refer to what he did as “fake news.”

That’s what I think should be done with NPR. They obviously have no intent to produce actual news, so let’s call it what it is: fake news.

(2) – Important fact about David Greene:

He spent a month in Libya reporting riveting stories in the most difficult of circumstances as NATO bombs fell on Tripoli. He was honored with the 2011 Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize from WBUR and Boston University for that coverage of the Arab Spring.

Daniel Schorr was the hard-core leftist NPR mainstay, much beloved of liberals for always getting it left, and never getting it right. He was at NPR because he was too transparently a leftist for even the dinosaur American media at NBC-CBS-ABC-CNN. Schorr did one good thing in his spectacularly mediocre career as a journalist: he was so clearly biased that he advanced the awareness of media bias in America by leaps and bounds. No network or media outlet could maintain any pretense of “objectivity” if it had Schorr on its staff. The only place where the otherwise unemployable Schorr could find something other than grocery-store bagboy work was NPR.

If NPR’s David Greene won the “Daniel Schorr Award” you can bet your bottom dollar that Greene was recognized for being as spectacularly leftist and witless as Schorr was.

(3) – Frequently the left is heavily laden with degrees from this prestigious institution or that — a Bachelors from this Ivy League university and a Masters from that — but they’re frequently uneducated. If you have a credential from such a college, that leaves you uninformed, or worse, ill-informed, then you’re not educated.


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