3 thoughts on “Clinton Corruption Watch (8/25/15)

  1. I heard an economics report last night on NPR. The mood was jubilant that stocks had gained back 1/3 of their losses in the last 2 trading days. Then they talked about economic “fundamentals.” They made zero attempt to put the Fed’s interest rate gabbing, China’s currency devaluation, or the dollar/yen trade in the context of recent volatility. It was just, “we’re ok, the economy is growing, and your 401k lives to fight another day.” Zerohedge is the only place I get real economic news.

  2. Thanks, Joseph! You are, of course, absolutely right. We listened to the same broadcasts. I remember another NPR feature in which their evidence that things were just okay today was that there weren’t all the Lehmann Brothers-style failures happening.

    They could use that example because they had long instituted the false narrative that the failure of those institutions was from “deregulation,” when it was really from regulation.

    In the American media, and especially at NPR, lie builds on previous deception, which adds on to earlier fabrication, which further cements belief in past fallacy, which increases the hold of the “Big Lie” long under construction across the land.


    — x

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