NPR Watch (8/23/15)

I found this on a site reporting on National Public Radio. The headline: “NPR to update ethics code, define when personal becomes political for show hosts

Here’s the opening paragraph of the story:

NPR is clarifying ambiguities in its ethics code about the role of talk show hosts after a flap over Diane Rehm’s participation in fundraising activities for a right-to-die organization.

That an NPR hostette — Diane Rehm — violated some kind of ridiculous conflict-of-interest guidelines(1) at NPR is not the story here. The story here is the same one we’ve been telling about for a very long time: Every time the left gets involved in some topic/issue, someone ends up dead. We said it here, and here. All the way back in 2013!

— xPraetorius


(1) – Ridiculous, because as much of a creature of the left as NPR is, they’re thoroughly corrupt, and any “ethical guidelines” they might say they have are meaningless. The left has only one ethic, one guideline: do whatever is necessary to obtain and keep power, and ethics be damned. However, they have to pretend they have ethics.



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