Yep…That’s Just What We Do


The Drudge Headlines:

Another psychotic muslim gunman intent on bloody massacre takes out an AK-47 on a high-speed train in France, and cranks off a few shots. People dive for cover and that first hail of lead has no result(1). The lunatic runs out of bullets in the AK’s magazine, ejects it and reaches for another.

At that point three audacious Americans, two servicemen and one civilian  — young Alex Skarlatos of the National Guard, young Spencer Stone, an Air Force flier, and even younger Anthony Sadler, a long-time friend of Skarlatos’  — ummmmm… well they Brought. The. Dirtbag. Down.

Skarlatos said to Stone, and I quote: “Go get him.” Stone went and got him. It’s another Todd Beamer Let’s Roll moment, and one hopes it will be remembered as such in coming years.

Spencer Stone then, it seems, sprinted some 10 or so yards to tackle the psychotic, unaware of whether or not the thug’s gun  was working. It was not. If it had been, Stone would be a dead man today.

Stone tackled the gunman, and disarmed him, or so he thought. The wacko managed to get some kind of knife-like instrument into his hands and attacked Stone, cutting him in several places. By this time Skarlatos and Sadler had joined Stone, and the three Americans and a Brit “neutralized” the crazy man.

I gather that “neutralized” means something like, “grabbed the AK and started muzzle thumping him in head.” Well. I guess that would neutralize most crazed muslims intent on mayhem — and, apparently, it did.

Final death toll in a muslim terrorist attack on a high-speed train in France: zero, zip, zilch, rien, nada, bupkus, ничего, لا شيء (<– that’s Arabic 🙂 )  … with just a couple of minor injuries.

And how did it happen that a lunatic muslim launches a bloodthirsty rampage and not a single, solitary soul dies? Well, here’s a hint: it wasn’t from Americans “leading from behind.”

Americans, real Americans saw an urgent problem and … Solved. It.

A matter-of-fact observation: It’s a good thing that these were American servicemen. Nothing whatsoever against American servicewomen — I’m the daddy of one — but there are a bunch of Frenchmen today thanking their lucky stars — thanking God if they’re smart — that there were three American servicemen aboard that train on that fateful day. Why? That’s just what they do.

Those three — those three American heroes — are men in every great and glorious sense of the word.

Stone went to the hospital to get his minor wounds tended to, and is going to be just fine. [Update: 8/22/15 – 9:10: Stone has been released from the hospital.]

Spencer Stone
Alex Skarlatos
Anthony Sadler on the left, Alex Skarlatos, center, and Brit Chris Norman who assisted in subduing the crazed lunatic would-be mass-murderer. They’re holding medals for bravery that France awarded them.

Many think that America’s finest days are behind her, but with young Americans like these just out and about, doing what has to be done when it needs to be done, who can doubt that America needs only clear-eyed, intelligent, America-loving vision to turn her around and leave no doubt that her best days are coming.

If we can toss aside the enervating whining, the cringing, sniveling, pathetic, self-obsessed, pouting and navel-gazing, that have gripped our country this millennium, we can turn it around in the space of half a year.

If we embrace that vision, then we will restore America to greatness.


— xPraetorius


(1) – You can almost see Winston Churchill smiling down on it all. He said, “There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at with no result.”
(2) – It’s a big “if.”


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