Seven National Crimes

Also by William J. H. Boetcker:

  • I don’t think.
  • I don’t know.
  • I don’t care.
  • I am too busy.
  • I leave well enough alone.
  • I have no time to read and find out.
  • I am not interested.

I was interested in these, because the above characteristics perfectly encapsulate the modus vivendi of the American left today.

As a result, leftists are:

  • Stupid – they don’t think. They feel, or they parrot.
  • Profoundly ignorant – They don’t know, and they don’t think, so they don’t bother to find out.
  • Unfeeling, cold, soulless, cruel – They don’t care. Their purpose is to obtain, then maintain, power. Whatever serves that purpose is okay by them, no matter how many people are harmed, or how they are harmed. Am I too harsh on them here? Study up a bit on abortion, or black-on-black murder rates, or the horrific conditions in American cities, and you soon realize that the left truly does not care whether you, or anyone else, lives or dies. Except for themselves, of course.
  • Aggressively, purposefully ignorant – because they’re too busy. Too busy doing the mindless, ignorant, unfeeling stuff the left do as a result of their stupidity, ignorance and cruelty. The laziness is intellectual laziness. Everyone has to get through 24 hours each day, so “laziness” is kind of a nonsense concept.
  • They leave well enough alone, ie they assume that what they do is good, so they leave it alone. Without ever thinking about it, knowing more about it, or caring. As a result, they either leave bad things in place (welfare, affirmative action, black murder rates) so that they only get worse, or they  make good and bad things even worse (Obamacare, welfare, regulation, leftist racism, more)
  • Ignorant and misinformed, because they have no time to read and find out.
  • Ignorant and misinformed — and lazy — because they are not interested. Not interested in thinking, which would cause them to research deeply, which would help them to know, which they would want to do if they really cared to know. But they don’t. It takes work, hard work, to become informed, to learn, to stop being ignorant, and the left is not interested in real work, because they know that it will challenge their basic belief system, and they might have to admit they’re wrong.

The left are insecure, immature, childish, cowards. It’s a profound act of courage to challenge one’s own beliefs, to expose those beliefs to arguments and viewpoints that might show them to be weak or wrong. Leftists don’t become, or remain, leftists by continuously challenging the overwhelmingly leftist atmosphere in America today.

Challenging the messages of today’s society, thinking, reasoning, studying, researching is how you make new Conservatives.

I knew all this stuff already, because I take the time, and make the effort, to argue and debate with the left. I always win, because of the above characteristics of the left, that we on the right … don’t have. William J. H. Boetcker summed it all up quite nicely, though, with his “seven national crimes.”

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “Seven National Crimes

  1. Lol! if I’m not mistaken, I’ve returned the favor a few times. I think that, with some small exceptions, you and I might have similar viewpoints…


    — x

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