You Heard it Here First… (Part IV)

Something I left out of the previous post: Hillary won’t go to jail. Of course.

She should, but she won’t.

But she is … out of the Presidential race. Just a question of when. Time to put the office pools into high gear.

Will she exit before the new year? After the new year? Before Christmas? As a Christmas present to the American people? 🙂

— xPraetorius


7 thoughts on “You Heard it Here First… (Part IV)

  1. Mike: I have to admit I just might watch something like that. What a freak show! The only depressing thing: the media will take the tsunami of twaddle, the fits of flapdoodle, the mountains of moronia and the nimiety of nitwittery completely seriously, telling us about the breathtaking wisdom of it all. Yuck!

    Did you ever notice that the Dems are all basically caricatures? (with the possible exception of Jim Webb)

    Bernie Sanders is the prototypical union thug/street rabble-rouser, all bluff and glib bluster, and no brains. Is Sanders or is he not a perfect fit on the Bolshevik side of the barricades in tsarist Russia in 1915? He’s Ed Asner with a funny accent, but every bit as addled and dumb.

    Hillary Clinton, the hyper-spoiled, hyper-coddled, hyper-insulated, hyper-entitled patrician, desperate to show her “every man” creds, and just never able to pull it off. A mediocrity’s mediocrity, she along with her trashy hound-dog of a husband would have been drummed out of town by an honest corps all the way back in 1991! Too bad we’ve just never had an honest press corps in America. It’s long struck me that Hill-Billy are much better-suited to fill the roles of the ridiculous, clueless presidential couple in a two-bit Normal Lear sitcom.

    Joe Biden – Holy mackerel! It’s a completely open “secret” that Biden’s a buffoon. There’s something very, very wrong with the Democrat Party that allows Joe Biden to get to the summit of power in America., where he’s been for more than 30 years. You can read the description of Hillary Clinton, and apply it to Joe Biden with very few changes.

    Martin O’Malley, the deadly earnest, wonky, Steve-Carrell-in-The-Office type who is absolutely certain of his convictions, and wrong every time. He honestly thinks that what he did in Baltimore was good, but simply too little. Yeah. We really need more of all that great stuff that O’Malley and the Democrats have been doing with the cities for the past seven decades!

    Lincoln Chafee? Hah! The man’s a walking, talking sitcom-type! He’s the kind of sitcom-type who’s so dumb, so caracaturishly a nitwit, that critics would grouse about his lack of believability in the show. Not even the left takes this sincere, earnest, brainless lefty seriously. He’s that transparently clueless.

    John (Lurch) Kerry? Same thing as the Clinton duo. An honest press corps would have drummed him out of public life all the way back in the ’70’s! He’s absolutely clueless, sounds like a zombie when he talks, and is, like Hill-Billy Clinton, the coddled, entitled, hyper-rich patrician hyper-snob who simply can’t pull off “every man” and looks like a blithering idiot every time he tries. Which is every time he opens his mouth.

    Jim Webb? Last and very much least in the Democrat field. When was the last time you heard anything about or from him? Yep. Not for a looooooong time! Yet, yes, he is running for President. The reason you haven’t heard anything from him is because he’s one of those rarest of creatures: a normal, sane Democrat(1). The party of Obama-Clinton-O’Malley-Gore-Kerry-Sanders is not in any way interested in normal, sane people. Webb is the normal person in the sitcom, who looks around himself, sees nothing but nitwittery, and realizes that he has to accommodate himself to this strange reality. The only question about Webb is how is it that he’s a member of the Democrat Party?

    Not a one of them has any beliefs whatsoever, beyond what he or she has to do to beg, borrow, cajole, lie, bribe or buy, in order to get 1/2 + 1 of the electoral votes in November, 2016. The one honest one in the pack is Bernie Sanders, and he’s certifiably crazy.


    — x

    (1) I know, I know… it sure seems like a contradiction in terms! There are some, but they are rare.

  2. You anticipated my post on Trump. Great minds thinking alike, I guess.

    I’m sometimes accused of being a rank partisan, and I guess I am, but not a party partisan, but rather a principled partisan. I’m a partisan of the right ideas and thinking, which are on the right in the Conservative camp.

    Trump is a caricature alright… I just haven’t yet figured out which sitcom character he is. And, I haven’t yet figured out how to talk about him in a blog post. There’s so much to say, but what to say to get to the essence of the whole disheartening Trump phenomenon.


    — x

  3. Trump is valuable in so far as presence generates eyeballs for other candidates. Aside from that, he is a charlatan. Currently his supporters are practising the cult-like behavior of hearing what they want when nothing is said. Many of these very individuals cast derision upon the breathless Obama Zombies for doing exactly the same thing. It’s a bit astonishing to watch, but I can tolorate it for the moment. If the intent was to get Trump into the race to further fragment to the ‘principled’ base for the gain of the ‘pragmatic’ base then it is backfiring.

    I can be happy with that for now.

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