You Heard it Here First… (Part III)

In recent posts we predicted that Hillary wouldn’t make it to the Democrat Convention. That, tarnished by the tsunami of scandal and corruption that follows her like fruit flies around rotting fruit, she’d drop out long before.

We still maintain that prediction. However, now it appears that she may not even remain at liberty to pursue a Presidential bid!

There’s a growing drumbeat of people and pundits — even many on the left(1) — wondering how she can stay out of jail after it became clear that (1) there was top-secret information on her private e-mail server, and (2) that she has done everything she can to obstruct justice by wiping the server.

General David Petraeus was convicted of a felony for a lot less, it is being said. Which is absolutely correct. Also, a submarine sailor faces a possible 20 years for apparently taking pictures aboard a submarine with his cell phone. And he turned himself in! (I believe… the story is breaking and I’m recalling what I heard as I ran out the door this morning.)

— xPraetorius


(1) – Don’t worry — the left are not having any of their astonishingly rare fits of conscience or honesty. More and more, they’re seeing Hillary as a thoroughly tarnished candidate whose increasingly obvious corruption could cost the left the White House. Now, they’ll begin doing whatever they can to buff up the images of the execrable Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.


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