Black Lives Matter, Right?

 — Nope. No, they don’t. Not to the Left, that is —

Or, evidently, even to other black Americans.

After all, if black lives really mattered wouldn’t you go to where those lives are being snuffed out wholesale? Wouldn’t you try to put a stop to the killing? I mean, do black lives matter to you or not?

Yet, when people point this out, the cries of “Racist!” are deafening.

Black lives don’t matter to Democrats — of any color.

If you examine American cities, where black Americans die in obscene numbers, it is Democrats — the American left — who have owned the cities for more than three generations. They’ve turned American cities into killing fields for black Americans.

Even worse: It is black Democrats who have run those cities for huge portions of that time. In Chicago, in New York, in Los Angeles, in Baltimore and all the other killing fields of America. Black Democrats overseeing mass killings of other black Americans… and doing nothing about it.

These are undisputed facts. It’s hard to imagine how black lives matter to Democrats. To any Democrats… white or black.

Do you see any push on the part of the left, or of black Americans, or of “activists” to change the policies that have overseen and contributed to the slaughter of tens of thousands of black Americans over the past decades? Do you see any real push on the part of black Americans to demand that Democrats actually do something of real substance that would earn the votes they get?

Nope. There are no such large-scale movements in black America today. Just things like “Black Lives Matter.” A nice-sounding, widespread movement, based nearly entirely on fraud.

Black lives matter, but not to other blacks in American cities.

Another undisputed fact: Any black man, woman or child is safer in the hands of a white policeman than walking through just about any city neighborhood populated by members of his own ethnicity. Everyone knows this now. After some relentless, clear-eyed reporting from the American right, it’s finally seeped its way into the global American awareness.

Another undisputed fact: More white people are killed by policeman than black people — by far. The media know this, but they report as if it’s only black people being killed under any circumstances in interactions with the police.

If black lives mattered to the media, wouldn’t black Americans demand that the media report on the issue honestly?

If black Americans cared one hoot about other black Americans, then they wouldn’t immediately shout down people calling attention to known facts.

Black Lives Matter — just not to most of the media.

Black Lives Matter — just not to most of the media, particularly the old media. However, FOX News has been reporting honestly on this for some time now — in their news reporting and their opinion shows.

Don’t pretend that the Right, or Conservatives, have had anything to do with black problems. We on the right haven’t held real power in the country since Reagan.  Do you doubt that? Okay, four words for you: Obamacare and Gay Marriage.

If the right-wing were really wielding power behind the scenes, these two country-destroying, and soul-impoverishing, horrors wouldn’t ever have seen the light of day.

The Right hasn’t had real power in the cities for more than 60 years. The Right hasn’t been represented in the old media for more than ninety years.

Want some more words? To illustrate the culture we live in? Democrat Bill Clinton gets away with proven accusations of actual sexual harassment, and credible accusations of rape, while Republican Congressman Mark Foley can’t get away with suggestive e-mails. Gay e-mails at that! All that happened 20 years ago.

Look up Barney Frank and Gerry Studds sometime to see what Democrats can get away with. Routinely. Look up “Obama, Barack” to see an example of the breathtaking corruption Democrats get away with today.

Black women don’t think that other black lives matter either.

Black women don’t think that other black lives matter. The overwhelming majority of those in child-bearing years nowadays produce babies for whom the absolutely vital presence of a father — of the child’s father — is rare to non-existent. They thereby steal absolutely necessary components of life from their children, and from their children’s fathers.

If black lives mattered, wouldn’t black women want to do the very best for their children? It sounds pretty elementary to me.

Black lives don’t matter, to black men either.

Black lives don’t matter, apparently, to black men either.

If “black lives mattered” to black men, why would they put up with such nonsense from black women? From any woman? Are black men that completely dominated by their basest urges? Are they so lacking in self-control that they just can’t help themselves? Are they so lacking in self-respect that they are willing to generate, and then confirm, the very worst stereotypes about them?

I refuse to believe it. Blacks are people, not animals. Animals can’t prevent themselves from responding to their basic urges. Black people can. The only conclusion that a rational person can take from all this is that black people choose not to care about other black people.

Democrats and the RGI are busily denouncing the only ones who actually treat black Americans like real people.

If black lives mattered, where are the black men and black women demanding that black men and women do and be better? Oh, they’re out there alright, but the Race Grievance Industry, the RGI, and Democrats and the rest of the American left are busy denouncing them as sellouts and Uncle Toms and house n*ggers… and shouting them down whenever they get too uppity.

If black lives mattered, why do black people continue to give the vast majority of their votes to the Democrat Party, the political wing of the left, that is killing them wholesale?

The only people to whom black lives actually matter are Conservatives

The only people to whom black lives actually matter are Conservatives, the ones whom blacks and the left are also denouncing as racists. The only ones to have treated black Americans as Americans-in-full, as people-in-full; fully endowed with all the same rights and responsibilities as all other Americans; as all other people.

So, do black lives really matter? Are black lives of any value at all? Are black lives precious and miraculous and indescribably meaningful and important?

Yep. Sure they matter. Of course they do! Sure they’re important and precious and miraculous and all that. But only to the one group of American people blacks have rejected and have accused of the vilest of motivations. Only to American Conservatives.

Black Lives Matter? The left, and most black Americans, don’t give a damn.

The left, and most black Americans, don’t give a damn. Black people are not the animals that the left and other blacks make them out to be. Just don’t say that out loud, or you’re a racist.

— FreeThinker


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