How to Think About Trump’s Remark

Donald Trump said that John McCain is not a war hero because of whatever. Needless to say, this was red meat in front of the media.

Why though? Aren’t they used to seeing this from the left all the time?

No Conservative, or Republican is ever a war hero. That exalted status is only reserved for those who protested, who did everything they could to hinder, American war efforts.

Look at this link. In that column at, Rex Nutting(1) says that John McCain really isn’t a war hero. He then goes on to list all the reasons why McCain actually is a war hero, but that’s beside the point. Here’s the most important part of what’s largely a pointless essay:

But the war McCain fought in Vietnam was not a noble cause. He participated in the greatest aerial bombardment of any country up to that time, but what did he and the other American pilots accomplish? The bombing campaign didn’t win the war; it merely prolonged it.

We’ve fought a few more pointless wars since then. And each time we struggle as a nation to put some meaning into those wars. What do we say to those whom we’ve asked to make the ultimate sacrifice, those who killed and died for a cause that wasn’t worth killing or dying for?

We call them heroes. It helps us forget.

I almost stopped reading after, “But the war McCain fought in Vietnam was not a noble cause.” I really wanted to write some bad words after that, but my editor here won’t let me. I really wanted to say, “F-YOU,” Rex Nutting! Fighting communism was every bit as important as fighting Nazism. And that was a noble cause.

You say that “The bombing campaign didn’t win the war; it merely prolonged it.” How do you know that? How do you know how long the war would have lasted if this or that had changed? Were you there? Did you have some kind of crystal ball back then that told you that the bombing campaigns over North Vietnam were going to prolong the war? Do you have some kind of  crystal  ball now? Are you magic or something?

Your column is ignorant and dumb, Rex.

Oh, and the war to kill islamic pigs is not pointless. It has a point. A good point. Every grisly islamic murder proves that point over and over again. I might agree that the beheaders and crucifiers are not worth dying for, but they are worth killing. I wish I’d done some of that killing.

But, I want to tell you the correct  way to think of Trump’s statement that John McCain is not a war hero. As I said at the top, the press hear this all the time from the Democrats. Why would they get in a lather about this? Like I said above, the only “war heroes” the left and the press recognize are ex-soldiers who come home and protest against America and everything America stands for.

So, the right way to think of what Donald Trump said is, “So what.” Everyone has his or her own opinion. I don’t care about any of that. If Trump doesn’t like McCain, so what. If the dislike is reciprocated, so what.

What is this candidate or that candidate going to do about taxes, islam, ISIS, my privacy, abortion, crime, and the most important thing in the world, rolling back the size of the US government? That’s what I care about, and so should you.



(1) – I  wonder whether it would be proper to get rid of the final “g” on his last name, in order to label him correctly. 🙂



6 thoughts on “How to Think About Trump’s Remark

  1. McCain is the media’s favorite Republican. The one Republican they SAY they could vote for but none of them do.

    When McCain rips a conservative, it’s not friendly fire.

    1. So true, Jd! I cringed when he won the nomination in 2008. My thinking then, as now: we have to be able to do better than that. but we won’t with a media cabal as corrupt as we have in place now.


      — x

      1. Lol, the 2008 Republican field will go down as among the worst in history. Romney was probably the best candidate running that year, whereas in 2012 he was one of the worst. In 2012 Gingrich or Santorum would have been great nominees. I was a heavy Santorum backer before his surge in Iowa. That dude speaks on a level that connects with me. He “gets it” and knows how to attack liberals using their own premises. No case was this more evident than his position on the definition of marriage. You have to speak on a basic, moral level to reach an understanding with these people, if not agreement.

        Anyway, I remember the night in January 2008 when I was out shooting pool with friends and, a little tipsy, I explained my rationalization for switching my support to McCain. It had taken me months to change my mind, supporting Giuliani from the start. It was the abortion issue and McCain’s military service that swayed me then, although I never would have given him the time of day if he hadn’t picked up Florida thanks to that shyster Charlie Christ. McCain definitely took a turn for the worse after Bush’s operatives viciously smeared his family before the 2000 South Carolina primary. Look it up. It probably cost McCain the nomination. He was never the same after that. He was very willing to screw over Bush and Republicans because of that betrayal in South Carolina.

        Of course, when the primary finally got to Maryland, McCain had the nomination sewn up, so rather than waste my vote on a guy who had basically already won, I made a “statement” with my vote and voted Romney, hoping McCain would choose him as a running mate. In retrospect, Sarah Palin was a way better choice.

  2. I have to concur with xPrae, Mr. Dooley. I was a good deal younger then, but even then I recognized that McCain was a centrist on his best day.



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