The Facts of Life Are Conservative(1)

— But Society’s White Noise is Leftist — 

We’ve said it many, many times in these pages. Mark Steyn says the same thing in a speech at the Manning Centre all the way back in 2014. Here’s the link.

This was almost a “Powerful, Influential People Read This Blog” feature, but it’s pretty much a sure thing that Steyn would have ascertained this without our help(2).

Lady Margaret Thatcher said our headline, and we added the follow-up, above in red. The point: you can have the facts on your side all you want, if Hollywood and all the rest of pop culture, as well as the media and academia, are all busily indoctrinating America in contrary fictions, then the facts have no real relevance, except as historical curiosities.(3)

The relevant passage starts at about 41:40, but the rest of the speech — a speech about Canadian and American socio-political life — is worth a watch too. If only because it’s Mark Steyn delivering it.

Commentators around the world call Steyn the finest, funniest, most intelligent political commentator in the world. Even those who disagree with him. (See Part II of this series)


— xPraetorius


(1) – Quote by Margaret Thatcher

(2) – ‘Sides, powerful, influential people do read this blog, so we don’t really need to trumpet it.

(3) – The facts of life have no real relevance in the short term — meaning during your lifetime and mine, and that of our children. However, as Steyn also notes in his speech, reality eventually and inevitably will reassert itself. The problem is: when that happens, if we go too far down the leftist road, reality will make for massive societal dislocation — pretty words that mean violence, rioting, death, vast suffering. Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge reality now, rather than force society to undergo the horror later, when reality reasserts itself.


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