Ashamed of My Race(1)

I’m ashamed of my race.

I’m not ashamed of the color of my skin. I’m a brown girl in my twenties. I’m ashamed of those who look a lot like me, who are nothing but racists themselves.

When Martin O’Malley said in a recent speech, “all lives matter,” the liberal group he was speaking to erupted in booing and protests.

Could there have been any clearer way for them to say, “not all lives matter?”

Is there any clearer indication that so many of my co-race members are nothing more than racists? Not all of them, but a significant percentage of them. After all, we brown and black people voted for Obama by MORE THAN 90%!  Were we crazy? Or are my co-race members just a bunch of racists? Shaking my head sadly, I can answer only, “Both.”

When I’m out and about, and when I meet white people and other brown or black people, I know that they believe that I’m an Obama supporter, because of the color of my skin, and I want to scream, “I’M NOT AN OBAMA VOTER!!! I’D NEVER VOTE FOR HIM!”

I challenge other brown and black people to comment, and provide me with some indication that I’m wrong.

A personal note: I’m new to the Praetorian Writers’ Group, and their welcome has been warm and enthusiastic. For the first time in my career, I feel right at home, and perfectly comfortable at expressing myself. I’m looking forward to a long, productive relationship with them. 🙂



(1) – In this post, we announced that we were in talks with “FreeThinker” regarding the possibility of her joining our small, but increasingly influential think tank. She has graciously agreed to join our growing stable of writers.

FreeThinker styles herself “a young, Conservative, brown girl, with an open mind, an open heart, a keen eye, a sharp mind and a busy pen.

By way of  some background, FreeThinker is also a prominent blogger and media personality. People who read her posts here likely will know who she is. She views her contributions here as a way to supplement the work that she does in the media already. In that work, however, dues to the constraints of ratings and sponsors and the like, she is not able to speak perfectly freely and honestly. Like the rest of our group, therefore, she insisted that her involvement here be strictly anonymous in order to avoid the likelihood of negative repercussions in her professional life that would result from her openness in these pages.

I can tell you that I’ve personally found FreeThinker to be an intelligent, nimble, engaging thinker and writer. She’s also a genuinely nice person. It has been a real pleasure getting to know her and her family over the past few weeks and months.

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we welcome FreeThinker to The Praetorian Writers’ Group.

— xPraetorius

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