All Lives Matter

— Or Do They? —

Martin O’Malley thought they did. Or he said he thought they did. At a meeting filled with leftists, Martin O’Malley — former governor of Maryland, former mayor of that thriving, bustling metropolis, Baltimore, and current Democrat candidate for President of these United States — answered “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter!” to the question: “Do black lives matter?”

He was greeted with a chorus of boos and hisses that made him immediately back off, as Democrats do when they accidentally speak the truth.

One would think that the idea that “all lives matter” would be about as controversial as “the sun rises in the east.” Well, in sane circles that’s how it is. However, O’Malley wasn’t speaking to a sane crowd, he was speaking to a crowd full of leftists.

In that crowd not all lives matter.

It goes without saying that unborn babies’ lives don’t matter a hill of beans in leftist circles. In the land of the post-born, however, a significant portion of the Race Grievance Industry — black and white — believes that only black lives matter.

I’ve catalogued in these pages more than a few incidents wherein black commenters have fantasized about the rapid, violent elimination of the white race from the face of the earth. This was not an insignificant portion of the RGI. Here for example.

Here’s a YouTube commentator who makes no bones about his view that whites are defective and will, or should, be eliminated. Based solely on the color of their skin. In my interactions with the RGI, several of my interlocutors quoted the above-linked snake-oil salesman — one “Dr.” Llaila Afrika — as a great sage.

In suggesting that whites should be eliminated, these leftists re-join the unlamented, once thought dead, eugenicist movement of the early 20th Century.

Members of that movement suggested that black people were inferior, and that they should be eliminated through the process of voluntary and involuntary sterilization. What was the “rationale” for their belief? The color of blacks’ skin, the shape of their heads and lips, the texture of their hair. Watch the above-linked “Dr.” Llaila Afrika, and you will see the very same “logic” undergirding his beliefs.

I used the word, re-join above because the worldwide left was the main engine for the once thriving eugenics movement — the supposedly science-based movement that purported to have proven that blacks were inferior to whites.

One important believer in eugenics was Adolf Hitler. Another was Margaret Sanger. Today’s eugenicists are again on the left — in the left’s political wing, the Democrat Party, and in the Race Grievance Industry. The stink of their ugly, putrid belief system is just as bad, as they ooze out from under their rocks.

— xPraetorius

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