Hmmmm…What COULD It Possibly Be?!? (Part II)

In this post here, we speculated on “the possible motives” of the shooter, named Muhammed Whackjob Youssef Nutball Slopehead Abdulazeez, who murdered four American Marines in cold blood yesterday.

We published the post in jest, suggesting that the motives of someone named Muhammed Whackjob Youssef Nutball Slopehead Abdulazeez are probably relatively easy to coax out of the various other facts and circumstances of the crime.

Yet, despite that one would think howlingly obvious statement, National Public Radio chose to lead with the “news” that the FBI were “trying to determine the shooter’s motive.”

They, NPR, could have led with anything but chose to lead with the rough equivalent of “Days are light, while nights are dark. Scientists are trying to determine whether the sun plays a role.”

Yes, yes, yes, I understand. The FBI can’t say conclusively that islam is the motivation behind the young murderer’s act — after all, the perp is dead — but let’s face it, the odds are pretty high that we’ll find out that it was.

The point: Why lead with a headline that will leave most listeners going, “Ummmm, Hello! We probably have a pretty good idea why this baboon did what he did!

Was NPR expecting that later evidence would point away from this guy’s being a member of the Allahu Akbar Desert Trash Irregulars? Seriously?

By the way, I know the answer to my question. It wasn’t really a trick question: NPR’s ideology is such that it makes them absolutely determined to point out that it’s not absolutely certain that the killer was motivated by islam. Why? To be sure to allow for any kind of wiggle room whatsoever for leftist commentators to say, “Oh, it’s not certain that he was motivated by islam.”

They do this on every single story/issue they pursue. Whether they pursue it for a day or two — like the murders of the four Marines — or for decades like: race.

They can’t help themselves. This atrocity goes directly against the defeatist, left-wing, anti-military, America bad, Obama good narrative with which NPR and the left are obsessed.

Since the atrocity is stark evidence of the opposite of what NPR wants to broadcast, they tie themselves in knots to produce a headline that just seems as ignorant, ill-informed and, frankly, stupid as it can be.

That’s the American left: tying themselves in knots to keep reality from intruding on their worldview.

— xPraetorius


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