The “Deal”

— Some remarks about the so-called “Deal” between Iran and the “P5 + 1” countries —

• This “deal” is supposed to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power… in the near-term. In the long-term, all the news stories practically concede that Iran will go nuclear.

• When did “deal” become the word for such a thing? Whatever happened to “agreement,” or “accord?” The word “deal” has a cheap, tawdry, cigar smoke-filled back-room kind of feel to it.

• Maybe it’s the right word; “cheap,” and “tawdry” are two very good words for the fiasco called “the Obama Administration.”

• I understand why it’s not a “treaty.” Because then it would be subject to Senate confirmation on a simple majority vote. (I believe it’s a simple majority vote. Might need a super-majority two-thirds vote.)

• Some numbskull (Robin Wright by name) said on National Public Radio this morning that the (rough quote) “negotiators argued over every single word and punctuation mark in the incredibly complex 100-page document.” She said it as if that were a good thing! She could have said something like, “In arguing over every word and every punctuation mark in the complex 100-page document, the negotiators all but guaranteed that the Iranians would find plenty of loopholes.”

• Did you ever notice that that is precisely how the left does things? They drown discussions like these in tsunamis of fog, and blizzards of jargon, and technical speak that, when it’s all over, all mean nothing. That’s Obamacare, for example.

• Remember the last President who was all about micro-managing every jot and tittle of American life? He was such a smart man! His name was Jimmy Carter, and he practically sank the country in a morass of despair and economic paralysis.

• You and I can both see it coming: The Iranians will violate what everyone knows to be the actual intent of “The Deal” in the first few weeks after sanctions are lifted.
The United States will “protest” and point out the violation. Some shrouded Iranian nutball will say something like, “Here, in our ‘Deal,’ is where you say we’re allowed to do what we’re doing.” And that will be the end of “The Deal.” Might as well add Iran right now to the club of those who possess a nuclear weapon. Great. Good job, Obama. Who’s the next psychotic whackjob you’re going to give nuclear weapons to?

• Tell me again, would you please, why was it so important to elect a black President rather than a good one?

• Did you hear this part of “The Deal?”
    ° Someone decides there is a suspicious location in Iran.
    ° They notify the rest of the “P5 + 1.”
    ° A majority of that august assemblage has to agree that the place is “suspicious.”
    ° They “submit a request” to Iran to inspect the location.
    ° Iran has 14 days to respond — Yay or Nay — to the request.
    ° If they respond “Yay,” they have an additional 24 days to prepare to honor the request.


What do you think a government — any government — could do with thirty-eight freakin’(1) days to prepare for an inspection? Think they might be able to get stuff the heck out of there and somewhere else? And, what if they respond “No” to the request? Are they then in violation of “The Deal?” And if so, does this administration have the testosterone to re-apply sanctions? Does the UN? The UN! Lol!

• Much is being made of the idea that this gives the world at least ten years of protection from Iran going nuclear. Yet, in the very same story NPR mentioned the possibility of technological improvements shortening that period significantly. Thing one: the “ten year” thing comes from the Obama Administration, therefore is not worth the effort required to say it. Thing two: “Moore’s Law” guarantees that even if the “ten year” thing were true now, in less than a year and a half, you can toss it out the window in favor of a much shorter time.

• The entire tenor of the coverage of “The Deal” operates under the assumption that all this is nothing more than a delaying action. That Iran will go nuclear; it’s just a question of when.

• Some Administration shill said that even if Iran does go nuclear, there’s still no problem: we’ll just give Iran’s rivals in the Middle East all sorts of defensive capabilities to protect them.

There ya go! Turn the Middle East into even more of an armed camp than it is now! There’s a great idea, Obama! Let’s definitely get more weapons — some of ’em nuclear — into ISIS’s back yard! Are they insane in the Obama Adminstration?!?


— xPraetorius


(1) – This is if I understood correctly NPR’s story on “The Deal” on this morning’s ride in to work.


3 thoughts on “The “Deal”

  1. Some good points here, x. I never thought about it that way. That having no deal would be better than having a lousy deal. However, now that you mention it, it makes sense.

  2. Thanks, foursquare. I’m reminded of what, I think, President Coolidge said: “Don’t just do something, stand there!”

    The point: it’s usually far better to do nothing than to do the wrong thing.

    It’s certain that to negotiate with gibbering baboons, and to trust them to be reliable, or honorable, partners in any kind of “deal” sure seems like the height of folly.

    Of course, it’s always possible that Obama just doesn’t care. Between you and me, I’m pretty sure that Obama does not have the best interests of this country in mind whenever he does anything. If he did, then how could absolutely everything he does always fail so miserably?

    At some point, you begin to think that many on the American left consider Obama’s abject massive failures — on the economy, jobs, foreign policy, race relations — to be actual successes.

    The only alternative to the “Obama is anti-American” hypothesis is the “Obama is really stupid” hypothesis.

    Take your pick; neither is a very heartening thing.


    — x

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