The Paranoid Delusions of the Left and the RGI (Part MCXXVIV) (Part V)

In the blog post that just seems to keep on giving (here), one sharinalr seems to state (here), ever so matter-of-factly, that black American women are busily engaging in massive welfare fraud.

First some background: We analyzed Abagond’s post (the first link above) and pointed out an interesting irony: a number of commenters — ostensibly writing in support of Abagond’s admonition to black people to redouble their efforts to get more free stuff — actually disproved Abagond’s basic premise, and his worldview, by indicating that it’s easy for blacks to get ahead in America.

One of those writers — one “SnailHail” — wrote an interesting post suggesting that black Americans need to get going, get a good education, get rid of the criminal element in their midst, go out there and succeed, and that, SnailHail implied, would show those white racists.

The glaring problem with that is SnailHail’s basic assumption: that his recommendations are even possible proves that he knows that America is not a racist country. The success that SnailHail counsels, simply would not be possible in a country so allegedly hostile to black people.

Sharinalr responded to SnailHail, and in her response wrote the following (I’ve highlighted in blue the particularly interesting parts):

Here’s sharinalr‘s quote:

“(Sharinalr quotes “SnailHail“)[E]veryone likes to politically correct and point out that there are more Whites on Welfare than blacks but this is something to think about, White people are currently 63% of the population while us” [Sharinalr’s reponse to SnailHail begins here] You can’t just look at the numbers here. Most blacks that I have encountered do not even need welfare. Those household also have fathers in them who do not marry so as the woman can continue to get welfare and their family can stay ahead. I was so fortunate as to meet a family that was married and still getting it because the spouse applied and said she was divorced. The numbers do not show that at all. Keep in mind the husbands are working, but the food aspect of the check is removed. It is called the welfare hussle.

Welfare hussle, indeed!

If this is true — it should be noted that sharinalr is not a particularly intelligent or informed commenter, so anything she says is very much suspect — it would be interesting to know the extent to which this occurs.

— xPraetorius

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