The Paranoid Delusions of the Left and the RGI(*) (Part MCXXVIV)(**)

I had to laugh as I read the blog post on the racist Abagond’s blog. It’s here. I’d do a comprehensive debunking of Abagond’s moronic codswallop, but I don’t have to. Someone else, who goes by the name “SnailHail,” has done it all for me. And he or she supports Abagond’s premise!

I’ll post the contents of Abagond’s post, then I’ll post the response by “SnailHail.” I’ll include my own comments inline, in [square brackets and red font.] I do all that because I’m banned from Abagond’s blog, ever since I had the temerity to demolish his herd’s thinking in several posts some months back. Also, Abagond’s posts can be so astonishingly stupid that I always wonder whether he’ll keep them up.

So, to begin, here is Abagond’s post:

My advice to Black Americans


Note: I am no expert. This post merely states my current opinions, offered here for discussion.

There is no magic cure for racism. No great leader can do the trick. Mostly there is just stuff that the more you do them, the more things will get better over time: [Abagond is an okay writer, if sloppy. This last awkward sentence is typical. His thinking is a lot sloppier.]

  1. Learn about stereotypes and White racism. One of the main things holding Black people back is internalized racism: being brainwashed by White racism. [This is, of course, one of the RGI’s most cherished fictions. Imagine the pressures on black people to be “brainwashed!” I say that because you have to imagine them. They’re not there. Black Americans are not brainwashed by white people, because white people simply aren’t trying to brainwash them. However, the RGI is. Remember, I tried to argue with them, on Abagond’s own blog, and what did he do? Of course, he banned me. Keeping ideological purity is the surest sign of an effort to brainwash. There is no ideological purity among White Americans.] One of the best way to fight against that is to learn about it and lay it bare. [The last thing Abagond wants is for his reader actually to learn about how things are in America. ]
  2. Learn about Black history. The more the better. Not only does it help you understand the world and your place in it (unlike the lies taught at public school), but it also helps to break down internalized racism.
  3. Create and support Black institutions. Create, work for, support – and hold accountable – Black-based businesses, banks, churches, schools, universities, political parties, news outlets, etc. “For us, by us.” Most Black votes, dollars and working hours strengthen the White power structure: the Democratic Party, Wells Fargo Bank, Hollywood, etc. Even though Blacks are the majority in plenty of cities and counties, there is almost no independent Black power structure to speak of – just Black faces on the White power structure, like the mayor of Baltimore, Black police officers and Black public school teachers. The more you support Black institutions, the less dependent Blacks will be on Whites in the long run. [He’s almost right here. If blacks support high-quality businesses and institutions — even if those businesses and institutions are not black  — that will force black Americans to produce high-quality products and work. It would be one of the best things that could possibly happen for black Americans.]
  4. Buy Black. This follows from #3. [My note on #3 covers this one too.]
  5. Protest. The two main things that have made things better for Blacks in the past have been protest movements: abolitionists in the 1800s and the civil rights movement in the 1900s. We are entering a golden moment in US history: like in the 1850s, the vote that keeps the current racist arrangement of the US in place will soon sink below 50%. After 2050, though, the powers that be will probably have put together a new “White” majority – and gained control of the Internet. [Wouldn’t it be great if black Americans protested against racists like Abagond and the usual stable of charlatans and mountebanks? Yes, protest can be good, but Abagond’s item here disproves his own premise: If protesting works, then America can’t possibly be a racist country. There’s no other possible conclusion.]
  6. Push for reparations. White racism is driven by two main things: historic wrongs that were never righted, creating cognitive dissonance among Whites, and bad White parenting. [Lol! Abagond is the least qualified to pronounce on white parenting!] There is little that Blacks can do about the second, but reparations done right (probably something along the lines of the GI Bill) can help to overturn the first – and help close the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites. [The sad thing is that this has been done — over and over again — already.] Blacks helped to build the richest country in the world – they deserve way more than they are getting. The same goes for Native Americans. [This is code for: “we want more free money.” What Abagond leaves out is the fact that the blacks who did what he says they did — the slaves — are long, long dead. Despite that fact, Whites have transferred trillions of dollars to contemporary blacks anyway.   No one has ever made a rational case for additional reparations — under that name — for today’s black Americans, many, many generations removed from those long ago people. Especially since the slave trade wouldn’t have been possible without the active collusion of other black Africans in Africa, who willingly sold their people to slavers.]
  7. Develop and practise leaderless civil disobedience. The civil peace of US society is in the gift of Black people. [Let’s translate this poorly-phrased sentence: “Civil peace is the gift that black people give to US society.“] This is by far the most powerful lever Blacks have over Whites. They did not care about Freddie Gray or Black churches – but they did care about CVS. [The amazing magical superpower of the RGI: reading minds! Needless to say, nobody can really read minds. But the RGI  think they can.] Since Blacks are outgunned, this has done with civil disobedience or something like it. But it also needs to be done without being dependent on leaders. The Black movements of the 1960s were pretty much brought to an end through killing, imprisoning, exiling and undermining the leadership of those movements. [Oh? How’s that? Who got imprisoned for Civil Rights protests and remained there long enough to stop the movement? The truth: every time a Civil Rights leader went to prison, it represented an important public relations boost for the movement. And what goal did the Civil Rights movement fail to gain more than 50 years ago?]
  8. Make common cause with other people of colour.

Some quick thoughts before SnailHail’s thought-provoking post: Did you notice what Abagond’s entire post is really all about? Getting stuff. More stuff. The ones who, it could be reasonably said, might have earned the stuff are long since dead, but that doesn’t stop Abagond’s generation from trying to come up with a vast miasma of wacky justifications for them to get the free stuff instead.

Abagond’s definition of what would constitute the end of racism is if whites were to give blacks more free stuff. In this post, we explained all that. Key section:

[What do the RGI want?] Simple — Four things:
Revenge for wrongs against their ancestors, both long ago and more recently (in the form of slavery, past discrimination, segregation, Jim Crow and other grievances)
Free stuff (as a component of their revenge)
Emotional and intellectual validation for all the effort they’ve put into fabricating the complex edifice of imaginary white racism they’ve built
Built-in excuses for failure

Abagond, truly though, doesn’t care about racism. Even if there were incontrovertible evidence that white racism toward blacks had disappeared entirely, Abagond wouldn’t want to hang around with white people, because he’s a racist himself. He just wants stuff. Preferably money (his point #6, above).

More to the point, the worst possible thing for Abagond and his racist minions would be if America pretty much agreed with what’s been right in front of their eyes for decades now: white racism is just not a big problem in America anymore.

Now, here’s “SnailHail’s” response:

I’m about to hit this post with a really big comment. This does not apply to all Black men and women and all other races and genders, just my observation and research.

You can make allies with other POC and Non-WASP but don’t hesitate to screw them over if they don’t have your back when it is their time to help us. [There’s an enlightened beginning!] East Asians, Irish, Jews, Hispanics, Indians and etc were with us when they were getting treated like crap by Whites and were behind us in Civil Rights movements but the second Whites considered them equals or treated them better than Blacks they no longer had our back and even started becoming racist towards us. They’re really only our “friends” when they’re being discriminated by Whites or we’re giving them our money and supporting their businesses. Have them fight their own battles stop being their meat shields. [Paranoia, anyone?]

We need more Black politicians, lawyers, doctors, STEMs and entrepreneurs. [The debunking of Abagond starts early. If America were such a racist society, this last would not be possible. “SnailHail” straight up admits that America is not racist.] Stop getting worthless degrees, [What? No “BA’s in African American studies?” What white dude, I wonder, has been saying that for some time now? And being called “racist” for it?] stop trying to be athletes or entertainers it only perpetuates the stereotype that we can only get rich by entertaining others and even with all that money you make you’re only able to make it because Whites allow you to and you still have no real economic influence. [So, we whites “allow them to make all that money?” How, pray tell, do we do that? Easy answer: by not preventing them, as we did in the past, to our discredit. Another admission by SnailHail that America is no longer a racist country.] We need to share our knowledge with our African bethren.

Owning our own businesses will allow us to call the shots and if we support our own businesses enough to get them to Fortune 500/1000 level we will garner more respect and Black customers and employees will be respected more by White and Asian owned businesses when they know a Black person is in town with a business doing just as well as theres and maybe better. [Whoa! Wait just a sec… Black businesses making it into the Fortune 500/1000?!? Through their own efforts? That’s just not possible in a racist country!]  We need to teach our Black youth business smarts. [Oooooookay. Just send ’em to business school. It’s not difficult. Guess what: economic principles have nothing to do with race.] I was watching Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street a young Black male that is in the same age range/generation as me came up to him all asking for money for his business when he didn’t have to show to give him any idea of what he is investing in and got upset that he didn’t give him money when he didn’t do what a was written early and Peter was clearly being overwhelmed by everyone else trying to talk to him and over him. Peter told him only knew him for like 5 minutes and met him in a park. [The black kid wanted free money, and learned that he might have to do actual work for it, and got upset. Wonder where he got that state of mind!]

Also I have also seen many times young Black males wear suits and other business attire as hood clothes sagging their pants and wearing ties loosely, wearing sneakers and overall looking more like they’re going to a court room as a defendant than a interview. Many Blacks seem to lack customer service etiquette as they treat their customers like random people from the hood and do not hesitate bringing their bad attitudes out. It will be hard for Blacks to support each others businesses if they continue to act like this let alone have other races support you. [Is anyone else hearing my own five principles in here? Here they are: “If black Americans (1) get an education, (2) speak well, (3) work hard, (4) get along well with others, and (5) present themselves more or less normally, they can succeed in America. More to the point, they will have no more obstacles in their path than anyone else, or any other race, has.”] We also need to learn about investing in the stock market, Michael Jordan said to buy a share not a pair but we didn’t listen.

Good Black men and women need to stop settling for trash Black men and women. Yes there are more Black women than Black men but we need to seek each other out if we’re good people instead of just settling for whites and trashing the opposite gender of our own race like tools. [Oops! Why, in this very post, just the other day, we said that the new home of anti-miscegenation is in the Race Grievance Industry. Here’s SnailHail pleading for it. ] Raise our standards and the trash will wave to make themselves qualify. Don’t be desperate for a man or woman to the point where you’ll take the loser that has no job and does drugs (unfortunately my aunt was one of those woman who despite being successful had married a poor excuse of a man who cheated on her and was doing drugs behind her back). Black woman stop being the “Strong Independent Woman Who Needs No Man” when you clearly want one and settle for anything. [Despite the anti-miscegenation, the rest of this is good, common sense.

A note: in one of my many debates with the RGI, several of of them crowed to me something to the effect that white people would be in the minority soon. They were trying to imply that through immigration and demographic trends, whites would soon be a plurality, then a minority, behind the combined numbers of black and brown Americans. I agreed and still agree. However, in SnailHail’s post, and in others, we see that it is more the black Americans who fear the “browning of America.” They, too, will disappear, assimilated into a generally brown America. The problem for black people is that white people don’t fear this at all. Another central premise of the RGI is that we white people are all about being white; that “whiteness” is a crucial part of our sense of ourselves. This is almost certainly nothing more than pure projection, because we whites just don’t just care that much. If we did value our “whiteness” all that much, then we white people would absolutely object to the idea of our children marrying non-whites. We just don’t. Poll after poll after poll shows that white Americans overwhelmingly have no problem at all with inter-racial marriage.]

And even if you don’t need a man your children still do as father figures are crucial to children and almost every single messed up Black male had no father figure in his life you can even find lyrics in rap songs that relate to them having issues of having no father and how their mom seeing them reminded them of their good for nothing father. Also stop trying to keep fathers that actually care about their children away from them and putting them on child support only for revenge. It also becomes very questionable in the “BlackLivesMatter” when Walter Scott turned out to be a man that has been jailed for owing child support and it would have been avoided if a Black woman hadn’t forced the system on him. [Wow! Can’t say that I disagree with this last paragraph! But it’s certainly not racially-correct!(1) This commenter will hear about this!]

Black men you are not scott free, stop fulfilling the White man’s stereotype of us being men that only think with their junk. [Lol! Also not racially-correct!] Have ambition and life goals that isn’t how many women you can get inside of. Stop having sex with multiple women and not marrying them, a woman should only be a single mother by divorce or being widowed. We end up with cases with 59% of Black American women having children with multiple different fathers. Also STDs getting spread out since you’re having sex with multiple women, you’re basically killing yourself and our race till we can find a cure. As of 2011 Black men count for 42% of HIV cases diagnosed among men and Blacks overall are getting hit with STDs much worse than whites. Syhpilis rate among Black men has increased 134% from 2006 to 2010. We make up 69% of reported gonorrhea cases and half of syhpilis cases and 35% of chlamydia cases reported. 72% of Black women in America are single/unwed mothers we have to take care of our dang kids or will continue the cycle of black youth without father figures going rotten. [Lol! Whoo-hoo!!! Whoever this is is saying some seriously racially-incorrect things! All this completely debunks Abagond’s central premise. If these statistics are true, then what on earth would black Americans be protesting/working/fighting against from white people?!? Sounds a lot as though they need to be looking a lot closer to home!]

Black women have to go natural, relaxing your hair and getting weaves is self hate. Sure other races of women wear weaves but everyone can damn well tell the straight hair on your head is most likely not yours or only achieved through chemicals and heat. And you don’t see White and Asian women paying top dollar to put Afro hair on their heads. You don’t realize it also hurts your daughters self esteem when they see that their mother and many other women that look like them are wearing hair that isn’t like theirs that is if their mothers haven’t tried putting weave or relaxer on them yet. [Interesting point. I have made this point as well, but in a more general sense. The fact that the cosmetics industry is a trillion dollar industry every year is an indictment of feminine vanity.]

The concept of good hair in our community is hair that isn’t ours. Good hair in our community should be our own hair that is properly taken cared of. Stop making excuses like natural hair is hard to maintain or people won’t hire you with your natural hair. They don’t want you anyway, your hair is just an excuse for them to not hire you and if not make you conform to their ways of “right” in appearance. We should protest and boycott all businesses that discriminate against African hair and continue to call them racist and superficial for not seeing past the hair some people are naturally born with. [Ummmm… This is kind of incoherent. Businesses are looking for (1) people who can do the job, and (2) people who won’t be a problem. An intelligent black person, with natural hair who can do the job will have no more problem finding a job than anyone else. ]

Our hair is unique we should love not damage ourselves with acids to make our hair straight and give billions of dollars to races that don’t have to do this and still consider us inferior. [This is the usual RGI paranoia. This is one of those thoughts that are so pervasive, that the RGI have almost completely stopped thinking about it anymore. Oh, and it’s false. There are almost no whites who think that blacks “are inferior.”] You know it is a seriously problem when no matter how poor a black women is she will make sure her hair is done even if the kids are in rags. [This is sad but true.] It is also said that she will put more effort into her hair than her body, they consider themselves unpresentable with their natural hair but if they have straight hair on they do if even if they’re overweight/obese. What good is that hair when you’re incredibly fat!? This isn’t all Black womens responsibility us as Black men have to love our women with their natural it ain’t right if a White guy likes a Black girl’s natural hair more than a man from the same race as them. The most beautiful Black women I find wear their natural hair proudly. [Incoherent, but I think you can get the gist, and it’s just more anti-miscegenation. It’s important to note that SnailHail is implying that white people have no problem with inter-racial marriage. This is yet another admission that whites are (mostly) not racists.]

We need to stop praising ignorance. Ostracize any rappers that promote drugs, unprotected sex with multiple women and crime in general. Shame coons that act like stereotypes on TV as it shows they value money more than their own race’s image, do not watch or go to anything they’re in even if they’re not acting like a coon, acting like a coon is only tolerable if it is a satire. Do not support black businesses/products that get bought out by non-blacks like BET or get promoted by Blacks but are not owned by Blacks like Nike/Jordan. [The first three sentences of this paragraph are absolutely on the mark. The rest is an incoherent racist mess. ]

Quit the shallow materialism especially when you’re poor. It ain’t right that the majority of people waiting in line for the new release of Nikes/Air Jordans are poor Black people and violent conflicts always come a rise. They’re mainly seen as a status symbol by us when it ain’t status when you’re still dirt poor. An example was a Black teen in Detroit that got shot 3 times for his Air Jordans, he survived but complained about how his family didn’t have household appliances and a furnace even though he spent $410 on the Jordans he bought and he bought a pair for his mother and sister which adds up to $1,200. His mom tried to justify his purchase saying he deserved to splurge on himself and save money for shoes. Quit trying to look wealthy you’ll just get ultimately destroyed when people that are actually wealthy buy real status symbols. Your leased low end over priced BMW is nothing compared the latest Lamborghini, stop the “Fake It Till You Make It Crap” what are you going to do when you don’t make when you put more effort into faking it than to actually try and make and this advice should to apply to people regardless of race. [Poorly and sloppily expressed, but absolutely on the nose!]

If you chant BlackLivesMatter but are nowhere to be found for all the Black on Black crimes don’t bother, how can you expect other races to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves. [Whoa! See if you can guess who’s been saying this as well!] Stop protesting and throwing riots over worthless Blacks like Freddie Gray. How can you complain how no one wants to bring business to your area when you destroy them. We kill our own kind because we wanted their limited edition Air Jordans. We can’t have nice things around each other if we’re willing to kill for shoes. [Pow! Wham! Bang! SnailHail delivers haymaker after haymaker to some cherished RGI sacred cows! It should be noted that I said all these things — except the Freddie Gray — comment — and all the RGI did was to heap scorn on my head. What an obvious racist I am, you see! ]

We need also need to stop being dependent, lots of poor Asians I know refuse to go on welfare they simply just get more hours or another job. Everyone likes to politically correct and point out that there are more Whites on Welfare than blacks but this is something to think about, White people are currently 63% of the population while us Blacks are 13% of the population if you look at the percentage for Welfare recipients Whites are 40% while Blacks are 25% Blacks. Hispanic population is 17% but welfare recipients being Hispanic is only 10%. [Lol! I said this too. And I got pounded for it too. For what, you might ask? Well, you see, in saying this very thing, I was, of course, a racist.]

There are more Hispanics than Blacks in America but more of us are on welfare than them and White people significantly outnumber us but we’re almost close to them in being on welfare you realize our population was few percents bigger we’d be at the same number as Whites and surpass them if we were half their population size. [ROFLMSBSO (RollingOnTheFloorLaughingMySillyBackSideOff)!!! I wonder who else has been saying this for some time now!] Many women on welfare continue to pop out babies from differents fathers that aren’t in their life and will continue to do it as they get no consequences and are even rewarded for it. My belief is “If you can’t feed it don’t breed it!” after the 2nd or 3rd child I believe mandatory sterilization unless you can prove that you are making progress in becoming independent. [Wow! Can you imagine it if I were to say this? I don’t believe in mandatory sterilization, by the way.]

National parks tell you to not feed the animals because the animals will become lazy and dependent on human handouts to survive this applies here. Democrats and Liberals are basically buying our votes with welfare and other “free” stuff. I find it insulting as they believe we can never take care of ourselves. [Whoever this is, he or she as simply been cribbing our material here! I’d like to the posts here that say this same thing, but I’d have to put in too many links.]

It is hard to get the image of the African continent as nothing more but people sticking their hands out waiting for you to give them something. Africans do not need money, they need education and businesses so they do not have to keep begging. A continent so rich in resources should not be so damn poor there should at least be a super rich group like the Middle East and Dubai. We need Africans to start manufacturing products made by African owned businesses and sell to them rest of world just like Asia does. We need the African Sony, Samsung, Dell, HP, Lenovo and etc equivalent. I have much respect for Akon for using his wealth to help get 600 million Africans solar powered electricity. [GREAT points!]

We need to stop the tribal war crap, to the rest of the world you’re just a bunch of dumb Blacks that can be easily manipulated into killing each other look at Rwanda’s Hutu vs Tutsi and Sierra Leone’s civil war over the diamond resources Whites were taking advantage while they were dying and even providing them weapons to kill each other. [The first point is absolutely on the nose, though I’ll bet the allegation about whites taking advantage is just more racist paranoia. ]

We need to abolish such savage and primitive “culture” like voodoo magic which allows people to get easily manipulated and killed [Yep] look at trokosi slavery and Albinos being killed because they believe their body parts are magical, [I’m not familiar with this, but it sounds like Africa] Blacks are not dumb it’s the environment and culture that we’re placed in that makes us that way. [Oooookay. I’ll grant that living in a stupid culture can make you stupid.] We need to get rid of corrupt governments and warlords they are the biggest race traitors and why Africa can’t progress. [Well said.]  They take all foreign aid money use it on themselves and kidnap Africans sell them off as slaves. [Oops! Very racially-incorrect! Very RGI-incorrect! But it’s all true.] Stop asking for foreign government to handle it, start civil wars (with real and meaningful causes), asssinations and etc. We need to make incredibly harsh examples out of them. Nigeria banned females genital mutilation just a MONTH AGO. [Good point!] This is the same government basically begging western nations to get their girls back for them not too long ago. [All over the lot, but brings up some good points. That which is comprehensible, that is. At some point, though, someone’s going to ask: “Where’s all this going? What’s the point?” I gather that SnailHail is trying to say that the mess that is Africa makes it easier for racist Americans to say, “See? See? You all are inferior!” The only problem is that there are no white Americans saying that, and precious few even thinking  that.]

African countries constantly asking for help is why they’ll never get respected as much as Asian countries who have proven themselves to be significant threats to Westerners and show self reliance even when they still have a lot of poor people. Some other good news in Africa developing is China making deals with African countries for their resources and labor. But I still have some trust issues with that as back in South Africa being colonized the Chinese there were complaining that they were being treated like the Africans and were talking about how their whiteness should allow them qualify like the Japanese as honorary Whites so Whites made them honorary Whites and the Chinese basically did not help the Africans at all they just wanted to cling to whoever had the power. [Incoherent racist paranoia. Oh, well. This particular commenter is a card-arrying member of the RGI, so is a racist. You have to expect him or her to say racist stuff from time-to-time.]

Kenyans need to stop worshipping Obama he is not their president and as far as I know America hasn’t done jack for Kenya while Obama was in office and Obama’s Kenyan deadbeat father was not present in his life and his name is basically his only connections with Kenya. A White women raised the main they praise so much same for us Blacks in America our first “Black” president is half white and was pretty much only raised by his White half. [Oof! Ouch! Whoever this is, there are a lot of hackles being raised in the RGI!]

We also need to get rid of the skin bleaching, hair relaxer and weave products in Africa, you can’t succeed and achieve as a country/continent if you basically hate how 99.99% of your own people look, almost every country I look at that is poor and failing has a lot of self hatred. [This may or may not be true, I don’t know…] The White influence has gotten to them, […but this is not. Just another excuse. You are in charge of your self-perception. No one else is. Ever.] when I see South African magazines the majority of the models are WHITE even though they’re the extreme minority, so even when Whites are the minority they still manage to have power and influence. [Interesting point, though the rest of this reply seems to lay out the reasons why, at least according to SnailHail.]

Go ahead and google South African models you’ll find mostly White girls. One White Girl model posted a racist tweet about a Black man she met in a supermarket, pretty damn bold and stupid at the same time to trash Black people when you’re such a small minority talking bad about the race that is the vast majority and is their homeland. [Pointless, and meaningless, but the rest is quite the insight into the RGI!!!]

An African singer Denicia is promoting a skin bleaching product called Whitelicious and is even using it on herself it is even worse how skin bleaching is growing as a trend in West Africa. At least with Asians they valued light pale skin long before they came into contact with Europeans. [More pointless, racist paranoia, with some mystical, magical mind-reading of Asians mixed in… SnailHail’s attention has gone off the rails and he or she basically gives up. The last thing he says is:]

Yep if anyone has anything to correct or argue with I’m open to it. [I’m thinking that SnailHail will hear about this. He or she needs to be brought to heel, as his reply to Abagond is very much against the unbreakable orthodoxy of the Race Grievance Industry. The RGI cares about little more than maintaining the myth of white racism, and enforcing ideological purity in the ranks.  As much of a racist as SnailHail is, he or she has a clear-eyed  perspective on the failings within the black community. Furthermore, as I showed up top, SH’s reply thoroughly debunks Abagond’s entire post. Even more, the post thoroughly debunks Abagond’s entire racist worldview! I’m looking forward to the fireworks.]

Wow! SnailHail absolutely demolishes Abagond’s kind of pathetic call to black Americans, exposing it as an exhortation to redouble their efforts to … whine, whimper, protest and riot for more free stuff and money.

— xPraetorius


(*) – The RGI: The Race Grievance Industry

(**) – I don’t know what that roman numeral is in our numbers, or even whether it is a real number. it’s meant to convey the idea that the “Paranoid Delusions of the American Left and the American Race Grievance Industry” represent a rich vein in which to mine for material. 🙂

(1) – I believe this is our coinage. We took “politically-correct” and turned it into “racially-correct.” It’s political correctness applied to race. We also coined “religiously-correct.” Iran, for example, imposes strict religious correctness codes on their people. It’s political correctness of the religious variety.

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    1. Lol! Welcome back, Herneith! Still living down to expectations, I see.

      To your credit, you’re consistent: you’ve never managed to post a single intelligent thing that I’ve ever read. You’d think you might just say something not asinine once or twice, if only by accident, but nope. Never once.

      You’re aggressively, openly, full-throatedly, out-and-proud-about-it… a fatuous half-wit. And you have no fear whatsoever of showing the world. Brava!


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      1. Never fight a dog in his own back yard.

        With that said, I’ve noticed that a lot of people of the “praetorian” mindset find anything said by blacks that neither compliments nor flatters the white majority as “racist.” The entire post is just a massive round of cherry-picking reasons why said post by Abagond was “racist.”

  1. Hi, Mack! And welcome! I appreciate your giving your perspective and the courteous tone in which it was given. I hope you won’t mind if I critique it a bit.

    First, though, you never, ever have reason to fear fighting these “dogs” in our own backyard. If you’re courteous, you will receive back only courtesy. We’re not here to fight, but to teach, and to learn, and to exchange ideas.

    Now, as to what you said. I’m not sure I understand. “Cherry-picking,” as I’ve always understood it, means to pick out the parts of something that either make one’s point, or are the best, or the most illustrative, or the like.

    The cherry-picker then leaves out or ignores other parts or things that might be less convenient, or that might contradict. That doesn’t remotely describe what I’ve done above.

    If you re-read what I’ve done, you’ll see that I’ve taken each post that I analyzed — in this case: two of them, one from Abagond and a reply from one “SnailHail,” — and critiqued them exhaustively.

    I didn’t leave out one single paragraph, sentence or even a single, solitary, lonely, little word. I spoke at least a little about all sections of both posts. I omitted nothing. I didn’t need to cherry-pick; Abagond and most of his herd, as well as SnailHail, are textbook racists. When they write about race, what they write will almost always be racist.

    Now, to your point where you said, “I’ve noticed that a lot of people of the “praetorian” mindset find anything said by blacks that neither compliments nor flatters the white majority as ‘racist.’” — there are a some important things wrong with it.

    First, in order to say it, you have to be able (1) to say that you know what “the praetorian mindset” is. And (2) you have to be able to elucidate what that is to support your next assertion that we who have it find “anything said by blacks that neither compliments nor flatters the white majority as ‘racist.'”

    Good luck with that. I don’t say that dismissively or with disrespect, but there are none more critical of white Americans than our small, but increasingly influential, think tank. If you search for the key word “leftist” on our blog, you will find many dozens of posts — probably into the hundreds — excoriating the loathsome American political left wing. The American political left is overwhelmingly white. I await with more than a little bemusement your summary of just what “the praetorian mindset” is.

    Now, if you read through all that my colleagues and I have written you will see that nowhere do we say anything about anything “said by blacks.” However, we do single out the Race Grievance Industry for criticism.

    They’re racists, and deserving of every bit of the criticism they get. What they write is racist, filled with race-based hatred, and they’re vastly more guilty of all the sins of the mind and heart of which they accuse white people, than white people themselves.

    The white people whom they accuse are vastly less guilty of those sins than their accusers think, and I have pointed that out — with mountains of evidence, all while demonstrating that the RGI is packed with racists.

    Quick point: Please don’t fall into the trap that the other Abagondians constantly fall into — really: they leap into it! 🙂 — where they start analyzing the analyst, not the analysis.

    Bottom line: I don’t care if I’m the worst scoundrel and bounder there is, what I’ve said is either true or it is not. Address that.

    Address what I’ve said, not who you think I am. Who you think I am, or we are, is perfectly irrelevant.

    Believe me, you’ve heard of me, and if you really knew who I am, you’d fall off your chair. Furthermore, I guarantee you’ve heard of my colleagues too — or at least most of them. So, try to stick to analyzing the comments, not the commenter. As we do here.

    Again, Mack, I appreciate your visit here, and your polite tone. Let’s keep it up.


    — x

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