If The Press Treated Everyone Equally.

If the press treated everyone equally, below is the list of Democrats whose past would have prevented them from ever rising to political prominence, and the reason for each:

Democrats Who Never Could Have Risen To Prominence

Here’s Why

     J. William Fulbright Long-time segregationist
     Al Gore, Sr. Long-time segregationist
     Al Gore, Jr. Son of a long-time segregationist he would have been exiled from politics along with his father. His career would be like David Duke’s son trying to win elective office.
     Robert Byrd Long-time segregationist
     Bill Clinton Protégé of J. William Fulbright, probable rapist, definite serial sexual harasser and molester.
     Hillary Clinton Wife of the guy who would have been exiled from American politics for being the protégé of J. William Fulbright, a probable rapist, and definitely a serial sexual harasser and molester.
     Ernest Hollings Long-time segregationist, the guy who hung the Confederate Battle Flag at the South Carolina capital.
     Ted Kennedy  The man who murdered a woman, and got away with it nearly scot-free.
     Joe Biden Kind of pervy Vice-President who rarely misses an opportunity to paw young women who participate in any kind of official function with him. Admitted plagiarizer.

The list is a lot longer  — you can see it here — but that’ll do for now.

Here’s an interesting little list:

Republicans Who Never Could Have Risen To Prominence if the Criteria Were Opposition to Civil Rights


Here’s another fun little list:

Prominent Conservatives who Opposed Civil Rights



— xPraetorius


(1) – There aren’t any prominent Republicans who opposed Civil Rights. There are some, though very few, Republicans who opposed Civil Rights legislation, on constitutional grounds, but none who opposed Civil Rights. Barry Goldwater, for example, was a gigantic supporter of equal rights for all Americans — and especially of Civil Rights for black Americans — but opposed Civil Rights legislation on constitutional grounds.

The distinction is extremely important, because many thousands of Southern segregationist Democrat Party officials, elected and appointed, at all levels of government worked hard actually to deny Civil Rights to black Americans. Segregation and Jim Crow laws were all initiatives of the Democrat Party in the South. That bears repeating: Thousands of Democrat Party officials at all levels worked hard to deny black Americans actual Civil Rights.

There were no prominent Republican or Conservative figures who ever worked to deny actual rights to black Americans. Not one.

(2) – Oops. None of those either.


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