**Sigh ** Oh, Brother!

What the media found important: “US Women Win FIFA World Cup 5-2 – Star Kisses Her Wife

Get it? Her wife?

Oooohhhh… so edgy!

Leaving out, of course, the fact that the safest, most gutless, least edgy thing in the western world, for the past thirty years, has been to show just how cool  you are with just about any sexual perversion, eccentricity or confusion you can imagine. Especially homosexuality!

Except, that is, when some might contemplate engaging in actual sex that might result in the actual creation of a baby. You know: real life? Not the pretend I’m okay, you’re okay fantasy world of of today’s arrested development “adults.”

Whoa, now! We can’t have any of that!



— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “**Sigh ** Oh, Brother!

  1. LOL, I know, right? That’s not edgy, it’s just pathetic. That is not rebelling, that is actually conforming to a standard and expectation our culture has been setting for at least 40 years. People think they’re so brave, but they’re just like trained seals sometimes.

  2. You said it, IB!

    It’s either a kind of pitiable abjectness or ignorance on the part of le tout edgy, and le tout cool. Either way, no matter what “it” is if they approve of “it” then those who are “it” are courageous, and revolutionary, and risk-takers, and ground-breakers… even if it’s ground that was broken decades ago!

    Make no mistake, if all of a sudden it were somehow “cool” to be just plain old normal, responsible adults again, then this very same crowd wouldn’t skip a beat in falling over themselves to applaud someone who “came out” as such.


    — x

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